Latest blood test, cholesterol gone up, what should I do?

Measurements that affect your future risk of health problems! questions? thoughts? ideas?

Blood test sample this time was taken at 4PM, in June fasting at 8 AM. June and October.

Hba1c down from 50 to 45.

BP 130/80 down to 120/70.?

Cholesterol and blood fats: gone up from 2.9 to 5.9, 2.9 was with station of 20mg daily, have stopped it due to side effect!!.

Other tests (ACR=2) and (eGFR = 60)

This is a new format from my GP practice. I need to write down questions for me to discuss on my next appointment.

A balancing act!, go to the gym five days a week, low cab food intake, no fruit drinks, non smoker, male age 67. The question is what do I need to do more to reduce cholesterol? eat different food? see a specialist for stress test?

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  • If you reduce carbohydrate you must (emphasis) increase fat or you will be constantly hungry. If you choose vegetable fat it will overwhelmingly be omega 6 which is easily oxidised and cause inflammation. The good news is that the tide has turned against the 'saturated fat will kill you' mind set and people are slowly getting on board realising that the dietary advice that has got us to be so fat and sick is a crock.

    Once we lose the fear of that worn out phrase 'artery clogging...' and re-engage with our ancestral foods then health of the nation will get back on track.

    Specifically, if you embrace saturated fat along with reducing starch and sugar the most important markers (HDL to triglycerides ratio, lowered triglycerides - driven by carbohydrate - will improve. Also, LDL will increase, but will be large buoyant and harmless, as opposed to small dense - again driven by carbohydrate (sugar after all) which are inflammatory.

    A lot of digging on the internet should reassure you if you have doubts.

  • Cholesterol of 5.9 is borderline anyway, it's the ratio and other numbers that are relevant. I'm with Mike though: there is so much info on the web about saturated fat and all the cons we've been fed over the years . That Ancel Keys guy has such a lot to answer for. So many of us believe all the doctors tell us and swallow all the pills they give us and really they are only repeating medical dogma. Medics historically are notoriously slow to embrace new theories. Sometimes I wonder we aren't still in the dark ages with the attitudes of some of them.

  • I also agree with Mike and gardengnome saturated fat has been made out to be the devil when infact it's vital for health.

    You doing the right thing re low carbs but as mentioned you need to increase saturated fat intake.

    My cholesterol level was 7.5 so GP put me on statins went down to 3.1 and felt so ill, been off them for 4 months and feeling much better.

    I've researched so much about cholesterol and am happy to announce Cholesterol does not cause heart disease, in fact it's a vital substance to keep us healthy.

    I haven't had my cholesterol checked since coming off statins, I'm of the opinion it does matter what my level is as cholesterol isn't evil.

    I really wouldn't worry about your level of 5.9 a few years ago the so called normal level was 8, it's was lowered by a group of scientists who it was latter established worked for drug companies making statins.

    Need I say more

  • Hi I've just been reading up on your conversation about cholesterol, as my doctor took my blood yesterday then called me to day and said I have hi cholesterol 6.6, they said we have a appointment for you in three weeks to see the nurse, they frightened me, so reading your conversation it's not all that bad then is it if it used to be 8 thank you Tina.

  • I couldn't agree more with the above! Get back to a natural diet with a balance of natural fats, e.g. butter, and avoid the margarines like the plague!! The processes that are involved in the making of margarines are so unlike the natural processes of making butter that I know what I want to put in my body! Despite being dairy intolerant I am able to tolerate butter as it is nearly all fat and not the proteins of milk that I have a problem with. Good health to you.

  • Yep...another in agreement. I have just been for a check up with my GP....bloods, ecg. She wanted to do a fasting cholesterol check, but was not surprised or tried to persuade me when I said I didn't want to know my cholesterol levels. Hope the younger generation are getting the message.

  • Just took a peek at dysbetalipoproteinaemia

    How this condition, associated with obesity, glucose intolerance and hyperuricaemia, (treated with fish oil no less - and statins 'not generally effective') would be negatively affected by the above advice escapes me. Perhaps I'm missing something!

  • Hi, Thanks, will do, could you please let me have contact details.


  • Thanks.

  • Hi,

    Thanks for your help. Had a look into the South Asian food. I am afraid there need to be an update. From what I have learned over the last 12 months on NHS food plate and other documentation more education and update is necessary I am afraid. There is no point in giving a link with very old information as a standard response.

    Long time age I went to a specialist for allergy and he wanted to go on a food programme given by his own person from New Zealand. The problem was this lady had very old photo copied information. When I questioned it I was asked to follow it, that was the end of it!!!

    I am afraid there need to be a change in NHS food plate, the question is who is going to implement it?

    Tomorrow I have an 0830 appointment with NHS dietician, again I will be told that I am not following NHS food plate! LC diet has helped me to reduce my blood sugar level!

