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To take statin or not? Do we look for other options?


Found out that I had high cholesterol and high blood sugar two years ago, did not want to take any medication therefore went on life style change, going to gym and control on food intake. Blood sugar came down but not cholesterol, tried statin and the cholesterol came down. Because of side effect gave up station after three months.

While at the surgery questioned the doctor,You want me to take statin to undo any damage caused by high cholesterol and high blood sugar?, "What is the damage?", As an engineer I need to find this out!, requested for other tests like echo cardiogram and electro cardiogram (stress test). Tests were done last month.

Had an appointment with a cardiologist yesterday, ALL OK, there is no need for medication now, may be later on if I get any problems. I can accept this.

Have an appointment with GP next Monday to discuss the medication requirement further. At the age of 67 I am not 100%, most of my life, went with out many medication apart from UK allergy, have been on allergy medication for over thirty years!

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Putting The Myth To Rest: There is No Such Thing as Bad Cholesterol

Perhaps one of the biggest health myths propagated in western culture and certainly in the United States, is the correlation between elevated cholesterol and cardiovascular disease (CVD). Unfortunately, despite dozens of studies, cholesterol has not been shown to actually cause CVD. To the contrary, cholesterol is vital to our survival, and trying to artificially lower it can have detrimental effects, particularly as we age.

Our cholesterol levels fluctuate throughout our lives, it's a mechanism for repairing our body so if we have any inflammation our cholesterol rises, anyone with a high cholesterol reading has some underlying problem, could be simple gum disease, ear infection, in fact anything minor.

It's true it could be a more serious problem but our bodies usually let's us know if it's a serious issues, through pain or sickness etc.

So many GPs are writing prescriptions for statins, yet I find hospital consultants aren't, maybe they see the side effects first hand whilst also not seeing any improvement in their patients who take statins.

I would Never Ever take a statin again, this drug is toxic, my opinion I know but having lived through the nightmare I feel I'm quite within my rights to have this belief.

Love your GP questioning Bala ' what is the damage' would like to have seen your doctors face

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Well said, Sonja...this is my interpretation of all the reseach and articles I have read. I also suffered really bad side effects from statins so stopped taking them. 10 months down the line I am sooo much better, I do take pomegranate juice to keep my arteries as clear as possible and this seems to be effective. I will NEVER be persuaded to take statins again.

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Thank you. At the moment I am on brown bread with seeds, coconut oil on toast and "METHI", for lunch. Am trying this for one month and will go to ASDA for cholesterol test.

Next month will try pomegranate juice for one month to see difference in cholesterol numbers. My NHS blood test is in two months time. Have been doing my own research and keeping a record for the last two years!!!, may be write a book?

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Hi Bala.....great idea to write a book, someone should put the record straight about the cholesterol myth/debate, although Drs Briffin, Kendrick are doing a sterling job. There is so much positive info on this has it all been missed by the 'professionals'....the pharma lobby is sooo strong....even the latest trial seems biased by the number on the panel who have a financial interest in propagating 'statin therapy'....I despair. Not sure one month on pom juice will give you a true picture, the trial I quote was a year long and I've been taking it since Feb....the effects do seem to be cumulative, worth a try. What's METHI?

I have been fortunate that I have not been in the position to have to chose to take statins, despite being told my C is "too high"! I was advised to become vegetarian and lose a stone in weight! As someone who has a balanced diet, albeit dairy free due to intolerances only diagnosed two years ago, and with a BMI of 24 I couldn't see where my GP was coming from! I ignored her advice, continued as usual and have felt better than I have in years. Significantly, my C total figure has not changed but there is a variance in the figures of LDL and HDL with my LDL lowering and my HDL rising! All I could think is that the change of diet and the lessening of stress on the body with being dairy free has caused my figures to change. My body was obviously struggling with the dairy in my diet.

I have arthritis which I am living with without medication, taking supplements to counteract the symptoms and I believe that is why my C is "higher" than is accepted. (6.8) It has work to do helping to heal the arthritis damage!!


Thank you for both response. I am not a vegetarian, NHS food specialist did give me advice on what to eat , portion and quantity. I am on a LCHF food intake and enjoying life, go to the gym three times a week. I am having different food for lunch as I am at home now days, my next NHS blood test is in two months time. Will let you all know the changes up or down.

