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Burn victim


Hi I’m new to this I recently burnt my leg with a hot water bottle that burst on my leg it’s been 5 months now it’s healed really well but still badly scarred, had an appointment at the doctors been told that it won’t fade, I’m devastated with this news and would love some advice on what to use or do to make it fade, also I would like to hear other people’s experience and some reassurance that it will fade, people that have been through something similar and there burns have faded.. thanks in advance x

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Have you been informed about Pressure Garments?

Amayanoor in reply to WalkerG85

Hi yes I had them first but don’t need them anymore as my skin is flat no bumps, I’ve just got hyperpigmentation scars my skin has gone dark where I burned myself.. I feel really down..

WalkerG85 in reply to Amayanoor

I am very sorry to hear you are feeling that way.

Have you tried skin camouflage?

That is the only other thing I am aware of sorry.

I do hope you find a way of making yourself feel better.

Best wishes

Amayanoor in reply to WalkerG85

Thank you, yes I have been referred for skin camouflage makeup, but I just it to somehow go lighter on its own..

Hiya, I've not been burned by water but by radiotherapy. I've used a lot of Aveeno cream, CBD & Hemp oil and my skin has really improved in the last year.

It's worth a go and hopefully it will work for you as it has me

Thankyou so much for the reply can you tell me exactly which brand you used I’ll definitely try anything to make it go lighter.. thanks in advance xx

Aveeno cream is the make, you can buy it in any pharmacy, the CBD oil is from Simply-cbd.co.uk, I use the black edition and any good, cold pressed, organic hemp oil you can get. Keeping it moisturised is key, let us know how you get on? 😊

Thank you so much, I’ve been feeling really down and depressed since my hospital appointment and being told that it won’t go any lighter, it’s really affecting my confidence I know it’s my leg and it’s not a Visible place like face but still it really is affecting me, I’ll definitely try these products and let you know how I get on.. xxx

Bless you, I totally understand how you feel, try to stay positive🙏 it's worth trying and all natural as well. Give it time, time is a great healer 😉xx

With cbd do I put in water and drink it or apply the oil on my leg.?

Amayanoor in reply to Amayanoor

I’m grateful to these apps being able to talk to people who actually have been through similar experience and understand..xx

I take the CBD & CBG oils in a capsule. 1drop of CBD and hemp oil on the skin where needed. I do it every night 😉xx

I’ll definitely give it a try thanks.. xxx

AlwaysSmilingCommunity Ambassador

Hello Amayanoor,

I'm sorry to hear about what happened. I haven't had experience with this myself but I want to let you know that you are not alone. Although I've not been burnt, my differences have left me feeling down too and I know how awful it can be sometimes. Don't worry, I'm sure you will get through it. Stay strong!💪

Best wishes❤

Thank you for the kind words it’s really comforting to talk to people that have had similar experiences, the warmth and support is really helping and making me realise I’m not alone.. thank you and please keep in touch.. xxx

AlwaysSmilingCommunity Ambassador in reply to Amayanoor

Amayanoor I'm so glad! I hope you continue to feel a bit more positive about it❤

I woke today and I was feeling down and upset looking at it, I just wish it never happened I’m scarred for life, scared of boiling, I’ll never use a hot water bottle in my life again.. I just wish it gets lighter.. xx

AlwaysSmilingCommunity Ambassador in reply to Amayanoor

It will get better! Look at your burn scar and tell yourself that it has made you strong. You will get through it. You are stronger than you believe😊

I don’t feel strong every time I look at it, it upsets me I just want it to go away, I’m very conscious of my appearance I always dress well etc, this is just getting me down, I wish it never happened.. I have to somehow accept it and I don’t think I can.. x

AlwaysSmilingCommunity Ambassador in reply to Amayanoor

I'm so sorry. This time will pass. I know it is hard and you are definitely not alone. I have a few medical conditions and one of them got me feeling down for months, I never thought I'd feel better. But... I just let time pass and kept telling myself things could surely only get better from there and they did. I certainly get what you mean though and I understand that you might not be able to think of things in this way for a while. Sending love❤

Thank you for the kind word, I’m so glad that your in a better place.. hopefully I feel better about myself also.. xxx

AlwaysSmilingCommunity Ambassador in reply to Amayanoor

I'm here any time Amayanoor😊

Thank you it means a lot.. xxx

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