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Given in to statins!

After a battle with high cholesterol I am (by advice from my GP) reluctantly going to start taking statins again , Ian trying Rosuvastatin 5mg to start, my I cholesterol has now reached 9, having been ill with a virus over Christmas and new year where I did not eat or drink to muuch I lost 2kilo thinking it would bring my cholesterol down but to no avail. I have familia cholesterol and have tried various statins over the years but have had reactions with them and have left them alone, my blood pressure is ok, I don't have heart disease, I do not smoke, could do with losing a stone in weight (I suppose). Disillutioned with it all.

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Sorry to hear you have been battling to get your level down. I was also told to lose weight and what helped me lose a stone was walking for 30 minutes 5 times a week. You don't mention if you are exercising. I was doing virtually none before the GP suggested I do some exercise and lose weight as part of trying to reduce my cholesterol level. At first I really battled to overcome my laziness - that is all I can call it in my case - but after a few weeks it started to get easier. Now I have got used to it I often enjoy my walk (although not on days like today when it was freezing).

I also began to cook differently - less fat, more grains and fish, smaller portions. Because I was cooking tasty food I didn't feel deprived and so I could stick with it. As the weight started to come off I felt encouraged to continue.

Even if you are on statins it is worth doing the exercise and weight loss so good luck.


Yes, its very frustrating when you have FH as I do too, and I would prefer to be closer to what is a normal cholesterol level. I am sorry that you are feeling disillusioned, and maybe to cheer you up, I posted a very interesting CBS news video on my Facebook page today that was about cholesterol and it was actually quite positive which was a surprise. If you are interested to see it go to


Frank Cooper, Nutritionist & Naturopath


Hi - yes iv been in the same position- bacterial li

Ung infection leaving me with asthma ans along the way a clot on my lung- my chol went from 7- 9.5 during my illness - I had been on fibrates as I had been on so many statins all with the nasty side effects we all know about

I too have been put on rosuvostatin (also known as Crestor) 20mg a day I'm very reluctant to take them - it has been pointed out to me by the medics if a clot doesn't get me the plaque in my blood could

I have been walking 30 mins a day but am now suffering with my asthma- i have alwys kept to a healthy diet -I have great sympathy for you- I know this doesn't help- but maybe knowing your not on your own maybe a comfort - if you have ant side effects let me know maybe we can share our experience on this statin- although no too people are the same

Best of wishes to you .


dear patsy blue,

thank you for getting back to me, it is good to know I am not the only person dealing with high cholesterol, I must admit I need to motivate myself regarding exercise, will let you know if I get any side effects. It was comforting to know I can share my experiences.thank you.


Hi there Hazel- since I replied to you this morning I have been to see the doc - after having a night of chest pain due to my asthmer- I have the start of a chest infection hopefully I have caught it early enough before it developers any further

A bit of info for you - I saw a friend yesterday who's daughter in law is a herbal pharmacist in the USA - I was given a book called the food pharmacy

I have been doing some reading earlier and in the book it states 3apples a day eaten with the skin on helps reduce cholestral(initially there maybe a rise for a day or two then the good takes over

It also states a good case for garlic fresh garlic in your cooking taken daily in small amounts(I suppose capsules may work) along with green bananas cooked as the pectin in these items reduces cholestral and improves blood flow

Another is to drink 100 0/0 pure pomegranate juice this prevents the plaque sticking to the arteries -- iv only just began reading it but just these items are worth a go - but it's purely a personal choice

The book title is again The food pharmacy

Best wishes - hope iv not bored you- I think all of us need as much information as possible as the medics don't seem to share the alternative choices- as there's no financial joy there from or for the pharmaceutical companies


Will have a look for the the book food pharmacy,I am willing to try anything alternative will give pomegranate juice a go, The message I am getting from people here is that they are frustrated at taking statins and the allergic reactions people are getting from taking statins, I feel there should be more research done into high cholesterol, as so many people's cases are different yet everyone is put on statins and treated the same. It is so refreshing to talk to people, hope you feel better will let you know if my cholesterol comes down or if I get any symptoms.

I have heard turmeric is supposed to help.


Has anyone else experienced coughing when on Atorvastatin? My partner has just been switched from Simvastatin to Atorvastatin, and we notice he has a completely wierd cough day and night.


I only took for a week and the neck and back pain were horrible-- iv been prescribed Crestor - rosuvostatin - I'm thinking about it - iv tried lots of different ones and fibrates - but the side effects are all the same but fibrate and the art invasion causes hair loss

I think the pharmaceutical companies are pushing this medication as so many people I know are being switched to this- iv now been prescibed Crestor rosvustatin my GP tells me it is very expensive and has the least side effects but no two people react the same- from that I deduced lets try the generic or cheap versions first cresto has no generic Crestor is Crestor so no substitute can be issued by the pharmacist

All this statin business is so stressful I have been on a stress course for 6 weeks due to all the stress of it -- best wishes to you let me know how you get on


Hi Issipy,

I got a horrible cough on rosuvastatin 10mg....I think 10mg was just too much for me, maybe I wouldn't have got it on 5mg.

If it persists, get advice (I just stopped mine, but that apparently is not the medically "correct" thing to do, I just wanted it out of my system).

Statins can cause interstitial lung disease in rare cases so don't ignore the cough.


Hi Hazeldearing Like you i have high cholestrol which is FH i hate taking statins also,but the doctor,says i should,anyway i am trying raw honey with cinnamon, morning and night,to see if this brings my cholestrol down i am due to have my bloods taken in a month, let you know if there is any difference. meganbelle


Hi megabell- I just read you note to hazeldean- we all seem to be in the same position with these statins

I responded to hazel just now- regarding a book I have been given The food pharmacy - it is about how eating various foods can help health condition

Example -- eating two- three apple a day skin on can reduce cholesterol- green bananas cooked -small amount of fresh garlic cooked in your food daily

And drinking 10mls of 100 0/0 pure pomegranate juice daily stops the plaque sticking to you arteries and helps with blood flow- these are just examples

It is a personal choice to try this but I'm willing to give anything within reason a shot

Hope this little bit of info maybe of interest to you -- best wishes to you fellow sufferer


Good luck I hope this works for you please let me know if your cholesterol comes down



I have high cholesterol too at a similiar level to you and could also do with losing a stone in weight. Have given up on statins after taking them for 18 months with bad side effects and am trying to be healthy in other ways, eating quite carefully following a rough "portfolio Diet" and exercising. Am due to have another test in April but am considering not going back to lipid clinic as I get very stressed.

Wish you luck,



Hi just read your e.mail, good luck with the diet and exercising I hope it works for you, I think sometimes we need to try different things to do with our cholesterol especially if it means not taking statins anymore, for me dieting and exercise did not work, but I would encourage dieting and excercising as what doesn't not work for some people could work for others, please let me know how you get on and good luck


I took Simvastatin 40mg for three months until I got fed up with feeling weary and oversleeping most days. The blood test showed Cholesterol down to 4.2 from 6.4 so I asked my GP for a lesser dose. One month into 20mg and the sleep problem hasn't returned to the same extent. Whether the Cholesterol has stayed lower is yet to be measured. My attempts to improve my diet have been a bit feeble (Grains and pulses one day, then sneaking a few of the kids' chips the next!). I do work outside and generate a huge appetite!

Must check out The Food Pharmacy, thanks for the info. Wishing all of you well.


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