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my cholesterol has dropped but not significantly

Hi all

I used to weigh 93 kilos 6 months ago and my cholesterol was 7.4 I decided to go on a weight lose plan and use plant sterols supplements .. i have lost 16 kilos I now weigh 77 total cholesterol is 6.7 and tyrglicerides is 1.7 (used to be 2.3) they forgot to measure HDL and LDL (DOH!) this a good reduction? I still eat animal fats every day (I refuse to be vegetarian) I eat salmon 3 times a week, chicken and lamb on other days and 4 eggs a week ... can I reduce the cholesterol even more by having a few vegetarian meals instead of the meat or chicken? Im eating salmon to increase my HDL. I absolutely refuse to take statins.


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Very well done. Make sure you go for blood tests every six months to keep you numbers under control. Keep a print copy of all your blood test details, you can also do a graph. Animal fat every day, is it just 100% fat or a %of fat?


Hi Bala

I eat salmon (grilled) and lamb (which is usually mince but small amounts and chicken breasts grilled also) I take a chromium supplement to control sugar cravings and I think that's helped me lose weight ... Interesting the tryglecrides have gone done and are normal I'm suspecting the HDL LDL ratio is still not that great in finding it hard to increase my HDL


The reduction in your triglycerides is very good. Congratulations on your weight loss and don't be discouraged!

Simply losing weight will decrease many risk factors for CVD.


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