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Some years ago I got interested in vitamin D (not actually a vitamin!) and for the past 3 or 4 my wife and I have been taking 5000 iu a day. Given that the recommended supplement dosage is in the order of 600 iu a day (sometimes less) I have sometimes wondered if that is a little excessive, however my research reassured me that very high doses well in excess of this can be tolerated without risk.

It appears I was wrong!

A research paper published a few days ago would suggest that the recommended daily intake of vitamin D has been underestimated by a factor of 10 and that I could even double my daily 5000 iu to 10000 iu safely:

This will probably be all over the popular health sites and media over the next few weeks.

Interesting times, and if true underlines the value of diligent research when the WWW is at your fingertips!

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  • WAPF highlight the need to balance vitamin A with vitamin D

  • Just by way of balance:

  • Thanks for this info Mike, very timeley as my bloods have recently shown low vitamin D and I've just bought some 1000iu supplements !

  • Some interesting articles.I personally use only vitamin d3 from a high quality source.Since in the northern hemisphere we don't get nearly enough sunlight for adequate amounts of this vitamin(hormone).What i would say is that not all vitamins are created equal,so if your buying purely on price,keep your money in your purse(wallet) because you will get no benefit from cheap supplements.In fact they may even do you more harm than good.

  • Great post...Cheers

  • i have a cardiac health issue i got a vitamin D blood test done on the nhs came back 29 to low for my health issue but my Gp said its fine little does he know about vitamin D so 6 months ago i started on 5000iu a day had my bloods done after 6 months im now 98.4 fab !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! spoke to the vitamin D council for advice i now take 20,000iu a week to keep it stable my advice to you all get your vitamin D bloods tested and research how important vitamin D is for your health god bless

  • Big business supplements.

    I was in a health supermarket in Canada recently and they had 7 aisles of varying supplements all stating to do wonders at very inflated prices. Are supplements the new Pharmaceuticals??? Can we not get all we need from food and the sun and exercise???? i wonder.

  • Better to get it from food intake and SUN.

  • That is very interesting to me as I have just asked for blood test for Vit D - I have an autoimmune disease where a lack of Vit D is common. I eat very little animal and I have to avoid sunlight as I take immune suppressants - for me neither are an option so not everyone can get it from food or sunlight.

    And an excess of Vit D can be harmful in that when I asked my neurologist he said be careful as too much results in kidney stones, not nice!

  • Did you take his advice?

  • I am prescribed 50,000 IU 3 times week im in usa I BELIVE VITAMAMIN D2 IS WATER SOLUBLE wish I could be more help

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