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High total cholesterol after a statin break

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Oh well it was worth a shot. I decided to stop my statins and see what happened.. And my total cholesterol has shot up to 8.6 with my HDL 1.1 and LDL 6 Triglycerides 3.4.. So I have to go back on statins..

I guess it's in my genes as I am really really fit. I cycles 50 - 60 miles a week, swim 70 80 lengths twice a week and eat very well..

But I have a family history ..Mum coronary artery surgery at 63 , brother quadruple bypass at 58, maternal grandfather died suddenly of a heart attack at 63..

Oh well...:(

27 Replies
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That's a very sobering family history to take into account when considering your response to medications.

How much of a rise is this in your TC and LDL levels, and how rapidly did it happen after you stopped the statins? (Please ignore this if it feels intrusive.)

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weee in reply to ITYFIALMCTT

My total was below 5 (4.7 if I remember correctly) and I had stopped for about 5 months.. I can't remember the LDL...

It is my family history that's making me see sense and go back on atorvastatin . I was tested for FH but it was negative

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Please consider WFPB NO OIL DIET see YouTube Dr Esselstyne

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I am a bit like you - I am extremely fit ( not only for my age but when compared to many others much younger than me). Now has been the first time in 30 years for me that I have got my cholesterol levels down to those recommended. This has absolutely come about from my taking a low dose Crestor statin - 5mg. As far as I am concerned - the "proof of the pudding is in the eating" , this statin has not caused me any problems at all. In fact very recently I went on a cruise for 9 days and forgot to take the pills with me so I couldn't take them - started back on them upon my return. Didn't notice any difference either way.

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Mascha1900 in reply to Bazza1234

Lucky you!! Most people do seem to suffer side effects. And they may creep up on you - I used Crestor 10 mg for 3 months or so before I noticed anything (stiff and sore muscles), which very gradually got worse and worse.... But I also know someone who has been using a statin for years and has never had any side effects. As for me, I'll never take another statin - or have my cholesterol tested - but it's always a personal decision.

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Bazza1234 in reply to Mascha1900

I have stiff and sore muscles all the time - I am a long distance runner :)

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Mascha1900 in reply to Bazza1234

Well - as long as you can still BE a long distance runner, the statin probably isn't bothering you too much 😏

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Bazza1234 in reply to Mascha1900

Yes - ran a half marathon two weeks ago at age 70

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Paul12 in reply to Bazza1234

marathons are directly linked to heart attacks and strokes. Google it and instead do weight training etc

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Bazza1234 in reply to Paul12

There are many observational studies that associate all kinds of things (as opposed to causative studies.) Many observational studies have linked early death with driving in cars - but most people choose to ignore those studies and continue to drive in cars. :) Personally, I think I would rather die than do weight training - whereas running is fun :)

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Can you give a typical days diet/eating habits. Also the measurements you have cited only give you a small picture of risk. Get some tests to find out your

Oxidised LDL





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ITYFIALMCTT in reply to Markl60

For those blanching at the cost of the tests recommended above, Mark has previously mentioned (see comments) that the tests are readily available and much cheaper in Portugal: healthunlocked.com/choleste...

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Paul12 in reply to ITYFIALMCTT

£300 will get you a PLAC and VAP test (google it) - its worth it from Truehealthlabs

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ITYFIALMCTT in reply to Paul12

On sale there at present for £342 + any draw fees (might be quite low if your GP practice will do it for you).

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Paul12 in reply to ITYFIALMCTT

Don't pay for the interpretation etc - use Dr Google. The testing is done at Genova Diagnostics - no need to go through GP.

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DakCB-UK in reply to ITYFIALMCTT

It's not just the cost - it's the time. It seems to mean another day off work to take a trip to a faraway private hospital in a big city. Going to Portugal isn't exactly quick and cheap either.

