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Unsymmetrical face in photos an possibly reality?


Looking in the mirror as a child until now I’m someone whom I’m happy to be taking videos or pictures on snapchat I’m also pleased with what I’m looking at until someone takes a picture of me or going to apples camera and taking a picture I become sad or angry with what I look like the right side of my face Is larger and droops down my eye is completely bigger then the other my lips look weird my nose is bigger and I’m certain this is how people really see me this hasn’t stopped me from trying to become successful in life but I can’t even leave my house anymore because this is becoming more of a problem for me I constantly feel like someone is looking at me with discomfort or talking bad about my appearance it’s becoming to bad I think my family and friends talk about it when I’m not around I just wanna know as soon as possible if this is something that can be fixed I can’t coop with myself anymore I’m losing it and thinking of offing myself before school starts again please help out if you can 🙏 or text me if you have a similar problem I’m just looking for a real solution

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I know how you feel. ItS all in your head. What your mind says is not facts. Your thoughts are based on pre conceived learnings from the past and conditioning from the past. Separate yourself from your mind. I'm 34 now and have wasted my life being self conscious and self obsessed. I desperately wanted to be validated by everyone even strangers. I wanted to be perfect like our mind tricks us into thinking it's important. You seriously have ONE LIFE. Everything you see, hear, taste, feel is within your own universe. No-one else will ever have the same experience as you. Stop trying to fix things and just accept that this is how you are. Be grateful that you are alive and healthy. Your thoughts are not FACTS. Get out of your head and experience life. Please don't search the internet for validation of your negative thoughts. Trust me. Soon as I was diagnosed with bdd anxiety blah blah it became me. I began to identify as that. I became a victim. I was obsessed with camera angles, snapchat camera, my profile, my nose, everything I scrutinized. For what? How did any of this help? It doesn't ok. Yes you'll find others around the world who believe they are victims too. Being a victim won't get you anywhere in life. Don't wait until your old and grey to realise wow I've wasted my life worrying about what every god damn person thinks of me

youniqueCommunity Ambassador in reply to TimRhod86

While it's nice you took the time to reply, I'd like to remind you that this is a support forum. We aren't here to invalidate one another's feelings or experiences. We are here to support each other and work through the challenges of living with a visible difference. There are forums dedicated to mental health conditions such as body dysmorphia. Changing Faces is specifically to help people who are living with visible differences. Perhaps we aren't quite your fit and that's ok! ;) Good luck going forward.

shmiizzy in reply to TimRhod86

damn thank you I needed to hear this for real and seeking validation from others is something I realized has been controlling me even if I denied it before but recently I’ve been telling myself that I need to live the moment accept who I am and how I see myself and appreciate all the little things I have in life thank you for being honest 🙏🙏🙏

EllieChangingFacesAdministrator in reply to shmiizzy

Hi shmiizzy - it sounds like things have been pretty tough for you. It's really good you're sharing your feelings and looking for help, and I hope you find this forum supportive!

Cameras can be sneaky and distort your image - you'll look different in photos taken on different phones or cameras, and that's because there's really no such thing as a 'true' photograph. You mentioned feeling okay about yourself looking in the mirror, but feeling upset at how you look in pictures - it's definitely worth considering that the 'problem' is the camera, not you!

As TimRhod86 said, thoughts aren't facts, and it can be good to remind yourself of this if you feel yourself spiralling and focussing on negative beliefs about yourself. You might find this useful: changingfaces.org.uk/advice....

We'd also encourage you to talk to your doctor about how you're feeling, especially if you're having thoughts of hurting yourself. If you're worried you're going to act on these, please reach out to someone you trust, and if you feel like you're in immediate danger we'd urge you to contact the emergency services where you are. You might also like to check out kidshelpphone.ca/, which is a 24/7 Canadian support service for people under 18.

Take care.

You can always check it with a doctor. People also told me its in my head but when i went to a doctor i was diagnosed with severe plagiocephaly wich is a skull condition that makes the skull and face grow crooked. Somethimes this has an underlying condition called torticollis and needs medical treatment so it doesn't become worse with age. Its not always in your mind so a check up doesnt hurt.

I will probably go and check if I have this soon Thank you so much

Hi! Hope you're having a great day. I used to feel exactly the same,if possible even worse. But after a year or so i'm finally forgetting it all. I feel so much better and i hope you forget all this sh*t soon too!♥️

Because I've been there i know how tereible it feels. I totally undersand you. But the thing is, these negative doubts that we have about ourselves aren't real. Because i think we are dealing with the same thing, i should tell you that none of these things you think about yourself are true . It's just some kind of obsession that you've been having lately with your face. I don't know if you're a girl or boy, but whoever you are , you're beautiful❤️ the double mirror thing and the iphone camera don't show us the reality. The reality is what we see in the mirror,the reality is the face that we've seen grow and take shape in the mirror since we were kids. Hope you get well soon and all this nonesense thoughts just get away so that you can love yourself all over again^_^

P.s : if you wanted to talk to me or shares sth you can dm me on instagram 💕_reyhanesalimi_

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