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I had some good results with low dosages of

Aprazolam or Valium 1 time a day the dosages are low .025 of aprazolam twice a day the Tinnitus didn’t stop but the volume went down so much I could go on my daily living and sleep well. Anybody else try this medication? I’m am new to this site and finding it very informative I’m also from the US NYC area

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Hello and welcome to the British Tinnitus Association forum dsh2358!

Warmest wishes

Nic (BTA Communications Manager and Forum Administrator)

dsh2358 in reply to NicBTA

Thank you!!!

Hello I live in Kent and my GP won’t give me Valium because it’s addictive..pleased it’s helping you ..

dsh2358 in reply to Barbara-C

Yes it did help me, but my GP retired and now I cannot find a dr who will prescribe Valium for me. It’s getting so hard to get these meds that help due to the abuse by people so now I am profiled as a addict instead of some one who is in dire need for help!!!!! So many drs do not understand Tinnitus there should be more education about this afflictio!!! Thanks for your reply ! DH

Barbara-C in reply to dsh2358

Sorry to hear Valium has been stopped I take Amytriptyline10 mg which helps me sleep and cope also GP happy to repeat . Hope this helps .

dsh2358 in reply to Barbara-C

Thank you I will def look into it !

I also ordered CBD Oil I heard it had good results in some Tinnitus cases

I will post when I get any results!!

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