I think I've read on this site that eating fructose is bad. Is this bad in terms of raising blood sugar levels or weight loss or arthritis?

I don't buy it in packet form but do eat a lot of fresh fruit which I understand is equally bad. We have had a massive crop of soft fruit this year and I have made a pig of myself on the raspberries, figs and earlier on, blackcurrants! Am I asking for trouble as I do have arthritis in one knee and am anxious not to aggravate the situation. Since I've been walking regularly the arthritis hasn't given me pain, but I'm very conscious that it is there waiting to flare up at some provocation. Does anyone know the full story ?

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  • Hi,

    Please take a look at this link:


  • This is a great site!

  • Thanks Bala, I will look at the video later but reading the article and all the comments tell me most of what I need to know I think and the science is most interesting. Basically that fruit in it's pure form is fine re. fat in the liver etc etc. but added sugar in the form of fructose is definitely not, causing plaque and atherosclerosis. I don't have diabetes and only borderline high cholesterol, or that was the case 7 months ago, it's probably better since losing weight and exercising but I don't know for sure.

    So the supermarkets are selling heart attacks on the shelves in the form of packets of fructose. I bet folk buy the stuff in ignorance thinking it's better than sugar. Having lost almost 2.5 stone and now having a BMI of under 20 I certainly don't want to undo all the hard work. We have had such a glut of plums, figs, raspberries etc in the garden and I have just been such a PIG !! I shall continue until the season ends :)))

  • The video from Robert Lustig is very informative, but long and complicated. I recommend having a cup of coffee to help you stay awake and focused! His book "Fat Chance, the bitter truth about sugar" gives a really good explanation of how food affects the body.

    It certainly has been a wonderful year for fruit. Enjoy it while you can. Fingers crossed for the arthritis.

  • Thank you Penel, I have paused the video after 45 mins and am having a problem keeping awake! He's obviously addressing an audience of nuritionists. It's interesting nonetheless how he exposes the myths we've all accepted for so long.

  • Perhaps not really "myths", but ideas that should have been updated in line with modern research. Unfortunately the old ideas have been repeated for the last 40years and are deeply entrenched. Add that to the influence of the giant food producers and you have a health disaster.

  • Hi,

    Some checmits do free cholesterol and blood sugar check, give it a try. Am interested in yuor food plan for loosing weight. Portion, quantity? Have come down in weight, to go further dwon I find it difficult and feel hugery all the time!

  • You will not keep weight off if you reduce your food too drastically, your body will think you are starving and hang on to any stored fat. Make sure you eat enough protein and fibre, and include some real fats, like butter. Weight needs to come down slowly

  • Hi Bala, It was Jan 1st that I took myself back to Weight watchers and weighed in at 11stone 9lbs and was a size 16. I stuck with them only for a month or so and lost 7lbs - [I'd done it all before and frankly I'd been there so often over many years, always reaching goal [10st 7lbs] but always putting it on again]. Then mid Feb I had the health check and they found hypertension, also the BMI was 23.9, so - could do better. On top of that I had some arthritis in 1 knee and knew that weight was an issue there. I determined to sort the hypertension out myself and an improved body profile would be a bonus! The nurse at the surgery was very patronising and gave me a booklet on heart health with all the usual stuff from the NHS [and Flora] telling me about the evils of saturated fats, etc. Nothing about sugars causing inflammation though.Needless to say that all I've done has done nothing for the hypertension and I now am on medication for that!! The arthritis is still there too, it won't disappear but gives me no pain, and I'm sure it is to do with the weight loss.

    On this site I found some useful links to various diets and decided to cut down on carbs, cut out salt [for hypertension] and cut sugar out completely where possible and virtually eliminate alcohol too. Also I rarely eat red meat now but do eat a lot of fish and a little chicken. I mostly always did cook everything from scratch, now I do all of it. And generally I eat less. Having always had a healthy appetite it wasn't easy to start with but as the pounds slipped away it became easier and easier, just a way of life. I only ever lost a pound or 2 each week and the inches, especially round my middle, were very difficult to shift, but they have now gone. I ate 3 meals a day and ditched the breakfast cereal and milk in favour of a boiled egg and slice of wholemeal toast with BUTTER, this I felt made me feel more satisfied. Lunch is usually home made veg soup or salad or similar and dinner is a meat and 2 veg type meal except that it's more likely to be fish or vegetarian now. After dinner sometimes I will have 2 squares of chocolate! If I want anything in between meals I snack on fresh fruit, any sort. I also ditched the so called low fat [but high sugar] yogurt in favour of plain ones. It all became a way of life and in mid summer I bought the book of the Fast Diet and realised that that was more or less what I was doing on my own except that I wasn't fasting one or 2 days a week. Now I fast just one day a week and my weight has been at 9stone 3lbs for quite a while now - and a size 10/12.

    But most importantly I took up walking and walk at least every other day as if I'm in a hurry, which I usually am, for a couple of miles. I can't pretend it has been plain sailing but to be able to look good in clothes is its own reward. I'm thinking of getting a dog.

    I've never felt better and never been as slim or as fit since I was about 15, and I'm 71 now!! My daughters tell me I'm too thin! No way - who was it said "you can never be too rich or too thin" - Coco Chanel I think. I'll never be the former but will settle for the latter any day!

    So good luck, if you really want to lose weight you will.There is no quick fix though.

    I hope you've managed to get to the end without falling asleep! You did ask though! All the best.

  • I just love your remark,"The supermarkets are selling heart attacks in the form of packets of fructose" I think we could add a lot of supermarket products to that quote.x

  • Hi,

    Thank you for a quick response. I am planning to cut down my bad habits on food intake. I am working in a new environment, canteen caters for more than 1000+ staff.

    I go for 1/2 of a full English breakfast or omelette for breakfast and a bowl of frozen fruits compared to porridge every day. For lunch boiled rice and lentils or green salad with chick peas.

    At three in the afternoon go for as a treat flapjack ( not good!). This set up for the last six months.

    Dinner home cooked food, fresh Varity last 40 years.

    Hope by middle of next year I can see some difference in my weight and appearance. Have been told I have gone to the other extreme!, this is because my lunch used to be two pints and a club sandwich most days! once in a while have a small drink now days in the evening.

    Will be 67 in December and still in fulltime employment.

    Good luck with your dog, I am afraid I am not keen on pets in UK. In Sri Lanka di have dogs at home.

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