Is Fat bad for you?

I am confused about all the conflicting advise concerning diets. Is the Atkins diet/Paleo Diet Bad for you? They advise full fat, low carbs. I have tried the New Atkins before my sons wedding, the weight dropped off me but I soon put it all back on whilst on holiday. I had no cravings and found it easy. But I am worried about the damage it can do to your artery's.

So what is the best to follow?

Very Confused


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13 Replies

  • Thanks, interesting reading

  • It's a shame we haven't been warned about the damage to arteries that insulin/IGF-1 is known to cause, rather than the hypothesis that fat is thought to cause to arteries.

    We don't need to eliminate carbs, but on average our body uses twice as much energy from fat as it does from carbohydrate. The further we deviate from this ideal, the more likely we are to suffer chronic ill-health.

  • stay of anything that is low fat, it is full of sugar eat all natural foods such as butter cheese, yoghurts stay away if possible from sweets, cakes, biscuits,if you like it try eating jelly as a treat. you will find that eating naturally and not worrying the weight will begin to drop of, weigh yourself daily it may only move one point on the scales but after a couple of weeks you will see that it is working and the weight will come of gradually i am doing this and have lost five pounds up to now

  • Thanks, I am heading that way.

  • Sorry to disagree meganbelle but fresh fruit would be a much healthier treat than jelly - do you really want to think where the ingredients come from to make that? Also, all low fat foods are not full of sugar - just compare labels. It might be difficult at first but, once you find what is OK then it gets easier to shop. Remember portion size is important too. Doing a little more exercise (even just walking) on a regular basis will also help. A friend of mine noticed that, when their old dog died, she gradually put on weight but, when they bought a new dog and she was walking every day, all that excess soon dropped off. If necessary, buy smaller plates then a smaller amount, that fills the plate, will fool the brain into thinking it has eaten more. Good luck with the weight loss to you both.

  • As megan says, butter cheese etc in moderation. cut down sweet treats(boohoo). Unfortunately its the things we like the best which are invariably the worst for us. the body needs an element of fats to make it work properly and keep things moving.

  • I follow the Blood Group Diet ....

    it makes a LOT of sense and many people swear by it ...when I stick to it I find myself feeling much better ...check it out

  • If you're worried about cholesterol, you should have a look at Heart UK's Ultimate Cholesterol Lowering Plan©

    I agree with Wyvon that not all low-fat foods are packed with sugar. Skimmed milk isn't, nor is low-fat natural yogurt. There are however a lot of 'diet' foods aimed at those who want to avoid fats that do make themselves 'tasty' by adding sugar; this really annoys me.

    Some just use artificial sweeteners, but I find I dislike those as well - not because I'm against artificial sweeteners, but just because they taste too sweet!

    So if you want a tasty low fat, pudding, have some natural low-fat yogurt with some chopped fresh fruit in it. Yes, there is sugar in the fruit in the form of fructose*, but that will take a reasonable time to be absorbed.

    *pure fructose as a powder added to food instead of normal sugar can actually be worse for the body than normal sugar. Fructose still in fruit is OK.

    Why do my posts always seem so large?

  • Thanks all for the advice. I have decided to go on the new Atkins, at the moment I am finding it easy, no cravings and feel satisfied with my food choices.

  • I have heard lots of good things about the Mediterranean diet and fats aren't bad for you if you choose the right ones, like from nuts, avocados oily fish and coconut oil can make those horrible healthy foods taste better and not affect the nutrition. Olive and canola oils. Hope this helps.

  • Thanks, I agree. Natural is best.

  • Hi Lizzie.

    My advice would be to eat a balanced diet with plenty of unprocessed foods, particularly vegetables, pulses and nuts. I don't know about the new Atkins diet, but the old one struck me as not particularly balanced because of the emphasis on protein. You need some protein obviously, but it was all protein. It fills you up but isn't sustainable long term.

  • By the way nuts are an ideal low carb high fat food, as they also contain lots of other nutrients and fibre.

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