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Worried about going back on statins


I had been on statins for 12 years and asked to stop taking them as I felt so I'll with muscle aches etc. The doctors agreed for me to stop and to have a blood test after 6 months but warned the muscle aches could be irreversible. I can't say I feel much better and after having the blood test last week I have been called back to the doctors to talk about my levels. My problem is do I go back on the statins and risk feeling worse? Are statins right for me? I am a 61 year old woman with a family history of heart problems. However I have read lots about statins making no difference for post menopausal women.

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Hi Lizzie,

I'm sorry to hear your story. The choice was yours 12 yrs ago, and it still is yours - not your doctor's.

I'm assuming that for all those 12 yrs with musculoskeletal pain, you never once were prescribed or advised to take CoQ10 by your doctor? I also wonder if your doctor tested your Vit D levels in those 12yrs?

Please take a look at my post where you can quickly watch a series of super short videos by Prof. Sherif Sultan about some important nutrients. There are also many documents and links to look through at your own leisure.


In your shoes, I'd maintain Vit D, all year round, at the level that's recommended in BOLD FONT in this PDF signed by 50 scientists.


I'd also take CoQ10 (preferably Ubiquinone, if you cannot afford it; rather than Ubiquinol). Statins deplete the heart muscle and body of CoQ10. For that reason, one should always be prescribed/advised to take CoQ10.

I'd also consider taking Magnesium Glycinate &/or Magnesium Malate, preferably in the evenings. And a decent Vit B Complex with Vit B12, preferably in the mornings with food. And Vit C.

You felt dreadful on the statins. So what was the point of taking a drug that actually was detrimental to your health and quality of life?

Every time a doctor runs blood tests etc, please get the lab printouts. You're then free to post those results with their associated reference ranges, on this forum, for others to comment on.

lizziep in reply to Londinium

Thank you for your good advise.

Hi, i asked my gp's receptionist for a print out and was told there is a charge for this, didnt ask how much as i assumed it's free?

May be soon, we have to pay for the use of the toilet, par a car and drink cold water at a GP surgery!

In my GP practice, the receptionist are unable to do a print job on the computer, therefore I am always told request for cholesterol blood test print out and the practice nurse will print the results and can collect it two to three days and up to now it has been free.

Time 2 Get Serious,

They're not supposed to charge an amount that is seen as a deterrent to requesting your copies &/or that is profiteering.

It should be free or no more than what a high shop would charge per page e.g. 5p -20p.

You can register to access your electronic records yourself from home/wherever.

For a COMPLETE copy of EVERYTHING that the GP practice holds ELECTRONICALLY, no more than £10 should be charged.

Ok thanks, will ask next time as was in a hurry and plus couldnt be bothered arguing with my doctors receptionist....again! 😂 they really annoy me as im sure they make rules up as they go along!

Hi Londinium. Good advice. Can GPs prescribe Ubiquinol? If not, what is the cost?

No idea if a GP can/would prescribe ubiquinol but it's available from a number of sources tho' you'd need to price-check and see if any of the companies has a discount code. E.g., healthmonthly.co.uk/product...

Jeeze, it's expensive. Thanks anyway.

Maggie, even if they can prescribe CoQ10, they'd be unlikely to. Apparently, taxes go to the NHS to use on Big Pharma crap. Anything that might naturally and gently aid you, without the nasty side-effects, is now to be bought by the individual.

In effect, we are paying twice. Once for Big Pharma that we don't want to use. And then again for the natural supplements that we buy to gently aid our health condition/s.

Big Pharma are trying to reduce and prevent our right and our easy access to the natural health supplements because they want the entire market for themselves. 🤔

I wouldn't go back on them ever. It will only make your muscle issues worse. And you're right: statistically statins seem to provide no benefits for postmenopausal women, while they do entail risks such as an increased risk of diabetes, breast cancer, etc. In any case, lowering cholesterol is a bad idea for this group- women with higher cholesterol live longer!

If you're not doing so already, I would recommend taking CoQ10 or rather Ubiquinol (the concentrated form) for the muscle pains: start out with 300 or 400 mg daily. You can increase this up to 2,000 mg without problems (unless you're using blood thinners). The only problem is, it is rather expensive...

Londinium in reply to Mascha1900

Whether Ubiquinol or Ubiqionine, better to split big doses e.g. 200mg a.m. and p.m.

Find and listen to the online video and radio interviews of CoQ10 researcher Dr Peter Langsjoen.

Listen to the videos on my post. I've already given the link above.

Hi lizzie,

I went off statins a month ago, after being on them for 10 years. I have ongoing heart problems, stents ect. I have studied the "cholesterol myth" extensively..statins make no difference at all to stopping heart attacks- strokes.

