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Doing well on Inegy

Have been on statins for some years and more recently on the dual medication Inegy, which is 10mg ezetimibe & 20mg simvastatin, and am doing well on this and controlling the cholesterol level. Of course I still watch the fats & sugars, and have become fitter with running, thanks to the c25k programme on here that I did last summer, and now run often, So, things are good..

Is anyone else in same position as me? be good to hear if you've been able to stop the medication, through controlled diet & excercise..😊

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Well done you have made some lifestyle changes that have helped. I have never been on statins even though my cholesterol is 7 my total C/HDL ratio 3.18 so don't feel the need. I'm following a healthy diet that follows the latest thinking on fats (that they are not evil) just like everything moderation. I cook from scratch don't have added sugar. I am now at good weight. I do take plant sterols as I think at least they are 'natural' and I don't trust drug companies. hope you continue to be well.


As long as your doctor is OK with it, then fine..


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