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I had a routine blood test at the end of December whilst at my GP re-ordering my cholesterol tablets, and he has written to say that my iron stores are a little high, but that I am slightly anaemic.Isn't that the exact opposite with that diagnosis. I'm going to check with him today because I'm going aways at the end of the week, and I need to know if my holiday insurance company need to be told, because the want to know the ins and out of everything!

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how long have you been taking the cholesterol lowering tablets and are you well ?


I have been taking the cholelsterol tablets forsome time now/. feel ok, and went to see my practice nurse today. These are the results of a NON fasting blood test.

Random Blood Sugar 8.5

Ferritin 334

Red Blood cells 126

She suggested I have a fasting blood test tomorrow to get more accurate results.


I'd you want all the different results you still need to fast especially if you want to come off statins. Unless you already have a special health policy don't tell your insurance company. It must be only part of your iron which is wrong if you are anaemic.



There are many questions I can ask!

Holiday insurance and your health?

When mu GP practice nurse told me "I can confirm you are diabetic" because the blood glucose level was high, Was given paper work. DVLA and health insurance needs to be notified!. You have to look at this very carefully.

Now days there is a test called HbA1c to check blood over 90 days, this is a better indication of diabetic.

Cholesterol?, BP? and general health?, age?. What medication are you taking for cholesterol? Have you considered lift style change?

Please make sure you give all the details to your holiday insurance company, the cost of insurance may change.


It may mean that although you have plenty of iron in "stock" it isn't getting to the "shelves"!!! It could be a good idea to discuss with your GP if there is anything you can do, say, via diet, to get the iron out of the box and off around the body via your bloodstream!


The blood will hang on to the iron if you have something like a bacterial infection, and more white than red blood cells may be produced. I would guess that you only have half of the information you need before you know whether or not you need tell your insurance company.

Good luck with the new test.


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