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Fibromyalgia & Crestor


I was prescribed Crestor 5mgs owing to a raised cholesterol of 6.8 mmol's & mild intermittent angina. I have had fibromyalgia for over forty years & have managed to live with it by keeping busy & avoiding medication. I am aged 77 & otherwise fit & healthy. Since starting Crestor four weeks ago I am now suffering with pins & needles along both arms & have noticed that my walking ability is deteriorating. I am finding it hard to walk in a straight direction & my legs are feeling weak. This is a completely new phenomenon . I am going to stop taking it & concentrate on following a healthy diet & taking more exercise. I will let you know how I progress.

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Did your doctor fully explain the cholesterol before prescribing 5mg statin?

Do you have all your blood cholesterol test numbers? some time the cholesterol lipid ratio is an indicator if it is necessary for medication, if this is the first time you have seen your cholesterol to be 6.8 you need second opinion on statin!!

Basbears in reply to sandybrown

My cholesterol has been higher than this and I have managed to lower it with diet. I have been fully investigated with, Angiogram & CT scan & there is only very minor arterial blockage. I feel that most people of my age would have a similar result. I have also been prescribed low dose aspirin & am taking the enteric coated one.

I do feel that my priority is to cope with my fibromyalgia & avoid anything that will make it worse. Quality of life is so important .


sandybrown in reply to Basbears

Take care.

Fibromyalgia is frequently associated to an underactive thyroid. High cholesterol is also frequently associated to an underactive thyroid.

If I were you, I'd consider posting your blood test results (with the reference ranges) on the Thyroid UK forum of this website, mention the symptoms that led to your diagnosis of fibromyalgia, and ask their opinion re your blood test results, etc.

Basbears in reply to Londinium

Thank you for your reply . I have had numerous blood tests including Thyroid function & apart from a raised Cholesterol they are all fine. I worked in research into coronary heart disease & tested hundreds of patients looking for Familial Hyperlipadaemia, along the way we picked up many patients with a high cholesterol & a lot of these are people that I still know. They are living normal healthy lives without medical intervention. The study was paid for by a drugs company. Of course people

with genetic disorders & other medical conditions do need treatment but I wonder about the others.

There is a Fibromyalgia site on HU, if you haven't already come across it, which might be useful to you.

Have you looked into going gluten free? It seems to be helpful for some people with Fibromyalgia.

Thank you for that . I will take a look.

Good luck, and do stop the Crestor! And don't worry too much about your cholesterol, high cholesterol is associated with longer life especially in women.

I agree & already feel better!! I think that the liver is a too important organ to muck around with.

Please read the story be different people in the copy of the mail how food can help to cure problems to start with!!

There is one person who lowered cholesterol by food alone! I posted the link in a post medication or diet this morning.


Read my posts on 'Coming Off Statins':

If you want to reduce cholesterol levels:

Exercise daily - minimum 30 minute brisk walk per day. You can do multiple walks to bring up the total to 60 minutes.

Reduce consumption of animal proteins, increase consumption of fiber in the form of beans, lentils and chick peas. Fiber reduces cholesterol levels naturally. You can try unsweetened metamucil for fiber as well.

Increase your consumption of vegetables and fruits. Ideally blueberries and blackberries, spinach and arugula.

Eliminate sugar from your diet:

I experienced the leg pain/aches while on Crestor and my Dr finally took me off the statin but warned me it may take awhile before that pain dissipated. Going on 3 weeks and still painful. Will not go back on a statin after a Lipitor and Crestor I had no active life!

Mascha1900 in reply to Marbec

It took me about 6 months to fully recover from the Crestor. The stiffness in my legs got better within a week, but the pains and feeling of weakness persisted for much longer. The good news is that I'm now, 7 months after I stopped, completely recovered - back to where I was before taking the Crestor. Needless to say, I'm never going back on a statin, ANY statin. I did take plenty of Ubuquinol; quite possibly that helped. I started out with 400 mg daily and gradually reduced this to 100 mg.

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