    Have learned a lot from this site, I am grateful for it.

  • Just looked up the above link (actually one of the best on lipid disorders) and it does say that statins are not effective in this condition, the main drug treatment being fibrates.

    Bala, is this definitely what you've got? I only ask because accurate diagnosis just seems to be so difficult.

    Statins artificially supress cholesterol levels so it's no surprise it has gone up. 5.9 is no great shakes, was your TC really 2.9 on statins.

  • Hi,

    Highest Serum Cholesterol was 6.8, and it came down to 2.9 with statin (20mg). Have stopped statin because of side effect, will be seeing a specialist on 021213. Will make decision on statin after that.

    I need to fine out the correct food intake to reduce cholesterol. Before statin I did mange to bring it down to 5.2!

    Will give an up date during middle of December.

  • All,

    Thanks for your response. Very interesting subject for discussion. Have asked my GP practice to invest on a cholesterol testing device, that can give the values cholesterol there and then for checks. As always it is not possible, blood is sent to the hospital for testing. Have an appointment do discuss the full results with the nurse and may be another appointment next week with the doctor.

    This is very new to me (dysbetalipoproteinaemia), I need to understand this. NHS do frighten people, in my case

    (I can confirm that you are diabetic!), may be there is a better way of putting it. High cholesterol and blood sugar may have done the damage, you need medication. Every medication has its side effect.

    Will go for stress test next week and consultation with specialist on 02/12/13. Will rite more during first week in December.

  • Bala what was your cholesterol level before you started statins? I know it was 2.9 on them and now 5.9, I'm just interested what your level was that made GP put you on statins

    Sorry just seen it in last post

  • Hi,

    Highest Serum Cholesterol was 6.8, and it came down to 2.9 with statin (20mg). Have stopped statin because of side effect, will be seeing a specialist on 021213. Will make decision on statin after that.

    I need to fine out the correct food intake to reduce cholesterol. Before statin I did mange to bring it down to 5.2!

    Will give an up date during middle of December.

  • Hi i have all my life struggled with cholstrol, im 64 and recently saw a program on ABC australia Catalyst about this, this program shocked me it concentrated on the on going scam to make us eat statins and the false theories about cholstrol stop beating urself up about this here we have a different reading they like have chol at 4 or lower but the body needs chol mine was at one time 12 and i has been taking lipitor etc and they got it down but a few months ago i decided stop taking this then to be sure i went had a blood test and found mine was at 5.6 what I am saying how low is enough or will we continue to make drug companies rich. Do your own research and maybe you will find that this chol reduction can be bad for you the brain needs cholestrol to function there is a reason for it to be in your system but doctors will never tell u that. I suugest you watch this for your own sake

    Good luck

  • Have you seen part 2?

  • All,

    Would it be possible to give a list of food that lowers cholesterol, at the same time keeps blood glucose down as well? There are many in the list on the Internet but looking for information from the group.


  • Bala the best diet in my opinion for health and lowering cholesterol is low carbs, limit sugar intake and increase saturated fat, please stay away from any low fat food and in particular those that say " lowers cholesterol" especially those spreads, go for butter. Use animal fat for frying not vegetable oil, it's basically re educating ourselves to not eat all we've been told to eat in the few decades, difficult I know.

    One essential substance for our health is coconut oil, it can be eaten direct from jar spread on toast or used for cooking, it has been proven to have many health benefits.

  • Hello,

    Thanks, We do use fresh coconut in UK. Had a lot of fresh coconut in cooking and coconut water while in Singapore last two weeks.

  • Hi,

    Did buy pure coconut oil, white in colour, not liquid spreadable at room temperture. Used it in brown toast this morning.

    Will give it a try for one month, looking for food to increase HDL. Thanks.

  • That's great but the best is extra virgin coconut oil, it comes in a jar and is solid looks like goose fat, I keep mine in fridge and use for cooking. Any fat that solidifies at room temperature is fine if you don't like slight taste when using coconut oil to cook with.

  • Hi,

    Where did you buy extra virgin coconut oil?, as I could not find extra virgin oil, did buy pure coconut oil.

  • I was lucky enough to get mine on weekly shop at ocado, but you can get it from Amazon or Holland and Barrett

  • Hi, I have bought it cheaper at Sainsburys, Tesco and Waitrose as well as on line which was more expensive.

  • I've gone through many studies I've researched re cholesterol along with checking the many books I have and have complied a small list of foods that raise HDL

    Nuts in particular walnuts, almonds and Brazils

    Obviously oily fish for Omega 3

    All Berries in particular Blue berries

    Cranberry juice 250ml a day that's just over 8oz must be sugar free.

    Any and all cold water fish like Salmon & Trout

    And believe it or not EGGS.... Yes the thing most doctors tell us is full of " bad cholesterol'

    Scientists found that eating one egg a day for 3 months with no other dietary change raised HDL by 5.80mg/dl

    Kale juice is also good, although I prefer to use it normally, tried juice but not keen.

