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Magnesium testing on NHS?

Did ask my GP for Magnesium RBC testing.

The response was, this is in experimental stages, may not be available on NHS, but will investigate.

Can get private testing at a cost of £75.00.

The big question is it worth the money spent. If the numbers are low who do I go for medication?

Stress test shows my heart is functioning normally, no need for any medication.

My cholesterol is high!, have to keep an eye on cholesterol! Continue with healthy living.

Leg muscle cramp? keep an eye on it.

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Why bother? Just get what you need via diet:

Or if you wish you can supplement. I got half a pound of magnesium citrate (make sure it's citrate) from Amazon for about a fiver.



Thank you for your response. Why Bother?. Have to follow the system? Do not want to pay any extra!

High cholesterol, CVD?. all the tests have showed there is no CVD.

I am afraid I am unable to change the number of ticks my mum gave me.

When the time is up it is up!

What even element there is low o high, I just have to manage it.

I am enjoying my life to the full. What is in a number made up be some doctors to make money!!


Hi can I recommend you read 'let's eat right to keep fit' by Adele Davis? This book was written many years ago and in it she talks about magnesium and its effect on muscles and the heart. Her recommended source is Epsom salts



Thank you. Have down loaded both e-books.

This is another comment from my GP. "With high cholesterol your heart is healthy from the specialist report" we have to keep an eye on cholesterol with regular testing. Will go for a blood test in February.


Its just a shame you never told my heart attack that then maybe it would never have happened.



I am afraid I am confused with your comments, would it be possible for you to expand?



Hi Bala

Big leg had said "that high cholesterol is not the demon our medical professionals and ourselves are led to believe it to be".... BUT in my case it was a major reason I had a heart attack that stopped my heart 5 times. So i don't believe what is being said. What is clear is that we all need to control our weight, eat a balanced diet, take care of any problems we may have like diabetes and exercise regularly. And if pills will help this then if you have to take them then take them, if you can do without them then do without them. We are all individuals and what is good for one is not necessarily good for another. So I do what i have to do to stay alive because if i dont control my cholesterol i WILL die again and that is not an option i want to consider.

There far too many who thrust unsubstantiated theories on this board and i have to say that high Cholesterol is a demon.


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Thanks for your explanation. Yes we are all different in our medical condition and our body react differently and we all need the correct action at the end of the day, BP, cholesterol, type 2 and few other medical condition, even my religious belief is that. I am fortunate I managed to take a life style change to reduce some numbers. Only time will tell if my actions can give me better health to live without much medication.

Thanks, Bala


Interesting article on Cholesterol being the symptom and not the disease



Thank you for your response.

for me station has not worked and I have stopped it. Only time will tell!

I can see both side of station or not satin. Station as a secondary medication?


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