Actually they create more heart attacks as they drain the heart muscle. This has to be one of the biggest medical cons of all time, many many top level doctors are now speaking out against it and the drug companies that push it, and it makes me really angry that 100s of thousands of people are permanently damaged due to the misinformation the drug compnaies put out. They KNOW statins cause muscle damage, diabetes, dementia, Alzheimer, ect, yet they contimue to push the misguided myth that cholesterol causes heart attacks. We NEED high levels of cholesterol to function properly. I for one after all my research (and i am a scientist) don,t give a damn what my cholesterol is now.

I still have crippling muscle pain 5 weeks after stopping. Statins are not right for anyone, especially as you mentioned older women. There was a 10 year study done called The Nurses study, that found there was a much greater all over mortality risk for women taking statins. I hope you are taking high dose of COQ10, it replaces and helps reverse the muscle damage. There is also a group i belong to "Stopped our statins' they are a wealth of information on what to do, take ect. Good luck to you, do not go back on statins, look up other natural ways to protect your heart,

Thank you all.

I went for the appointment and was told my cholesterol level had gone up to 8.6. I asked what the split was and was told 5.1 bad !! 3.5 good .

I asked all the questions I could and brought up all my points, really fell on deaf ears. Dr said I needed to go on them but recommended a lower dose of 20mg (I had been 40mg) she said if I didn't go on them now as I got older the problem would increase. I took the prescription but haven't started them yet. Don't think I will.

sos007Ambassador in reply to lizziep

Read my post:



Good luck!

Londinium in reply to lizziep

The doctor receives a financial reward/bonus for each person they put on statins, but that is unlikely to sway them at all. 🤔🙄

Nannyval in reply to Londinium

The doctor who put me on them is paid by 5 pharmactical company's

Nannyval in reply to lizziep

I hD the same problem been off them and got my cholestrol down myself read the book The Great Cholestrol Con I been taking statins since they first came on the market it always stayed very high now it's lower than its ever been eating that right food is the answer and good information on this site good luck

Hi to be honest mine was 8.4 and came down to 5.4 after one month on 10 mg of atorvastatin, I had tried for 3 years to get it down with diet no joy, are you on simvastatin, I did try that for the first couple of months but gave me bad leg pains, this one I'm fine on, but I did have vit D test and it was extremely low 7, so taking vit D high dose and had blood test yesterday after 3 months, will see how cholesterol is when I get results as he did all including LFTs and kidneys and calcium etc.

Have you tried a low-glycaemic, higher fat diet like the Mediterranean diet to normalise your lipids?

Statins are only effective in preventing 2% of CHD events, so even though they are extremely effective at lowering cholesterol that in itself is not very good at preventing heart disease worsening.

What is the answer to the question: " Are statins right for me?"

My answer is for a woman 60 years of age the doctor should know better on statin ( a big NO) and offer more information and explanation!!!

Hi Folks, just to keep you all up to date, I just got the results of all my blood tests back, everything is normal except my cholesterol is a little bit high, I told the Dr "good, I'm glad its high," However, I still have very bad muscle pain and weakness in all of my right leg, can barely walk 5 feet. The Dr said given my history he would not recommend i take statins ever again. Nice to actually have a Dr validate that its a statin problem.

He is going to recommend physio for the leg, hope that and all the other things i'm on will reverse this leg problem. Im usually a very active 55 year old, atm feel like a crippled 90 year old.

Londinium in reply to Sparky3333

Hi Sparky,

You should fill in the Yellow Card. I think that's what it's called.

People should do this every time a statin &/or any other pharmaceutical drug has affected them, so that the side effects are logged.

Londinium in reply to Sparky3333

So Sparky,

Because of a Big Pharma drug, your health has suffered and you now have to see a Physio. Meanwhile, Big Pharma made a profit from you taking their statins, and the NHS has to now provide Physio because of Big Pharma. Incredible. This is happening up and down the country, in many countries. Big Pharma wins every time.

Hi sparky3333

Sorry to hear you had statin related muscle problems, the same as me

I stopped a 12 week course of rosuvastatin back in April 17 due to muscle aches

However, despite stopping over 3 years ago, the aches haven't gone away, but have progressed

How are you doing now?



I hope the physio helps Sparky. Thanks for all your replies. I am going to book an appointment with a different doctor and see if I can get a second opinion then I'll make a decision.

Well let us try to turn the situation around. Ask your doctor to find the medical reason why you had a reaction to the statins. After listening then tell him it was a real reaction and you want the doctor to document and report the reaction to the authorities as they have an obligation to report adverse reactions! They can do a muscle biopsy and prove it has damaged you! Then when and if he the doc says you must take statins again ask doc if you can get the drug company to prove to you that they are safe for you. Now if they cannot do this simple thing then ask them if they cannot do this why would they be even be putting me in this danger again and I thought the Hippocratic was to do no harm. The risk reduction of statins are about 1%.but they inflate it tp 36% using relative risk.


youtube DrDavid Diamond 2018 he refused and was told he would be dead in 10 years but has survived to make the video.

I being a bit cheeky but I do they same in a polite manner of course.

try this


good luck

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