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Liver Biopsy Results

Hi All,

I have been to the Q.E today for my liver biopsy results.. I have fibrosis,marked scarring on my liver and fatty liver. I have been advised to keep doing what I'm doing, which is abstaining from alcohol, continue to lose weight and exercise daily (walking most days). I asked if I could have a drink over Christmas and was informed that some people can return to 'controlled' drinking but advised not to do this if I felt I couldn't.

I am enjoying my alcohol free life and feeling much better for it, I can't believe I'm saying that!!

I am grateful for this website and to everyone who has been so supportive. I feel I have had a serious warning. I was feeling so ill and I am, at last,starting to see a new life for myself.

If this post helps just one person, it's worth it.xx

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It is three and a half years since my diagnosis and not touched alcohol since then.. and I feel great.. keep it up its so worth it... Is there such a thing as controlled drinking? odds on there aint.


Well done both of you. Its amazing what a difference it makes isn't it? I gave up eighteen months ago and was lucky enough to do that before suffering any liver damage. Like you I feel absolutely great. I had my first alcohol free Christmas last year and loved it, having drunk far too much wine and spirits every year before that. I really wouldn't advise "having a drink" over Christmas, like perry I don't think controlled drinking exists despite trying to convince myself I could do that for years. Stay quit and enjoy your Christmas even more, you'll enjoy your food and fun more without the alcohol and you'll wake up bright eyed and ready to enjoy the day on Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Years Day because you won't be nursing a hangover.

Good luck to you both.


Hi i have fibrosis,marked scarring on my liver and fatty liver also. I was told 2 years ago.

I never have been a drinker only the occasional glass of wine and since I was told I had mild fibrosis I do not drink at all. However I was told by QE to lose weight and exercise which I lost 2 stones but over the last 12 months have put it back on. I was under the QE I was told to take Metformin which helped, then when I lost my weight they told me that research showed that Metformin did not help the Liver so my GP took me off of it hence the weight gain.

I was discharged from QE and my GP does not seem to worry if my liver function test are raised. I have had 3 blood test each one higher than the first but when I mentioned it to the GP he said it was normal, yet when I saw the printout the Liver function test are highlighted. I do not feel I have a support network around me. At the moment I have really painful feet my hands are swelling up at night and nerve ending in my back are hurting me. Yet when I go to my GP they just say take Amtripolene for the nerve endings.

At one stage the GP asked me what was wrong with my liver and said he had never known a person to have so many test done. I feel so frustrated and just wished I could have someone around to give me the support. At one stage I was told I had Rib cage syndrom then when I had the liver biopsy I was told it was inflammed hence the pain.

Any advice would be appreciated. (sorry about the spelling but I am sure you will get the picture)


Hi dustyday

Can you switch GP and ask for a referral to a gastroenterologist or hepatologist? Some sort of follow up to see if your fibrosis has improved seems sensible to me.

Can you join a group/support network to help you lose weight? Its so difficult to do it on your own.


I agree with you Bolly, esp' with weight loss. I would try to see a hepatologist for sure.. the general practice doctor can't cover everything sadly an you do need a specialist on your side.. best of luck to you


Hi Dustyday,

The BLT has some support groups around the country who are all really great. We have one based at the QE as well. If you want to please feel free to contact our support group co-ordinator Lisa Brown who can give you more details and put you in touch with the right people. Her email is

I hope that this helps, and I (from a totally personal and non-medical point of view) agree with Bolly and Perry that you should try and see a specialist.

Hope you are feeling a bit better today.

Best wishes.



Hi I do not drink alcohol but have a lft of 176 instead of 35. Have scan tomorrow so fingers crossed.


Hi loopylou16, I hope that the scan was positive. Do get in touch if you require any health information or if there is anything we can do to help.


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