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has any one got advice on taking niacin been to the lipid clinic because ive tried 3 statins and i dont get on with them my hdl 2.20


Tri 1.17 ldl 4.87 total cholesterol 7.6 he says i may have FH hes told me to take Niacin high dosage so i started to take 500mg x 3 times a day on the third night i just couldnt stop scratching my body all over went on for several hours it was horrible the worse part was from my knee caps down wards im not sure if it was because they have taken both those arterys for my by pass op both knee caps are still red and warm any advice would be very welcome thank you .

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From what I've read about Dr Hoffer's work, that seems a fairly high dose to start on, unless under close medical supervision. Did the side-effect stop?

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