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I have very bad pain in neck,shoulder and arm, and tingling and numbness in hands. Nothing much helps. Any ideas?

I have not been to my doctor yet as I do not find him very helpful, but I think I will have to go as the pain is making life very difficult. I was told two years ago that I had Polymyalgia Rheumatica, but it did not respond to steroids in the way it should have so the diagnosis may be wrong. Been on steroids for all this time but on a low dose now. Taking the neurontin I got for the Polymyalgia and some peripheral neuropathy. They help a little. Any ideas?

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Go to the doctor. If you don't like your one ask to see another one. But go.

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I goggled and got below information, please take a look before your next doctor's appointment, write down all you questions to get satisfactory answers and medication. Hope below information helps.

Polymyalgia Rheumatic

Polymyalgia rheumatic (PMR) is an inflammatory condition which involves many (poly) painful muscles (myalgia). It affects the muscles in and around the shoulder and upper arm areas, buttocks and thighs.

Download our factsheet on PMR -------- Factsheets are very helpful.

What happens?

The cause of PMR is unknown. It usually starts very suddenly with stiffness in the muscles – particularly in the mornings.

PMR is more common in people aged over 50 years and in women.

Rarely, the arteries supplying the head and neck may be involved causing headaches and possible sight loss. Therefore, it is important to consult your doctor for immediate treatment.

How will it affect me?

In the early part of the day you may find it hard to move around because of the stiffness. You may also have pain in your hips, thighs or back and feel generally unwell.

How is it treated?

PMR responds very well to treatment so you should be able to carry on with normal life within a day or two. Your doctor will prescribe you steroids which you will need to take for around two years.

The Arthritis Care Helpline is available to answer any specific questions you may have on all aspects of arthritis.


Have you considered that it could be a trapped nerve in your cervical spine....most likely from your description. You don't say how old you are or whether you suffer from arthritis.....other than possible PMR which is arthritis of the muscles. Arthritis of the spine in the neck could cause the symptoms you describe....see your GP or, best option imho, see a chiropractor. Hope you get a diagnosis and treatment soon.

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Hi, I have the same symptoms, was on various statins after having a tia 18 months ago.

I am 65 healthy and fit, but had arterial blockage which caused the tia, have made a full recovery, but all the statins caused so much pain I came off them by choice. I asked for a blood test for muscle disorder it came back negative thankfully, but theirs something still wrong with my left shoulder, arm, and neck.

I have so much pain lifting my arm up and moving it back and forth, also have trouble putting a shirt on. My GP thinks I have shoulder impingement, google it and you will get a full description, exercises are supposed to help but it has had no effect for me.

Have now booked in with a Physiotherapist , I will let you know how it goes.

Has anyone got similar problems. Ps my Chol is 4.4 it was 5.5 before tia the last 6 months I have been taking 200mg Coq 10. and 15ml glucosamine fluid which is very good for cartilage and joints, eating wholesome foods and cutting out all sugars and processed food got my Chol down and I feel much better.

Regards. Allyg.


I was diagnosed 2 years ago with pm i was put on steroids which helped, but i now get flare ups sometimes my shins and ankles are affected also have discomfort in my left armpit like a dragging feeling and i cant hold my arm up for to long, it affects my neck and gives me headaches also affects my vision it can really drag me down


I have low cholesterol my doctor as have me no medication and all my bones ache also burning up at night and don't get much sleep


I had the same signs and no so much pain in my neck but the back of my arm and numb burn pain in my hand if you sleep on your side you will notice it as you go to bad getting worse you have a pitch nevre in your lower neck


you need a lamonectme not sure about the spelling back you have a pitch nerve in the lower neck or or narrowing of your spine nal cord either way you need surgery


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