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Here I go Again!!

I was doing so well. Diagnosed with type 2 diabetes July 2012. Liver scans and biopsy confirmed fatty liver and fibrosis caused by alcohol.

I joined wt watchers, gave up alcohol and was feeling great. Christmas came and I had very bad flu/chest infection/ asthma for a couple of weeks.

I returned to drinking alcohol on a daily basis, why am I doing this....I have put half a stone back on. My kids hate it, comment when they come in from school/work.

I need to pull it together...hate being like this.

I also know my liver is in trouble again, hands and feet are very red and blotchy. I am biting the bullet and going back to my weight loss group tomorrow, great group and great support.

Oh well, thought I had cracked it but need to give alcohol up again.

Thanks for listening.

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Good luck, remember you cracked the booze once, you can do it again, think of your kids.


Thanks for the comments, really appreciate them. I have come a long way, I was sick of feeling sick and tired so I am not going back there. I have been to a couple of AA groups in the past, not really for me. I also have the support of a great gp.

I think I thought I coulds return to drinking but it took over me again. I have the chance to turn this all around berfore the fibrosis turns to cirrhosis. Feel better already today.I will post more regualrly on here and keep you informed of my progress.

Thanks again.xx


Hi - my son would call this a psychic hug - just to let you know this reader cares, and hopes you find a way through. For me its about habits, I feel hungry for lunch at 11:50, because that means its lunch time, I feel like a glass of wine, because it is 20:00 in the evening. So I try to change to a different habit, I buy little bottles of fizzy water, and drink them from a nice glass; and it helps! So - I wish you the best !


I know what you mean about a psychic hug. Thanks for caring, means a lot to me. I have purchased some plain fizzy water which I do like. Onwards and upwards.

I can crack this once again.xx


I really hope my fizzy water idea works for you, as you say, onwards and upwards. Best wishes.


Hi liverlove,

Well done for picking yourself up, dusting yourself off and starting again. Here's another hug! I don't know whether it will be of any interest to you in terms of support but I'm a member of a free website and online community called Soberistas which went live in November last year. It was set up by two middle aged, middle class women in Sheffield who'd decided alcohol was harming them and had given up and wanted an online support group for themselves, thgouth other people would feel the same and set it up. I gave up alcohol two years ago but still value support and I find it great. I think it complements this one, which is absolutely the best in terms of information and support about alcohol related liver problems as well as the rest, but if you want to check out a lively health and wellbeing focussed support group for those who've given up or are seriously trying to moderate they're drinking have a look -it's

Good luck with your journey, sounds like you're doing really well.


Thank you so much for the link to the website. I have joined and am browsing at the moment. I will put my story on there. Thanks again, you may just have helped me save my life.xx


Glad it was useful, see you there! Good luck, you can do this xxx


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