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Thank you British Liver Trust and the lovely people here

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I love this site, have learned so much about the liver from the very knowledgeable people on here who are always willing to help anyone who's concerned about their liver, and there are some who will go the extra mile to help, providing links for further information etc, you truly are a great bunch. I've been on and off this forum for the last six years, after deciding to give up the booze, as I had a serious wine habit, which got worse after I retired. Moderation never worked, so it had to be teetotal for me. Had blood tests that came back okish, some fluctuations, but I didn't feel good, and knew I could be in trouble if I didn't stop the poison. The first couple of years was hard, but I stuck with it and am now nearly 5 years sober, and love it, so to anyone that's struggling, it is doable with determination and you will never ever regret it, I promise you. There's lots of support groups on the Internet, you're not alone.There still isn't enough being done on the dangers of alcohol, and as Laura often said here, it is a poison, and there's no safe amount, as it affects every organ in your body, I agree entirely. Recently I attended one of the' Love your Liver Roadshows', and managed to get a Fibroscan, the result was 4.1, know it could have been a different story if I carried on drinking, truly grateful to the British Liver Trust for doing this, and hopefully repay in getting involved with funding. Hope this helps someone that's struggling 🤗

22 Replies

Well done & said. Agree with the retirement trap. Too much time swallowing the poison.👍

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Nicely put Lola 👍. The girl done good (as they say) on 5 years sober. 👍👍.


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Lola50 in reply to ThreeSmiles

Thank you Miles.

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Great post Lola and so very true about the community on here.

Congratulations on your 5 years sober and brilliant news about your fibroscan. Best wishes. Alf.

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Lola50 in reply to alfredthegreat

Thank you Alf, agree great community😊

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Great post, Lola. I’ve not heard anyone say they regret giving up alcohol. Like you, I somehow got away with it health wise, but I wish I’d quit years earlier. Can’t be helped now. Onwards and upwards 🙂

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Lola50 in reply to CocoChannel

Thanks Coco, yes I wished I quit earlier too, although much more knowledge now via the internet and social media about the dangers of alcohol, this site has been an education for me and for many others too.

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Thanks Lola, I’m a relative newcomer compared to you, having quit ten months ago. It sounds like you went through the same lightbulb moment of realising that moderation isn’t possible for a heavy drinker. After that realisation, quitting’s fairly easy.

I’m not going to pretend I don’t want a drink occasionally although this urge has surprisingly withered of late. The other night, for example, I came back from the gym shattered and wanted nothing more than a cup of tea 😀 That wouldn’t have happened a year ago.

I also had a fibroscan out of curiosity recently and scored 7 which is normal, but the pleasant surprise was the fat (detected at an ultrasound a few months previously) had all gone.

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Lola50 in reply to CocoChannel

That's splendid re ultrasound, everything going in the right direction. Think you will find as time goes on the thoughts of a drink will fade, it does get better, much prefer a cuppa now like yourself 😀


Well done on 5 years sober. I think I've said this before but my son once said if alcohol had been discovered now it would be illegal. I think he's right. Love and hugs Lynne xxxx

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Thanks Lynne, think your son is right, a legal money making poison. Love and hugs to you too🤗

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So proud of you Lola.

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Lola50 in reply to Laura009

Thanks Laura😘

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Great news! I’m very proud of you.

Fabulous post Lola and congratulations on the 5 years sober👍

Trish x

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Thank you SL, love your positivity and humour lovely lady😉

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Thank you Lola for your nice words!

Love your name ! I used to be a Kinks fan and loved the song Lola ❤

Hi Lola,

We are really pleased you attended one of our LYL roadshows and were able to have a FibroScan.

It’s also fantastic that you have managed to stop drinking and are aware of the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle.

If you do wish to support The Trust drop me a PM. Thank you and take care,

Warm wishes


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Lola50 in reply to

Thank you, will be in touch😊

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Hi Lola,

A truly great post. Very well done on the 5 years of abstinence, your right, you feel so much better without alcohol.

You, like me, appreciate our very special forum, and the help our wonderful members give to new posters, who are often very worried about their health, reassurance, and vital personal experience of their journeys they have been on with this dreadful liver disease.


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Lola50 in reply to davianne

Thank you David, learned so much from everyone here, great community spirit, best wishes to you😊

Thank you for your post Lola and for being part of what makes this a lovely place. x

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