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I have a similar family history I also have had bypass surgery, prior to this I was on statins (atorvastatin) for 15 years. My cholesterol figures were similar to yours, I did not go back on statins my total cholesterol is less than 6 my triglycerides are less than 1 and I am losing weight and I am not doing enough exercise. If you look on Youtube there are a number of lectures by an assistant professor Ken Sikaris who explains the cholesterol numbers and what causes heart disease.

The numbers you should be looking at are TC/HDL-1 this is the non HDL cholesterol and Triglycerides, the risk assessment done by doctors no longer use LDL (this is a calculated figure which is not always accurate).

The way I have achieved this is by going on a Low Carb High Fat diet, the triglycerides come from sugars and carbs that you eat. Eat eggs dairy butter, cook with Lard dripping and goose fat, do not eat margarine and little man made oils. It is not cholesterol consumed or manufactured by your body that causes heart disease but damaged cholesterol this damage is caused by glycation, smoking and inflammation.

If you look at the statistics produced by the ONS on mortality for either "all cause", or CVD there has been no significant change in the gradient since the introduction of statins, there has been a steep change in gradient since people have cut down or stopped smoking.

Please make these lifestyle changes and have tests for blood sugars and inflammation going back on statins will not solve the underlying problem.

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Paul12 in reply to kasibarndoor

Agreed and sleep better plus do yoga or similar for relaxation.

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For those of you who are still concerned about statins this is an interesting read = peoplespharmacy.com/2017/04...

We must all make up our own minds about medications of course but i have an awful feeling that statins could well be a future disaster waiting to happen. Personally i steer clear of them because i try to live in as close to a natural way as possible and they are certainly not natural compounds.

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sandybrown in reply to happydodderer

Thank you for providing the above link, very interesting reading. As far as the total cholesterol numbers is concerned, I have read reports the numbers for total cholesterol used to be 7.25 or grater.

Heart problem can happen to any one at any time, we have seen many news rports.

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Paul12 in reply to sandybrown

spend all day reading this: statincrap.blogspot.co.uk/ it doesn't make the case one way or the other but provides enough material for you to make your own mind up

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DakCB-UK in reply to happydodderer

"they are certainly not natural compounds" - errr, yes, they basically are, although most of the ones currently taken are synthesised. The older statins are derivatives of fungus fermentation products.

That's not to say they're necessarily good. Lots of natural products are harmful to humans, or harmful in the wrong doses: anyone for digitalis?

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Hello weee, the Late Surgeon Captain T.L. Cleave FRCP never accepted any connection between disease and genes; he was proved to be right about everything else he suggested. If your cholesterol level has risen it may well be due to the body having some repair work to do; this could be internal. Cholesterol is a repair tool carried by the blood and if you a short of it the body will manufacture more. Injury can be caused by sugar and also homogenised milk - most supermarket milk is homogenised. Raw, whole, unpasteurised milk is preferable.

An article written by a Heart Surgeon could provide some explanation to heart conditions so have a look at: healthscams.org.uk/heart-su... The same site also has a page about saturated fats and another on seed oils. I found them listed on the home page. I think you may find the explanations useful. All the best Tibbly.

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Sorry to hear that the diet didn't do what you wanted Weeee. Hopefully there will be one among the several statins available that will suit you.

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Thank you all for your replies... I'll go back on the atorvastatin and maintain my good lifestyle and diet and try to improve it further...( I could lose a stone and am overly fond of pop corn )

I do not want to have a heart attack or stroke.. So am trying to be sensible...

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The real controversy is not about Statin lowering cholesterol....it does. I tried the same experiment. Stop-and-see. The raging debate is about the role of Cholesterol in blocking the arteries. Many say there is no clear link. Some say even Saturated Fat is not the issue. Sugar is. It is complicated. If the inner walls of the arteries become inflamed due to Oxidants, then the scars act as anchoring points for the plaque which deposit and ultimately block the artery. What we need to to focus on is Blood Glucose and Anti-Oxidants. Still learning.........

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weee in reply to Anotherview

Very interesting. Thank you for your reply..I think you have to take some responsibility and action. Not just take the drugs and live in an unhealthy fashion - become informed then act as you see fit...

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