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Healing Affirmations

youniqueCommunity Ambassador

Do you have any healing affirmations to share? Here are a few that I like:

”Right is always taking place in my life.”

”I always eat foods that are nutritionally beneficial and good for my body.”

”Only good comes from each experience. It is safe to grow.”

”My body knows how to heal itself, and is doing so even now.”

”I release all responsibilities which are not mine.”

”I am safe and loved and totally supported.”

”I love and approve of myself.”

”I dissolve all past problems with ease.”

”I am free and safe.”

”I do everything to live a healthy lifestyle and take care of myself.”

”I give myself permission to heal.”


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I really love this younique , thank you for sharing! I've never really used affirmations before but the ones that really resonated with me from what you shared were;

"I love and approve of myself", "I do everything to live a healthy lifestyle and take care of myself, "I give myself permission to heal.”

Out of curiosity how do you use those affirmations? Do you write them out...say out loud in front of mirror? I know people have lots of way of using them.


youniqueCommunity Ambassador in reply to TiffanyChangingFaces

Generally I repeat them to myself when I come across ones that I can identify with, in order to counteract the harmful messages we receive in everyday life. They are meant to undo our own inner critics and also replace whatever troubling ideas we've developed from how people have treated us. Even if we haven't directly experienced prejudice or hate, often people instinctively pick up on cultural beliefs that are damaging to the individual's self image. So affirmations serve to reprogram the mind to see ourselves in a more positive light. They have helped me improve the quality of my life. Even if I still struggle with the emotional ramifications of living with a visible difference, the choices I make as a result of having a healthier self esteem have been significant and continue to improve everyday.

Affirmations are a way of holding in our minds what we truly want from and for ourselves, rather than to be a victim of our circumstances or experiences. Like I said, they've really helped me. They have also helped a lot of people that I really admire and respect. I know they sometimes get a questionable or skeptical reaction but I think people should at least try it and see how it makes them feel. ❤️

TiffanyChangingFacesAdministrator in reply to younique

I'm glad to hear they've helped you younique! I've heard some of the scepticism around affirmations too but if it works for you then definitely keep doing it and you're right there's no harm in trying it out and seeing what happens especially if it has the potential to have such a positive effect. I'm a visual learner so I may try writing mine out and putting it somewhere I can see everyday.


Hi younique, not sure if this counts as an affirmation but when tempted to judge or second-guess myself, I declare: "I killed the judge!" Just as well there are no real people involved, otherwise I'd be having to step over carcasses everyday! 😲

youniqueCommunity Ambassador in reply to DolaChangingFacesUK

Ooh I like that.. seems like it would be very empowering to repeat that to yourself in times of doubt. Gladly and sadly I'm not the only one who strives to drown out their inner critic. It can be so debilitating. 😩 Here's a thought and it's just for consideration.. but I wonder if we think of the times we have felt completely in the zone and hadn't questioned ourselves.. how many instances we could recall and in what context and setting. Hmm

AlwaysSmilingCommunity Ambassador

Hi younique! I use affirmations all the time. I tend to say them out loud to myself whilst looking in the mirror. Doing it this way helps me believe the words I'm saying. I have actually stuck quite a few to my mirror. They are mainly things like "I am strong" or "I am brave" because these things help me overcome any anxiety I might be feeling that day. I sometimes write them out too. There was a period of time a couple of years ago when I felt anxious to leave the house but repeating my affirmations to myself and telling myself that I would be ok really helped me. These days I use them to prevent feeling anxious and to remind myself how amazing I am! The ones on the mirror I wrote myself but I do also read Katie Piper's affirmation book every morning too for an extra bit of positivity. I love affirmations and find them so helpful! Thank you for this great post🙂❤

youniqueCommunity Ambassador in reply to AlwaysSmiling

This is so smart! I only have one on my mirror, it's my mantra: "get better everyday." I hadn't considered actually saying them aloud or repeating them when I'm feeling anxious. I tend to use them when I'm feeling calm to maintain that mindset. But I would imagine they could be more effective in times that are more challenging. Thank you. 🙏🙌

AlwaysSmilingCommunity Ambassador in reply to younique

Thank you! They really do help in difficult times and like you said, they're also good to maintain a positive mindset too.😊

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