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Cholesterol high level

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I am 61 I have always had my Cholesterol under 5 but this last nine months I have with shielding and hardly exercising my cholesterol I found out today is 6.2 which is far too high and I have never ever had that, I have fibromyalgia as well.

I have been eaten a lot more, but I never eat ready meals but I do snack especially at night and I realised it could be that.

My exercise I used to go to the gym before I got fibromyalgia but I don’t now, I do walk slowly but hardly been out.

I need some advice on how to what to eat to lower it.

I eat salmon, eggs and red meat to boost my B12 levels and vitamin D.

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I don't see what the panic is, there is no correct number for cholesterol despite what the medical profession will tell you. Some of use live with high cholesterol happily while other can't. I have never in my 30 odd years of checking been as low as 6.2, medicated or otherwise. I have typically been 9.8 while eating the so called right foods.In the last year I have gone onto a kidney friendly diet and am seeing my cholesterol levels slowly drop, without exercise, now at 6.4. Eating smart can change the results, no sugar no salt and little red meat. No man made substitutes or adulterated food. Keeping it fresh and natural is doing it for me. All I need to do now is exercise.

You would get better results from 15 minutes in the sun each day for your vitamin D. You can't eat enough to change it much. You'd need to consume a truck load a day to get enough vitamin D from food. Try a supplement for vitamin D3. Don't go overboard either as too much will cause more problems than too little. Best done under your Dr's supervision.

If it was a full lipid profile, your high and low density lipoproteins are more important than the cholesterol.

Try reading what foods help to lower Chloresterol. Try eating oatmeal with Blueberries and Ground Flaxseed, Apples, certain nuts help, avacodos’s also help.

Hum an body makes 80 % of cholesterol on demand for body function and only 20% from food and drinks. You need to ask your doctor the question why? the body is making extra cholesterol.!!

Hi Julie

I really wouldn't worry at all at 6.2. A number of studies around the world have found that a low total cholesterol score ie under 5 increases your risk of getting cancer. Your body needs cholesterol to function safely. The cholesterol score has been coming down over the years and a few years ago 6.2 would have been healthy, but at best there is no scientific evidence for a 'safe' level. Have a read of Dr Malcolm Kendrick's books 'The Great Cholesterol Con', and 'Statin Nation', they will put your mind to rest. The only winners out of a low cholesterol level are the pharmaceutical companies as statins make billions for them.

Hope this helps.

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