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Hi Everyone, A couple of weeks ago i told you i had changed my complete diet from low fat to natural butter, cheese, no jacket potatoes, rice or pasta i eat sweet potatoes, cook in coconut oil,i now have cereal in full fat yogurt . In the past i had always had a low fat diet and my cholestrol was 8.3 all i know is the bad was higher than the good ,anyway i tried 4 statins which did not help my muscle pain, in the end i said no more. I just changed my complete diet,when i went for a blood test and told the nurse what i had done she said if it had changed she would be amazed ,anyway i had my bloods done the results where normal no action to be taken ,all i can say is listen to your body no one knows you better than you

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Did you get a break down of your results because I've had the same thing happen to me, phoned up for results and told low risk of heart attack, no action needed. Asked twice for the readings and only after third time was I told it was 7.8 Will be asking for a break down of the test. Have had high blood pressure and high cholesterol for about 10 years. Been on blood pressure tablets which keep it under control, have tried various diets which have brought the cholesterol down from 8.1 to 6.2 but now back to 7.8

I wonder if doctors write us off if we don't take statins?


Hi - have you asked for your LDL, HDL, Triglicirides etc.? With these figures at your fingertips you can do the ratio test (Cholesterol Total divided by HDL - if under 4 - within range) and the HDL, LDL comparison. In my case 6.8 - LDL 3.8 HDL 2.3 Trigs 0.7 = OK! 6.8 divided by 2.3 = 3.3 also OK! I wish you well


Hello meganbelle - and I bet you feel better too!! Well done! It is amazing how those "in the know" shrug off anything that does not conform to their point of view and that of their fellow professionals! I often wonder what sort of chemical processes are employed to get these foods that we consume so much to get them "low fat"!!! What is taken out then put back in chemically to fulfil the criteria of "healthy", "low fat" "low sugar" etc. Perhaps it is better that we don't! Keep up the good work!


Its not rocket science really just don't eat crap. I could never eat butter again it is way to thick and gluppy for my tastes now. Then again I don't have anything as an alternative. Do what is right for you with balance in mind. If statins work for you then that is fine also. Balance. We are individuals with different bodies and minds, what is good for one does not mean it works for all.


Why are we all so obsessed with hdl and ldl numbers.So that we can be manipulated in to buying into the cholesterol and low fat myth that was propagated by Ancel Keys and certain politicians to create mass hysteria in relation to certain types of foods in our diet and cholesterol in our arteries being bad for us.What a total load of rubbish.

I have great respect for you Meganbelle.At last people are waking up and realizing that everything we have been told about healthy diet is a lie.People who become ill are not lazy or irresponsible.A lot of them follow the guidelines that the NHS sets out and still they get sicker and suffer in pain.And yet they still tell us to eat a low fat diet because it is healthy.The problem is if you don't have fat as an energy store then you eat more carbohydrates which burn quicker in the body and over time cause insulin resistance.


Did you get your calcium score as that is the most important indicator of risk for doctors.


Fantastic news, I'm so happy you posted your experiences, please please make sure you tell as many people as possible so that our quiet voices can be heard and then hopefully we can educate people who have been mislead by pharmaceutical companies and the food industry that low fat is bad for us.



Very well done!

more questions.

Would it be possible for you to let us have your full cholesterol results, just to see the change?

How is your overall health?

What is you weekly food intake for the three meals?

Yes at the end of the day we all have to listen to our body.


hi everyone, my LDL was 4.9 and my HDL was 1.1 my overall health is very good i had a hip replacement 4 months ago and i am back to walking a couple of miles a day,i am also hoping to get back to my dancing which i do a couple of times a week.My change involved no soya milk with my cereal in the morning i change to natural greek yogurt with it,natural butter, full fat cheese , i cook in coconut oil i generally have meat with just vegetables ,i also have changed to sweet potatoes ,away from jackets i eat a lot less rice and pasta and nothing low fat what so ever, hope this is a help.I came of the soya because someone on this site asked if anyone found that soya affected their arthritis pain so i came of it and the pain really eased.


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