can any one please advice me please ive tried 3 different statin drugs ive stopped them now feel so much better but my cholesterol has gone

to 7.6 i had a heart attack and a triple by pass op 2yrs ago and my cholesterol then was 7.5 ive got to go to a lipid clinic next week can any one advice me of any other meds i could try please thank you


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  • thank you for your advice

  • thank you for your advice

  • It is your body; it is your life lillywhites. Only you can make the decisions on how much you are prepared to risk your cholesterol levels increasing and causing another heart attack. Your lipid clinic staff are the experts on the drugs they prescribe so do tell them all your concerns and listen to their views. There are other statins and not all of them produce side effects in all people. In fact, the great majority of people who take statins have no side effects at all. You will have read my posts in the past, I hope, about the benefits I have had from taking Kyolic garlic tablets. The medics don't agree but they do work for me. Who knows? They may work for you too. In the first year I took them my total cholesterol levels dropped from 7.2 to 5.2.

  • ive been taking 1200 kyolic garlic for the past 6 months i also take q10 100mg omega 3 2100mg plant sterols 800mg and ive just started serrapeptase 120,000 and pomegranite juice a day and thank you for your advice

  • Hi lillywhites

    I totally agree with bigleg please take a look at the links posted and there's also much more out there to back up the real truth that ' cholesterol does not CAUSE heart disease'

    The best way to lower cholesterol is through diet although we only consume 20% and our bodies produce the rest so diet may help a little.

    Eat a low carb diet and increase saturated fat in take, avoid all low fat foods as they contain huge amounts of sugar.

    The above may sound completely the opposite to what you've previously been told re diet but I assure you there are plenty of studies to back this up.

    Clanchatten is also right re stress, this is a major factor for heart disease so please don't worry about your cholesterol level and stress about bringing your numbers down.

    Remember cholesterol is basically the band aid for our bodies, it goes where it's needed to try and repair any damage.

    Unfortunately that's where the myth re cholesterol began, scientists found cholesterol ' plaque ' in arteries of people of suffered heart disease and assumed it's what caused it, when in actual fact the artery had a weakness or tear and our body sent cholesterol there to repair it, that's why people have different cholesterol readings, the higher the number the more inflammation hence the more cholesterol being produced.

    Simple I know but it's the truth, so please try your best not to stress.

    Good luck

  • thank you for your advice

  • Forgot to say inflammation could be something simple like gum disease or ear problem, this would make cholesterol levels rise.

  • Hi I have a genetic problem with my cholesterol and triglycerides I stopped statins after taking 3 different ones which made me very I'll , I take b12 herbal tablets one a day 1000ug and opti-omega 3 capsule 1000 one a day and vitamin d tablet my doctor has noted that these are keeping my levels down from 12.1 to 5.8 and my health is getting better from what statins have done . There is one other thing I am doing eating for 7-8 hours a day only my breakfast at 11am and my last meal between 6-7 pm no sugar drinks either . It isn't as hard as I thought it would be

  • thank you for your advice

  • Do your research and decide for yourself what is best for your health.Doctor training on nutrition is laughable,the bulk of there training is on drug therapies.I wonder why that is?It would n't have anything to do with the fact that their training is funded by the pharmaceutical industry.Call me a skeptic if you like,but the evidence is out their if you dig deep enough to find it.

  • thank you

  • Thankyou.Better to be open minded rather than somebody that just takes a gp's advice without looking at the pro's and con's of what your being prescribed.Not that i think you would be that unwise clanchattan.

  • Other meds are fibrates or trial drugs - ask your lipid clinic to discuss them with you, whether they're appropriate and why/why not. Other options are various dietary interventions... or betting against the lipid hypothesis. I think you'll find some people in this community taking each approach. Good luck.

  • thank you

  • There is a theory that statins work by reducing inflammation so that is why they are more effective in secondary prevention (that's people who have already had a heart attack). The other drugs such as cholestagel (a bile resin) which I take, just lower cholesterol levels. Discuss it with the clinic, maybe take a lower dose or change to another statin, mind you I've taken them all and had side effects from all.

    Secondary prevention is a different kettle of fish from primary prevention.

  • thank you for your advice i will ask them

  • Hi,

    This medication cholestagel is it available on NHS?, please let me know.

    any side effect and what % reduction of total cholesterol? Thanks.

  • Hi have you had a reduced level in your statin prescription I HAD MINE REDUCED FR 80 -40 HIP pain then stopped. I'd like to stop taking them but you have to be sensible.Just have lots of veg fruit like grapefruit, will help to lower cholesterol too

  • thank you i tried that no difference at all you know your not suppose to drink grapefruit when your on statins thats what my hospital told me

  • Hi,

    Please take a look:

    The Interaction Between Grapefruit and Statins

    Grapefruit contains the compound bergamottin, which interacts with certain enzyme systems in the body, such as cytochrome P-450 and P-glycoprotein. These enzyme systems are responsible for breaking down statins, as well as other drugs, into more usable chemicals and transporting them in the body.

    When grapefruit juice is consumed at or around the time you take your statin, the components in grapefruit prevent these enzyme systems from breaking down the drug, causing the drug to accumulate in high amounts in the body. This can be very dangerous and can cause a variety of health problems, such as liver damage or a rare condition called rhabdomyolysis (severe muscle and kidney damage).

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