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Being ill & Carer Puts You More AT Risk OF Injury Disabilty.

Well that’s my conclusion given farse of my dad’s previous social care needs assessment ... and how councils interpret care act 2014

Clearly as a son and Carer for my dad who as Alzheimer’s Dementia things have not been easy with being ill myself.

But NOW given I lift my dad to help him mobilise so he can get to the toilet I have injured my arm

Mainly ulnar nerve palsy SO I told my dad’s social worker few things we talked about on here RE care act 2014 and what councils do don’t do.

And can say THINGs are moving as far as my dad’s social care broker.

Is even comeing to my house to talk about our needs and care act 2014.

Also we will be able to argue out point’s of care act 2014 RE there idea and ours.

Councils will be like any sales man with there bulk deals bought in services THEY try and push BUT the care act 2014 it’s not a one shoe fits all .... its all about individual needs not bulk buying

On a posative note MAKEs pain numbness from my arm tad more tolerable KNOWING help aid’s are on horizon.

And we will no longer be on receiving end of bully boy tactics or services bulk bought pushed upon us.

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I’m pleased you will be getting help with caring for your dad. You both deserve help. Take care xxxx

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Hi sassy cheers don’t think we would got anywhere with council if was not for this group and solicitors advice.

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Hi JeffAjaxSmith, I think it's a pretty common problem for carers to have issues with their own physical and mental issues. Caring is one of the most stressful and wearing jobs on the planet and it's one that comes with no terms and conditions of employment and no financial rewards.

So please value yourself for the great job you are doing, and even if the one you care for isn't in a position to say, or understand how much they appreciate what you are doing, know, in your heart of hearts that you are doing a great job.

Very best wishes.

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Hi Callendersgal defo not wrong there is good job I don’t do it for thanks AS be waiting long time.

Is shame for my dad really god only knows how he keeps it together BITs I see with walking delirium must torment suffers really.

I know my problems are nothing compared to my dad’s guess that’s why I fight FOR he’s rights especially as he can’t.

Hi, you are doing a hard job as a carer which is not given the respect it deserves a lot of the time. On a practical note, you could ask for equipment to help your dad stand. There are a number of stand aids out there which might be suitable as it doesn't sound right that you are damaging yourself. You could ask for an OT assessment from your local council. Wishing you the very best.

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Hi thanks for reply ... since been on here and things read been told to do say things are moving 2 years my dad’s been on social services books AND so have I given my issues.

Just other day she said was going to get OT out to do assessments she said something about points tho BUT never heard of out like that befoure.

Do you know what points are for and what for

Apologies, I am not sure what points mean. I know that for certain assessments, points are awarded for certain difficulties or issues. For example if you apply for PIP then you would receive the report showing you the number of points you have been awarded for mobility etc and a reason why. You could ask to see the points awarded and the reasoning behind it. You could then appeal if you don't agree with his the points are awarded. Wishing you luck.

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Hi cheers thanks defo be finding out

Its very tough being a carer,and I hope you get all the help possible.

As a carer myself I struggle with having to do so much ,but I will always care for my partner who suffers dementia,epilepsy,diabeties,and no mobility,and I have to admit,having to do so much lifting has caused me to have the beginnings of a hernia.

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