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Horsemeat in beef burgers - one food item definitely not in my lower cholesterol shopping basket.

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The outcry over horsemeat in beef burgers made me think that maybe there is a slight silver lining to raised cholestrol after all: no beef burger makes it into my shopping trolley.

In fact, since working towards lowering my level - and now keeping it there - I am eating far more wholegrains, pulses, fish and a bit of chicken. I now just walk past the processed meat section of my supermarket even though sausages still seem to call out my name as I go by. As does bacon. And crisps, biscuits and crackers. Hmmm.

I have put together a collection of 90 low fat recipes which have been very helpful (to me at least) in that I can eat them and my family enjoy them too. If anyone is interested in getting the recipes (free) you can send me a message and I will pass on the details to you.

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Have you tried Ostrich the burgers are lovely and much lower fat content

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Yes I agree, I really like ostrich but can't get it in my local supermarket. They do sell venison products in season which I also enjoy and is lean too.

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Have tried some venison from Sainsbury's but it has been tough and had a lot of connective tissue. Perhaps better to slow stew it. Can anyone recommend a source of venison that I could grill or stirfry?

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Hi Puebla

You are right about the slow stewing of the venison you bought. Depending on the cut of venison it either needs to be slow cooked or cooked very quickly. It gets tough really fast otherwise. i do sometimes buy my venison from Sainsburys or Waitrose or from my local butcher. I like to buy a venison steak which just needs a very brief exposure to heat. I have a simple and tasty recipe for a venison steak in my collection of recipes. Would you like me to send you the details of the website?

Hi, I think you would enjoy reading "Eat to Live" by Dr. J oel Fuhrman. Scientific approach to the highest possible nutrition with lots of recipes as well. Well supported by multiple references to medical trials, case studies and medical publications.

I remember something that a friend of mine who worked in a supermarket told me. Nearly all the natural products, fruit, veg, meat and fish are near each other. The fruit and veg nearly always are near the door. The meat and fish are together either in the fresh or frozen sections - so the thing to do is to make sure that you stick to those sections you need and not walk through those aisles that have the temptation in them. Most of them are in the middle of the supermarket away from the essentials. Check next time you are in there, the "goodies" are altogether in the central aisles!! KEEP AWAY!!!!!

Hi Foodblog, I would really appreciate your low fat recipes, I need to lower my cholesterol levels and find 'what to cook' the hardest of all!

Thanks for the book reference, ChasB - I will get hold of a copy, it sounds very informative.

I think that's very good advice, Patch14 - out of sight out of mind as far as the 'goodies' go. Funny how we never refer to food that is good for us as 'goodies' isn't it?

Thanks to those who have messaged me for the recipes - great to be able to share.

Hi, Madeleine, loving your recipes and blog. Mum still in hospital and life still pretty hectic/stressy but i,m fighting off the urge to eat every high carb " goodie" in sight. However some chocolate found it,s way into my mouth, it was dark high cocoa content though. Is it the enemy or friendly.

Hi Chino.

So pleased you are enjoying the recipes and the blog. Thanks for the feedback.

The chocolate question reminds me of that saying 'one man's meat is another man's poison'. Seriously though, I think that as sweet treats go, dark, high cocoa content chocolate is a good one. Firstly, one can't eat too much of it at once as it is so rich so one ends up eating less of it than a milk chocolate bar where one can easily eat a whole slab - well I can. Secondly, dark chocolate contains anti-oxidants so, in moderation, it is good for you. It also has a low Glycaemic Index (GI) so it doesn't send your blood sugar soaring. All in all I enjoy a couple of blocks every now and again. It keeps me feeling human.

Hope your mum is home soon. Well done for keeping off the 'goodies'.

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