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Hi, I have been home nearly a week now after suffering a Heart attack. I seem to have gone into panic mode about what my diet should be and what I should and should not eat. I have always loved my food and eaten plenty of fruit and veg, and as far as fish is concerned, I cannot get enough of it. My downfall probably would be meat with fat on it and I have had a sweet tooth from a young age. However if I was honest I would hardly say I over indulged on anything, quite the opposite a lot of the time, the wife would tell me off for not eating hardly anything during the coarse of a 12-14hr work day. I have always worked outdoors in manual work so I keep pretty active. Do I need to start scrutinising everything we buy now for salt and sugar content, or just be a bit sensible and cut down on those things which are really high in fat, salt and sugar? For example a normal packet of biscuits would last me about a week, would you say that is being over indulgent, or do I need to cut down to one biscuit a day god forbid :-)


I have been a smoker for 40yrs as well. My wife has given it up for about 8 weeks now and due to that I was starting to cut down myself, I was also contemplating giving it up. I had decided that if I did then an electronic version would suite my smoking habit the best. At the moment I have not craved for a cigarette and would like to keep it that way, however I do seem to be getting some mood swings, I feel frustrated as I have never been one to sit around and do nothing. I love my bird photography but whilst doing that I would always light up a cigarette. Due to the pressures of the change in my life at the moment I am getting those brief moments when thoughts start creeping in. If I do crack under the strain of it I would much sooner grab one of the electronic gizmo`s rather than going to the shop and buying the real thing. My problem is I cannot find out from anyone including my GP, if it is ok to use one of these electronic devices, are you able to advise me on this at all?

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  • This is completely understandable and usual as your body has had an enormous shock which obviously affects your mind sending you into panic mode. Your diet sounds fine although salt is the main thing to cut down on and do try to not go back to smoking. Your Doctor should be able to give you a diet sheet for guidance and the Heart foundation will give you any help you may need. When you have your check up with yours specialist write down everything you want to know and take your wife or someone else with you as it is hard to remember all the answers. Another side affect can be depression as you realise you are not unbreakable but remember your heart may now be the healthiest of all your friends as it as been corrected where others could be very near the point of breaking but they have no idea.

  • Hello u8myufo, I am so glad that you have recovered and are back home and on the mend. You have had a very nasty scare and your mental as well as your physical health has been very badly challenged.

    I think you know where your problem lay. The smoking! Your diet seems OK and if you keep to that and have the occasional treat you should be fine. See your GP about the various aids you can get to give up smoking. I am sure he will be more than happy to advise you.

    The depression that you are finding is creeping up on you is one of the side effects of a major health scare. It happens more readily than, I think, the professionals are willing to admit. It is seen in cancer recovery patients, trauma victims and in stroke and in your case heart scares. I do think that there is not enough interest taken by the medical profession into this problem. They concentrate on the cause of the ill health but not the aftermath to the mental health of the patient.

    You seem to see that you have a problem with depression and you also seem to find the solution. Working out of doors, eating a healthy and balanced diet (three meals a day!) with exercise and a good night's sleep should do more for you than any pills. If you find you cannot sleep (one of the side effects of depression) try some of the natural remedies that are available before going to the GP for anything stronger. Best wishes to you.

  • dont worry too much remember you are a survivor wecome to the club join the british heart foundation its free and they give you heaps of info just stick to a normal diet and take your meds happy days

  • Cheers all, maybe I was being a bit hard on myself. Perhaps a little bit of depression but more of the frustration that I cannot do what I want to at the moment. The other thing is the lack of understanding from my wife, I don't mean that in a nasty way. Like she said it was a big scare for her getting a phone call early hours of the morning. Whilst we live near Bath, I was down Portland Bill fishing at the time at Night, and ended up In Royal Bournemouth Hospital. The wife said this was something she always dreaded, obviously Bournemouth have contacted Bath so hopefully it will not be long before they get in contact with me, and we can deal with it all. Thanks once again.

  • Hi u8myufo

    Glad to hear you are recovering. You asked about e cigarettes, there is some info about them in this article. It says that your GP can prescribe an "inhaler" that may be better than the e cigarettes ( I've never heard of them).


    Cutting down on processed food with a lot of sugar in is a good idea, too, but getting rid of the smoking is the most important thing. Good luck.

  • Inspiring stuff bigleg; well done!

  • Hi

    Sorry to hear about your heart problem. I had one about 5 months ago and have stopped smoking by using electronic ones or vaping as its known. The ones u can buy in high street shops work out very expensive- I now have an eGo you can buy online and fill them with juice yourself-go for a clearomiser. A lot of research coming out of the States from the Bariatric society Is recommending low carb diet for heart and diabetic patients.

    Good luck

  • Thanks Narooma for the reply, did you have stents fitted?

  • Hi-yes I am the proud owner of a shiny new titanium stent which has stopped the shortness of breath together with giving up the cigs. Don't think I could have given up without the e cigs- GP tells me my lungs are now completely free of any congestion too.

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