    I hope that helps

  • Hello,

    Thank you. Will give food suggested above for one month and go for a cholesterol test at a chemist to look for any change. I already take most of the food in the above list. Did cut out fruit juice to avoid increase in blood sugar!

    The cholesterol ratio is high, have to bring it down by increasing HDL. By mid December can give an update.

  • Ok good luck, look forward to hearing how you get on

  • Hi,

    Thanks. Wanted to keep a record month by month therefor went to ASDA chemist to test cholesterol and it cost me £10.00 to check cholesterol.

    Cholesterol = 5.05, HDL=0.99, from a hand held device. Ratio= 5.01.

    Last month cholesterol = 5.9 HDL =0.85 ratio = 6.94

    Planning to keep a track every month.

    The question is how accurate is the reading from the hand held testing device.?

  • I have to say that having read this thread there is some bad advice being thrown around here.

    Bala has also diabetes and keeps saying this but others are pushing and giving advice that does not help.

    Bala needs help not confusion.

    The list of foods given were all good but not juices.

    Juicing takes away all fibre and become coloured water and fruit juice is just sugar for a diabetic.

    Low carb. Cut out all the white stuff like bread rice and pasta go for the brown type if you want to eat this.

    Don't use margarine but also don't have butter it is not needed really.

    Test your trigger foods with your meter for blood sugars. Stay clear of these trigger foods.

    Keep away from fats where possible, sure you need some but don't go out of your way to find them.

    Exercise daily if possible. Gym everyday is Ok if you don't do the same routine each day with weights as muscles need rest.

    Heart attacks are a reality people and build up in arteries are also.

    Bala want to fight this I think.

  • Hello,

    Thank you. "Yes I want to fight the cholesterol and try to avoid a heart attack."

    Been for a 12 lead exercise test this afternoon and an appointment with specialist on 021213.

    From the graphs I have from my GP, HbA1c is coming down. Cholesterol came down with statin but now gone up as I am not taking statin. Will try food in take to reduce cholesterol, if I am unable to do reduce it then will have to go back to statin. Will wait for specialist appointment.

  • So really you are in a good way. Your HbA1C is coming down. This means you are eating good and exercising well. So great work there. Just get this Stating thing sorted and all is fine. Don't beat yourself up you are doing great and in the right direction. Veg fruit and fish is the way. Feel hungry eat a carrot or much some other veg.

    Keep going and don't panic all is well.

  • All,

    Am using this in my food intake now:

    The seeds and leaves of methi (fenugreek) are readily available and widely used in Indian kitchen. They have a strong aroma and a bitter taste.

    Reduce cholesterol

    According to studies fenugreek helps to reduce cholesterol level, especially that of the low density lipoprotein (LDL).

    Reduce cardiovascular risk

    Fenugreek seed has cardiovascular benefits due to the presence of galactomannan. It lowers the risk of heart attack. It is also an excellent source of potassium which counters the action of sodium to help control heart rate and blood pressure.

    Control diabetes

    Fenugreek is beneficial for people with diabetes. Galactomannan, a natural soluble fibre present in fenugreek slows down the rate of sugar absorption into blood. Fenugreek also contains amino acid responsible for inducing the production of insulin.

  • Are you Type 1 or Type 2 diabetic.

    Read this also.

  • Hello,

    In July 2011 HbA1c reading was 71 and I was given medication for type 2, I did want to take medication, went for life style change. Today (151013 test) HbA1c is 45!.

    Cholesterol was also high, I know taking statin can reduce cholesterol. My plan is to reduce cholesterol by food intake.

    Thanks for your helpful contribution.

  • I'd be interested to know if your diagnoses of type 2 Diabetes was discovered while on statins?

    I only ask as it's now been established that Statins can cause Diabetes. The MHRA have issued all GPs with notification regarding this and has asked them to really consider the prescribing of statins for any current Diabetics and those patients who are at risk of developing Diabetes.

    Although it does seem that this info hasn't been passed on effectively to all GPs.

    Anyone can see this research and it's conclusions via MHRA website.

  • Hello,

    Both cholesterol and blood glucose were high when I got a call from my GP soon after my blood test. I did not go on statin as I wanted to reduce both cholesterol and blood glucose with life style change. Blood glucose came down but not cholesterol. Because of what my GP told, (you have to take medication to undo the damage done by high cholesterol), I tried statin, was on it for three months only. I have not take station for over a year now. GP did warn me about station and blood glucose and look for balance. I am in the process of trying different food intake to reduce cholesterol. Am checking at local ASDA my cholesterol, £10.00 at a time on a monthly basis and keeping a record of both food intake and cholesterol level. My NHS blood test is in February next year.

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