By the way my GP did comment on my weight, I have always been a wide person due to weight training in my younger days, solid shoulders!, am not looking to loose any more weight but to maintain it and enjoy life at 67.

What is type 3?

Hi Tracy,

Two years ago I was told by NHS GP practice that she can confirm that I am a diabetic (type2)! and have high cholesterol and I need to take medication! this was after blood a test. Have been having regular blood test sine the age of 50, but I was only called at the age of 65. It is all history now. I refused to take any medication went on life style change.

Today Hba1c is under control, not fasting blood sugar test that it is no longer tested for me.

My cholesterol numbers are high, came down with statin on three months. Gave up statin due to side effect. Now working on different food intake to reduce cholesterol.

The question is am I type 2 and do I need to take medication for the rest of my life for type 2?

I am afraid I do not have the answer.

Can my high cholesterol bring on CVD?, the test showed no problem at the moment but I have to maintain my life style change and food intake to make sure CVD is far away as possible.

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High cholesterol is an indication of inflammation in the arteries.You need to look at reducing the inflammation with lifestyle ,supplementation and exercise.When you reduce the inflammation the cholesterol will balance itself naturally

Of course this is more of a challenge with diabetes because your body is already under stress because your body is struggling to find its own balance.If you need any info look into louis ignaro's or doctor kendricks books on amazon.

Hope this helps and look forward to reading your future posts.

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I read it was related to altsheimers.


This is all I know.

Type 3 Diabetes

Type 3 diabetes is a term for insulin resistance in the brain. Type 3 diabetes is a title that has been proposed for Alzheimer's disease which results from resistance to insulin in the brain.

Whereas type 1 and type 2 diabetes are characterised by hyperglycaemia (increased blood sugar), a separate study, carried out by the University of Pennsylvania and published in 2012, excluded people with a history of diabetes, indicating that Alzheimer’s can develop without the presence of significant hyperglycaemia in the brain.

I am afraid I do not know much about cholesterol classification types.

Iv`e read that broccoli is good for keeping arteries clear, & also garlic. I eat both of them all the time just in case it`s true.

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LOl !! Thanks for that hairyfairy! I needed a laugh this morning with this awful weather.

Hi Bala,

A lot of GP's will put Type 2 diabetic people on statins as a matter of course because they are deemed to be more at risk from CVD.

Do you take any drugs for your diabetes or is it all diet controlled?

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I am afraid I do not take any medication for type 2 diabetic, refused to take it. Life style change brought the HaB1c down! fasting blood sugar is no longer checked for me. Took statin for three months to see if it can bring cholesterol down, cholesterol came down, after three months I stopped statin.

Am trying different food intake month by month to lower cholesterol. Slow process.

For what it's worth, I had total cholesterol reading of 6.7 about three months ago. I had stopped taking statins because they were hurting me. I was worried that I was playing about with my health though (lifetime of thinking doc knew best)

Anyway I started a LCHF diet and although I have not adhered strictly to this ( getting my head around eating cream has taken a while) my last visit to the GP gave me a reading for total cholesterol of 5.8. I have also lost around 8 lbs. The weight loss was unplanned. I feel better and have more energy. This is only my experience and I am recounting it as such.

I have to say that if it hadn't been for this group, I would probably still be taking statins and feeling awful. I also take CoQ10 and other supplements and perhaps they have helped too. I just know I feel a lot better now.

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Great result Cleocat. We have also found a LCHF diet to be very effective in controlling cholesterol and weight. It has also stopped my husbands slide into diabetes. We now take our coffee with cream.


Thanks for response.

Would it be possible for get a list of LCHF food that can help to reduce high cholesterol?

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This is one site that gives advice

Have a look for "Marks Daily Apple", or Google Paleo diet.

I don't know that LCHF can be guaranteed to lower cholesterol, but it seems to work for some people.

sandybrown in reply to Penel


Thank you for your response. For the first time I am able to look at a list of food on the Internet that can help me to reduce a number of things. There is no guarantee I can reduce cholesterol and blood sugar just by food intake at my age of 67. Will try.

Thanks again !!!

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