Anyone know anything about Bergamot for lowering chol?

Just read in a magazine that trials have shown Bergamot (a citrus fruit grown in Southern Italy) to be almost as effective as statins. Apparently there is a supplement available but not yet in the UK as still being tested for licence.

See that you can buy it in Oz and USA but if its that good wonder why it doesnt replace statins there?


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  • just looked on Wikipedia.....There are links on there to a journalist called Anthony Gucciardi who seems to quote a 'trial'.

    Trial consisted of 200 people with results evidently at 39% reduction in LDL and an increase of 41% in HDL, Also decrease in blood sugars by 22%.

    If this is correct then it seems to be a good thing, however who conducted the trial, was it a blind trial, did anything else in peoples lifestyles change.

    What Gucciardi doesn't tell you is where to get the trial papers.

    I hope its true but am very sceptical at the moment.


  • I looked at the claims regarding bergamot and found several articles. These below seem fairly comprehensive and are easy to read:

    It would seem fairly promising from those, though of course more and larger trials are always welcome.

    To the woman who said it didn't work for her, it should be noted that one's specific personal genetic makeup will inevitably have an effect on one's personal progress with any medication, as well as what the composition of the supplement is (and dare I say it, whether it is genuine or not!).

    I also came across contraindications which should be taken seriously, and if your doctor has at any time mentioned that grapefruit should be avoided whilst on your current regime, do check with them first to be sure:

  • I only know of bergamot as the flavouring in Earl Grey tea, so I wonder if you could get a cholesterol lowering effect with drinking the tea. The trouble is how much would you need to drink per day!

    I was just reading about a chap who drank a gallon of Earl Grey a day and developed muscle cramps and twitching...very similar to statin side effects. Can you buy the supplement in the UK?

  • Dont think Earl Grey works as apparently its the juice from the fruit (a type of citrus sourer than grapefruit but not as sour as lemon). You cant seem to get the supplement in the UK at the moment as its still being licensed. I have seen the fresh fruit from a company called natoora but its £4 a kilo plus shipping and not sure how much you need to drink. Maybe the supplement would be a better idea perhaps as they are normally much more concentrated. Going to keep an eye out for it appearing here and in the meantime see if I can find out some more about it.

  • HMG-CoA reductase activity inhibition is the same effect as statins I think. Section 2.2 describes the extraction of BPF - I don't think you'll be doing that at home. The doses were 0.5 to 1g of BPF daily.

    The main study patients were suffering from isolate or mixed hyperlipidemia - so not specifically FH I think - and the means dropped from 278 TC/188 cLDL/267 Tri mg/ml to 199/126/158 on the 1g dose. I think that's from 7.2 to 5.2 on the total in the more usual mmol/l and I don't know the average molecular weights of the fractions to convert them, but even on the mg/ml scale, I can see that it's not getting the 50% LDL drop that my consultant aims for with statins. More like 30%. The interesting thing is a 30% boost in HDL. I don't think that happens with statins and I think my HDL is pretty low at around 1.0mmol/l.

    There were 32 patients studied who reacted badly to statins and given a 1.5g dose. 30 responded well and again it's about a 30% drop in LDL and still a 20% boost in HDL. Is this a good alternative? Let's see what further studies bring!

  • Good link.......results seem interesting

  • I have a friend who has Familial Hyperlipidaemia - inherited high cholesterol. He swears by Vitamnin B3 Niacin (not to be confused with the non flushing nicotinamide which doesnt work. He takes a high dose 500mg/day and say it dramatically reduces choleterol within weeks.

    Side effects a burning flushing to the skin like stinging nettles but it only last 1/2 hour. Its a histamine reaction but the body becomes acclimatised over a few weeks. Can take anti histmine 1 hour beforehand to reduce the discomfort

    It can encourage gout in susceptible persons - check uric acid first, take allopurinol to clear the system.

    Why wont the NHS recognise this nearly harmless therapy - no profit for anyone?

    It cost £10 for 3 months, can buy on internet (Solgar). BTW Im not pushing this supplier, just where I got it

    Any other experiences?

  • I discussed this with a cardiologist. He said the studies do not show that the reduction in cholesterol levels was not associated with a reduction in CV disease with Niacin supplementation.

  • The product that relates to the research is sold under the trade name of BergaMet and is about to be launched in the UK. They are selling through the internet but their site is not fully operational:

    Research looks pretty good to me and they are endorsed by a leading Cardiologist in Australia.

  • Please do not waste your money. It is available in the UK (since July 2012) but only from one supplier I think. My level was 6.21 in May. I went on these tablets after reading all the good reviews and hearing a TV doctor mention them. Took them religiously twice a day, half an hour before meals since July. Went from my retest this week and my level is 6.2! They are very expensive (£42.00 for 60) and there are many claims of tests and trials. From my own experience I would say, do not waste your money. They haven't done a single thing for my cholesterol.

  • Have you checked for changes in HDL/LDL levels as well as total cholesterol? The total cholesterol figure is not always a good indicator of affect. Perhaps need to look at the whole profile before deciding if a treatment is effective.

  • I have seen the publicity for this too, but I hope Bergamot does not have the same drawbacks as statins have (muscle wasting). It causes photosensitivity so should not be applied to the skin (risk of indelible dark patches on the face and body).

  • I have just been introduced to BERGAMET however I now feel I've been sucked in. I have always had high levels of good cholesterol... however no that I'm going through Menopause my cholesterol has shot up in 12 months. I drink a LOT of Earl Grey tea, minimum 3 cups per day and have for years. My cholesterol is still going up! Please do not waste your money on these tablets. There is no proof that they work, NONE. I do not want to take statins either but will keep trying different things and will let you know when I find something that works.

  • Hi, yes you can buy them in the UK , they are called Bergamonte, and Victoriahealth stock them. I just bought and i m going to try them. A friend of mine who live in America has done very well with them.


    to much misconception about BERGAMET ,is not just good for cholesterol but balance the metabolism

  • I have had some success lowering cholesterol using Krill oil although my main focus after reading more from the Framlingham study is that HDL levels are far more important than LDL levels or totals. I have been writing about my experiences for the last 18 months on my blog at


  • Good all Internet! did a post asking the same question. Yes it is expensive and have not reduced cholesterol!

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