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Urgent Help Sertraline


Morning All

Please can you urgently help me? My facial scarring from a mole removal is taking everything from me. I am now extremely anxiety and depressed. I am having therapy but can’t move on. Obsessing over it and needing it gone. I have been prescribed sertraline but so scared to take it but desperate for something to help.

Have anti depressants helped anyone. Praying this will as otherwise what help do I have left? I was so happy and now suicidal. Please reply with any hope? My little children need me xx

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Hi HanaV,

I’m sorry to hear that you have been feeling so depressed and anxious. It sounds like things are really tough for you at the moment and I can hear that you’re struggling. It sounds like you are simultaneously worrying about taking the anti-depressants, whilst hoping these may be helpful. Many people find anti-depressants can help; however, it is a very individual thing and it can take a while to find the right one. If you are worried, we suggest speaking to your prescribing doctor about this.

You mentioned that you are feeling suicidal – it’s really important that you get the right kind of help if you’re feeling this way. We’d strongly recommend you talk to your GP or local mental health service about this. You can also call Samaritans on 116 123 for free at any time to talk about what’s on your mind. If you feel that you’re in immediate danger of hurting yourself, we’d urge you to contact the emergency services by calling 999 or going to your local A&E.

You talked about obsessing over your scarring and that sounds like it is making things very difficult for you. For some people, the worry about a scar or other visible difference can be very consuming and upsetting. This may mean that you need more specialist psychologist support that deals with the obsessive side of this and to support you with the difficult feelings this is creating. We would suggest, in the first instance, you start by speaking to your GP or a health professional about this, to refer you to further help. You may also find it helpful to contact OCD Action ( ocdaction.org.uk/) or the BDD Foundation (bddfoundation.org/) for further information.

Take care


youniqueCommunity Ambassador

Hi HanaV, sorry you're feeling so badly about your condition. There is hope! Anti-depressants do help a lot of people and they are usually most effective when combined with therapy. The change to your appearance sounds like it was very traumatic. It's hard to go from seeing yourself one way, then seeing something different overnight. It's challenging not to obsess on it because you want it fixed and don't feel control over it. Do you apply scar gel? Has your doc suggested reconstructive surgery? Have you looked for camouflage makeup? I'm sure it's all very overwhelming for you right now. But I do believe you will get better. ❤️ Please keep us posted.

Hi HanaV, I am so sorry to hear that you are feeling so bad at the moment about your scar. I have been there. My doctor also offered me tranquillisers, and put me on to mental health organisations, but those sorts of things are not really for me. Can I ask how long ago you had your surgery? I know that having facial surgery is a big shock, but you have to take into account that it takes time to heal, and the appearance will improve a lot over time. Are you using any products for it I wonder? I can certainly recommend Mederma scar gel plus, once a day and lots of massage with Bio Oil. Also, silicone plaster like Mepiform overnight helps to flatten the appearance, you could probably get that from your doctor. Also, drink lots of water, and be sure to have a good diet. What I found helpful also is to start a blog or journal, write down all your feelings and get it out of your system. I also joined a Facebook group for Skin cancer, which helped immensely. You can get a lot of support on that from people who know exactly how you are feeling, and are sympathetic, and you will be able to gain from their experiences. When I had my surgery, my incision turned out to be twice the length I was expecting 3" in fact down the length of my left cheek, but what was and still is, more devestating to me is that it has given me a facelift, but only one side. Also, they didn't get the margins, so next month I am going to have to have it all done over again, meaning my face will be even tighter on the left, and look even saggier on the right. So when it has all settled down again, I have promised myself a mini facelift for the other side! Actually the 3"scar is the least of my problems, because after 3months, with a little foundation make-up, I have found that it can be hidden quite well, as you can see from the photo,and I now know that if my upcoming surgery heals well again, that in another 3 months, it will be hardly noticeable again under makeup. Please take heart, it sounds like you have a family,.so keep thinking positive, and you will get through this. Hugs and prayers.


Hi HanaV, Just so you can see, this picture is one week after surgery.


Wow that is absolutely incredible! I couldn't even see it?? You do have amazing skin though! Thank you so much for sharing this with you. You are amazing kind and it is massively helpful to hear you story. I am so sorry you are having to go through it all again - I am positive you will health equally well and you can finally move on! I feel gluten that I did it for cosmetic purposes and the doctor badly burnt me. I will upload a photo. This was three months ago now. I am going to see a plastic surgeon and possibly micro needling or laser may help. If not I pray an excision will be as good as yours as I cannot live like this xxx

Here are the pics xx

The left is a month later and no improvement

Hi Hana, I'm sure the plastic surgeon will be able to help you. Wishing you all the best XX

Hana, I have chicken pox scars almost that big! I get that it’s distressing to have a mark on your face, and to feel that it was partially self-inflicted would make it worse.

I’m thinking it’s likely that most people barely notice it as you go about your life. It could be so much worse.

If you had left the mole it might have become cancerous and then you’d have a really big scar to deal with.

I hope you are able to get treatment that further reduces the appearance of your scar.

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