Medications, Supplements & COQ10

I am working on how I can stay as good as I can for as long as I can, without taking medications, unless I absolutely cannot manage without. I post this as after the recent debate about whether or not to take COQ10 and statins.

I have just been to a local (in Spain so local to our house in Spain) clinic. Spain is much better at combining western medicine with complimentary medicine and I went because I wanted dietary and supplement advice. We are working on balancing my system as I am taking immune suppressants so we worked with Bioresonance. All those who are dismissive of 'alternative' approaches - stop reading now as this method works on a scientific basis of quantum physics not bio-chemistry - with which western medical methodologies tend to focus.

This is individualized medicine - to compliment the prescription meds I take, not replace them, and ensure there is no interaction between certain foods and supplements.

For those who don't know Bioresonance is a way of working not with with electro-magnetic resonance - i.e. if you are familiar with Field Theory - particle/wave vibrations which can be picked up through a very sensitive machine. It is a way of testing whether or not a particular medicine, food or supplement is helpful, neutral or has a negative impact, for anyone who is interested, you can google it.

I will not go into the details but the findings were of great interest to me as it showed that the Ubiquinol I have been taking did absolutely nothing for me so I have now switched back to COQ10 of a particular manufacture which showed a very positive result. All the supplements I take for osteoporosis tested positive. All the food intolerances that tested positive I mostly knew about - one surprise - Brocolli.

I am now, more than ever, convinced that treatments are very individual as the variables for each are too complex is simply say - this is good for you - this is not and there is no right or wrong so how can medics possibly give a global absolute yes or no on the efficacy on any substance?

Best wishes CD


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17 Replies

  • Did you get any explanation for this "All the food intolerances that tested positive I mostly knew about - one surprise - Broccoli. "

    I am allergic to Salicylate, "Salicylates are derivatives of salicylic acid that occur naturally in plants and serve as a natural immune hormone and preservative, protecting the plants against diseases, insects, fungi, and harmful bacteria. Salicylates can also be found in many medications, perfumes and preservatives.", because of this I am unable eat some fruits and veg.

  • Thanks Bala that is interesting.

    As I said in my post, Bioresonance doesn't work bio-chemically but vibrationally so there would be no explanation. I do not have an allergy to anything, as far as I am aware, but I do have some intolerances i.e. I will have a flare if I eat sugar or have dairy etc. The quest was to find what substances would be most efficacious with my existing meds so that I would gain the most benefit and balance my entire system. Now there maybe certain substances within the foods that I tested weak for that are common, but that was not part of the testing. For instance without taking the immune suppressant into account I tested strong for citrus fruits but when the immune suppressant was added I tested weak, therefor there was an interaction between the 2 which had a weakening affect on my system. If I stop the meds I could eat the citrus again.

    It is more like fine tuning than absolutes.

  • Can you eat Jaffa cakes?

    Or Orange and chocolate?, Vitamin c ?

    I am afraid I cannot take any of the above, intolerance or allergy I never found out,

  • I don't eat Jaffa cakes - wheat & sugar. If you are allergic you will get an almost immediate reaction - an intolerance will mean there are no noticeable symptoms but you will start to get dysfunction - often gastric in nature.

  • Very interesting I was only talking to a friend yesterday about a Vega machine test, which was recommended to us for food allergies, and it works. Great Ormond street had diagnosed a number of food allergies with my son, and when tested in a blind test with a vega machine (bioresonance) they were able to identify allergies with much greater precision. It even detected a tolerance to cane sugar but not beet sugar (or vice versa it was twenty years ago). I have not encountered its use with medicines, I will have to investigate, thank you for your post.

  • Very interesting, thanks for your post. I found it hard to find anyone south of York in the UK who is trained and that can test. I tested weak with white sugar and beet sugar but ok for fruit sugars & unprocessed cane sugar.

    It was developed in the US over 20 years ago and is commonly used there, Australia, NZ and Europe.

    Love to know why it has not been embraced in the UK.

  • There is a lady in Baldock (Herts) who uses a vega machine (Alison Wyndham) she was who we used, recommended by our neighbour, my son & daughter and a couple of friends attended her clinic with excellent results. Most reports on the internet say it is Quackery but we know of positive results from it in 4 out of 4 patients that we personally know.

  • Thanks for the information.

  • We probably started to use it for allergy determination about 30 years ago, I didn't realise there were other uses, I will try to read up on it.

  • I was also told it is good at determining the best dosage for you.

  • Thank you for your interesting post. I have osteoporosis and two years ago had what appeared to be rumatoid arthritis. After carrying out an elimination diet I discovered I am sensitive to dairy. I've also had allergy related sinusitis, dairy and alcohol. Noe having womb problems related to lack of estrogen. I'm lucky in that I have a good natural practioner locally who advises on supplements. It would be ideal to be tested for the most effective dosage of supplements and food. So far I've said no to medication. Doubt if there's a Vega machine in N Ireland.

  • Have you thought about cutting out gluten?

  • No wheat?.........

  • No wheat, rye or barley, if you want to cut out all gluten.

    Although just cutting out wheat seems to be a good idea for a lot of people.

  • Hi which coq10 do you use. I have noticed on another of your answers you have reduced your cholesterol with supplements. Can you tell me which ones. Thanks

  • Hi Rocheen, I didn't lower my cholesterol with supplements but by changing my diet and exercise - mostly cutting out all sugar, dairy and vastly reducing carb intake and moving to high fat diet, low carbs - the fats being coconut oil, olive oil, hemp oil. Most of the evidence coming through now points to the high carb diet we have moved to in the last 50 years to be the culprit for a lot of autoimmune diseases, high cholesterol, obesity and heart disease. I have also cut out beef and pork but do eat lamb and venison - grass fed and organic.

    I have or have had at least 3 autoimmune diseases so after food testing I have adapted again and now cut out all wheat which I always knew was an antagonist for me but somehow it 'crept' back into my diet again. The biggest add in is watermelon - it is the best neutral acid food - if you suffer from excess acid I would highly recommend - start the day with water melon smoothie - do a batch and freeze it is economical and efficient. My ethos is that if you get the nutrition right for you and add in the exercise you cannot do anything but improve your health - processed food in = ill health - I learned the hard way and thought I could get away with the odd thing here and there and now I know I cannot!

    COQ10 advised for me was Harvest Bounty which is an American brand but was available in Spain & I assume will be in uk. I am a great fan of Lamberts generally but I was advised to take ERGYline brand for Omega oils - it is plant based not fish based - again it was very personalised to my individual requirements. Probiotics have been added and definitely they made a big and almost immediate difference - again ERGYline. Expect to pay between £25-30 for a month's supply for these brands, they are not the cheaper High Street brands. These are specialist brands stocked by most good Health shops but best you visit a naturopath practitioner for individual advise for your circumstances - the one thing I have learned is there is no generalised 'one fit suits all', we all have individual and differing requirements. One think I need to be very careful of is the caking agents and the if gel capsules contains some of the ingredients I need to avoid - many use magnesium based compounds which is a no no for me.

    One thing I have found very helpful generally for muscle cramps is raw coconut water which is high in natural electrolytes - I add it to my morning smoothie - watermelon, banana & coconut water smoothie will keep your electrolytes in balance for the day.

  • Hi thanks for this. Also trying to reduce my blood pressure naturally. On meds for that but trying to come off them. Thanks again

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