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Vitamin D defficiency

I was told a couple of months ago by my GP that I had a Vitamin D deficiency and was put on Fultium D 800 IU capsules. I had a call today from my surgery with a message from my Doctor. The message was "I should stop the Fultium capsules and instead use full fat milk, eggs, oily fish and fish oil capsules".

I only use skimmed milk at the moment but happy to change if full fat milk is now "in".

I am a little confused why my GP didn't just give me this advise in the first place rather than starting me on Fultium? Any thought's out there?

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Hi I've also had a 3 month course of Fultium which brought my levels up but only slightly? My GP has now advised me to buy Vit D from Boots or Holland and Barrett( both own brands) as he has recently attended a conference regarding the topic and it was proven that many supplements contain virtually nothing near the required amount? The only two proven to be worthwhile were from Boots £2.19? Ish! And Holland and Barrett so I'm now taking those and I'll update after my next blood test as to whether they have increased my levels , no mention of a diet change was made at the time though but I am also taking iron medication. So trying to change my diet for that and ALSO trying to lose weight after cancer treatment! It's a minefield?!


Thanks Jules-c, interesting that it sounds like the supplements you mention are more beneficial than the prescribed Fultium? I thought my GP was just trying to reduce his prescribing budget!

I agree it's a minefield its not easy to know what to eat and what supplements to take for the best.

Good luck with the weight loss plan and I hope the cancer treatment was successful.

Best wishes.


One supplement often recommended is Adcal, not sure if it's prescription only or not. The supplement needs to be D3, rather than D2, if possible, and in combination with calcium

The best source of vit D is sunshine but if you live in the UK it's not possible to get enough in the winter. The food will help but it may not be enough especially if you are over 65. It's a fat soluble vitamin, so it's probably not a good idea to go on a low fat diet.

This American site may be useful.


If you are taking quite high doses of vitamin D3 you are best combining it with vit K2 as they work together. Best of luck.

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Your doctor's latest recommendations are far better than taking supplements. Dr. Ron Rosedale explains that osteomalacia for instance is a hormonal bone re-modelling problem; the fault lies with the miscommunication of where to lay down calcium along with vitamin D (which is a hormone).

Vitamin D is fat soluble, and requires fat to function. Combine this with a reduction in carbohydrate (which is advisable especially if you don't want to gain weight) and you will improve the endocrine environment of your body; carbohydrates, especially fructose, high-glycaemic foods, and anomalies such as yoghurt or baked beans cause abnormally high insulin/IGF-1 hormone levels.

The body normally only uses about half as much energy as carbohydrate that is does as fat, and the further we deviate from this ratio, the more we risk chronic ill-health.


Ive just noticed your post and I have a Vit d deficency also. I have been on candestartin

for about 10 years . Iam struggling with Hypo symptoms and I wonder if there is a link to this medication GP s put you on .Its very rare for me to get my BP checked by a DR .I do my own it seems fine .Sometimes a nurse will call me in but not very often. I often wonder if I should stop taking it .I ve had a dr say do you want to risk having a stroke .Hope you get sorted .


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