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BIG reduction in cholesterol over 3 months


I have had extremely high cholesterol for over 30 years. My total cholesterol number has been as high as 10.5 mmol/l and averaged around 8.7 mmol/l for the past 10 years. Although symptomless, I recently had a cardio score done and found that I now have a highish level of calcification in my heart arteries ( at age 70)

I have always refused to take statins however I have now found that I must do something to slow/stop the progress of further calcification - so decided to start taking statins and also to "corrrect" my diet. My Doctor put me on a low 5mg dose of Crestor which has not caused me any side effects.

I have now had my first blood lipids test done since starting this new regimen - and am VERY pleased to find that my total cholesterol number has reduced by 50% and triglycerides have reduced by 40%. My Total chol/HDL ratio has reduced from 6.5 to 3.1.

Diet wise, I am eating more vegetables, fruit, nuts, whole grains (oats and barley) fish and beans - less red meat, much leass alcohol and much much less processed foods especially white breads and the like. . I am using margerine and milk which has plant sterols in them and have a tablespoon each per day of Chia seeds, Psyllium husk and Soy Lecethin (with my morning oats). Don't know which of this is working for me - but I will keep on doing it - because of my artherosclerosis , Doctor still wants to see a smaller further reduction of numbers - will see what happens after a further 3 months on this regimen

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This is problematic.... Obviously you're very happy and there's no way of knowing if I am right BUT if you Google Zowie Harcombe and plant sterols she published a paper showing yes they bring cholesterol down but are linked to CHD. Then google statins and calcification.... Then google high cholesterol and your age and you'll see it is to be welcomed... Then google grains and diabetes... BUT it may all be wrong. I am not medically qualified it's just it would be remiss not to tell you...

Bazza1234 in reply to Paul12

Paul - problem is that everything is "linked" to everything else :) And these "experts" don't really know anything. One expert cardiologist says one thing while another says the opposite. :) . The one thing that a calcium score test does - is that it shows you exactly where your heart is at in regards to atherosclerosis. No theories - it is a picture of reality at that time - the only problem is that they don't really know how it has come to this point . All kinds of risk factors - all kinds of theories. For me, my only risk factor has been a very high cholesterol level for a long time. No overweight, no high blood pressure , smoking, etc, etc. So there is really only one thing for me to tackle - cholesterol levels. :) Whatever has reduced my levels by 50% over the past 3 months ?? - I don't know , but I am not changing anything!! :)

Andyman in reply to Bazza1234

Good reply.

Paul12 in reply to Bazza1234

You are aware that your cholesterol can fall but your cholesterol-related risk can rise I assume...

You are doing very much what I have been doing for the last 14 months after following Esselstyne, Ornish McDougall etc. You can read all my post with other like minded people on this forum. Was not able to have another CA scan because of the radium involved so cannot see how effective the diet has been.

My only thoughts would be that there now appears to be more evidence that margarine is not better than butter. The other point is if your triglycerides were high (you say they halved) this normally indicates higher carbohydrate intake, it may be worth considering reducing carbohydrates further if they are still high. However I am not a doctor and can only go on what I read, which is quite a lot, I also have read that the Japanese have done some research that shows no improvement for the over 60s in reducing cholesterol levels. I suggest you google it and read for yourself.

My triglycerides have fallen from 1.7 mmol/l to 1mmol/l - total cholesterol fell from 8.7mmol/l to 4.4mmol/l and LDL fell from 6.6mmol/l to 2.5mmol/l.

Fantastic result!

I am trying healthy diet without statins .... test in Jan, we shall see!

Paul12 in reply to Picola7777

Sadly there is no agreement as to what " healthy diet" means

Paul12 in reply to Picola7777

How did your test go?


Looks like you're on the right track, all of those things are helping especially anything high in fiber. That said, you did not describe any lifestyle change with respect to exercise. Click on this link below and read this fascinating discussion about the impact of exercise on cardio vascular disease:

By the way, portion control and weight loss are also key to improving your health.

Also read this article on lifestyle and diet:

Bazza1234 in reply to sos007

I have been doing up to 3 hours per week of strenuous exercise in the form of running for the past 3 years. In that time I have run almost 3000 klms - including 80x5K parkruns , a few 10K's and two half marathons. Unfortunately for me, although this has greatly improved my cardio vascular fitness and I have lost 12 Kg in weight, It did nothing for my seriously high cholesterol levels. They were the same as they have been for the past 30 years . The statins that I have now been taken for the past 3 months plus a change in my diet are what has dropped my levels by 50%. The exercise is certainly good for me - and I intend to continue with it for as long as I can.

KatyB in reply to Bazza1234

I have had high cholesterol over a number of years - up to 9.1 last January. Then took olive oil, fast walking the dog (poor dog!) lecithin granules and increased veg. intake. Next test 2 months later, down to 5.4 Still don't know if I shall live longer though. Does anybody? At least we are giving our bodies a better chance.

Bazza1234 in reply to KatyB

I also have been adding a tablespoon of lecithin granules to my morning oats - have no idea whether it does anything, but at the end of the day, my cholesterol numbers are the lowest ( by a long way) than I have seen for over 30 years!! :) I think this song says it all really

rocheen in reply to KatyB

how much and how are you taking the olive oil.

That's brilliant my cholesterol is 7.5 put me on 10mg alverstatin five days ago im 72 now ten years ago it was 6.5 was put on simvastatin but stopped taking it due to the bad press at the time hate taking tablets already on letrozole for breast cancer bendrmethorazide for high blood pressure and citirizine for severe itching caused by the letrozole and strongest cocodemols for my constant pain all over my body due to letrozole and ra

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