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Fatty Liver / Early Liver Disease Questions


Some questions regarding the liver.

1.) Are there ANY symptoms or signs when you have fatty liver and/or early liver disease? (Google says there aren't any until it's too late)

2.) My blood tests are borderline normal. I quit drinking, but I know how much I did drink. I am just paranoid that in 10 years I will wake up with yellow skin and find out I am doomed. Is that a thing? Can you quit, get normal blood tests, then years later have liver disease (Assuming I didn't drink any alcohol in that time)?

Last blood test was: 8/30/2018 ALP: 46 AST: 56 (Elevated) This test was done after a 1 month period of being sober. AFTER that test, I had TWO more binge sessions which consisted of me drinking for 3 days straight and stopping for a week or so then doing it again. (1-1.75 liters of vodka over 2-3 days)

The reason I ask is because after quitting alcohol (It has only been ~2 months), I feel very fatigued lately. I mean, I do have a full-time job in a bakery and when I get home my cellphone says I did 5.5 miles of walking each shift. I usually am tired but lately, I have been slightly more so. The only other factor I can think of is my diet... I do eat healthy often BUT when I'm working, I will eat fast food for lunch quite often unfortunately because its convenient. I drink a lot of coffee and normally I drink lots of water, never any soda. (Even though I work in a bakery, I don't eat sweets)

About myself: Age: 34 Height: 5 11 Weight: 163

About my alcohol history: Drank my whole life casually/sometimes too much. About 5 years ago, I started binge drinking 1.1.75 liters of vodka over 2-3 days. I would then stop and take a break anywhere from 1 week to 1 month and do it again. My chest does have those spidery veins on my ribcage. A liver specialist 3 years ago said it was from drinking. I have those red blood spots randomly around my body, also from drinking.

I am 100% done with alcohol. It has been ~2 months. My doctor said my next appoint will be October 2019 for a follow up blood test. Should I wait until then? Just try to eat healthier/exercise more? Or should I go get a fibroscan and see what that says? I'm just worried about my future. Waking up 10 years from now finding out I have liver disease.

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Hi Iso

Welcome to this forum!

I can’t advise you what to do. On here we are only “meant” to recount our experiences so you can make your mind about what you should do. In particular actual results values are not really needed here, just say hi or lo or summat! That said I’m sure there are lots on here who’ll disagree with me and you’ll get lots of posters giving you advice, 😁. To some extent I sympathise because we are, or, or should be 😁 all adults and are grown up enough to make our own minds up without being told what we should or shouldn’t do 😁.

Why I have a bit of a downer on actual test results is because I have been through the whole liver disease process without once being told any results data other than its lo, hi, problematic, not problematic etc etc.

Which brings me, you’ll be glad to hear 😁, to my last point and that is:- please don’t say you’ll be “doomed” if you have liver disease. Many of us here have, or have had, liver disease, and many of us here, have had or are about to have a liver transplant. I don’t think any of us thought we were “doomed” 😁.

Hope you feel better im mind in the short term at least and try not to worry so much ( advice 😁) but do continue with the abstinence 😁😁😁😁😁 (more advice)



Trust1Administrator in reply to Hidden

Hi Hidden ,

If you'd like to message me we can have a chat about the community guidelines as you are obviously still fed up about them!

I am happy to have a discussion anytime, drop me a message when it is convenient :)

Best wishes.

Hidden in reply to Trust1

Hi trusty1

I think you sightly miscontrue what I say.

I promote (look at all of my posts, even the one above, and you will see I don’t agree with posting results and asking for advice. I also say, that as adults, we don’t need to be dictated to - as that recent post by one of your colleagues tried to do. Fortunately thatpost was rapidly closed by a sensible admin!

I think the statement that all can see:-

“Content on HealthUnlocked does not replace the relationship between you and doctors or other healthcare professionals nor the advice you receive from them.”

Is all that needs to be said.



Trust1Administrator in reply to Hidden

I have sent you a PM

Hi there,

I would probably wait and continue with the abstinence and healthy eating.

But, to answer your main question: the early stages of liver damage are often symptom free. Many people only find out that there's the beginnings of a problem when they have a routine blood test.

On the other hand, just to complicate things a little; it is also common for people with full on cirrhosis to be relatively symptom free, and to have normal, or near normal liver function test results - if the liver is managing to compensate well even though scarred.

I'm not sure I'd bother getting a fibroscan at this stage as your liver could still be inflamed after your, relatively short, period of abstinence. This inflammation could skew the results and not prove very helpful.

I would ask about having an abdominal ultrasound as this will give a good idea of what's going on.



Hi Isomer21

Welcome to the forum.

We ask not to post medical results on the forum because blood test reference ranges can differ between laboratories so much and we would want you to get accurate and specific advice from your own doctors.

We do have a lot of information that may be useful to you on our website and we have just updated our publication 'Liver disease tests explained' publication that we hope will be live on our website by the end of the week. That may be useful to you as it explains about fibroscans and new innovations in liver medicine.

Here is the link to our website;


We hope that is helpful and you find the forum a supportive place to visit

Best wishes


I was 1st diagnosed with liver disease back in 2002 following a routine blood test I requested because of tiredness lethergy and altered sleep patterns. I was at that time diagnosed with NASH. I had no further problems until 2015 although the lethergy remained. At this point I suddenly developed ascites,odema, HE. Saw a hepatologist who said my liver disease who said my disease had progressed and I would need a transplant eventually. This I received this year in August. So I went 13 years without any real problems from my liver disease except tiredness. Personally I would have thought it would be a good idea to ask for an ultrasound and new blood tests after about 6 months just to keep an eye on things and to give you reassurance. Keep up avoiding alcohol. It's always a good idea but I know it is hard. Good luck x

Isomer21 in reply to Jans1953

This might be apples and oranges. It seems your liver issues were non-alcohol related. Maybe genetic? Maybe other things...

Anyone else want to chime in on this? Can this happen to alcohol related liver problems? Binge drink 5 years then stop cold turkey at age 34.... Then maybe 10 years later have liver issues? Assuming I quit and eat healthy.

No my problems weren't alcohol related but when you get liver disease, you get it. My problems were from being overweight and lack of exercise.

Isomer21 in reply to Jans1953

I really appreciate your replies jans and happy holidays!

Hello, I, too have fatty liver and only found out by a coincidental ultrasound of the abdomen was done. The problem with liver disease is that one often does not experience any symptoms until it's very far advanced. I would continue with staying a way from alcohol., eliminate as much sugar from your diet as possible, eat healthy and I would make an appointment with a GI/liver specialist and get a fibroscan. That will give a clearer picture of the health of your liver. Often liver enzymes are normal, but the fibroscan will show the amount of fatty liver and scarring in your liver. The beauty of the liver is that it is the one organ i the body that can heal itself provided you make the necessary changes needed. I have iron overload (hemachromatosis) and fatty liver and heart disease, so I suspect my liver will worsen regardless as iron is tough on all organs of the body. What you could do is meet with your primary care physician and see if he/she will order an ultrasound of your abdomen/liver and fatty liver will show up then if you have it. Fatty liver is reversible with maintaining a healthy life style. Once scarring starts to develop, fibrosis, it's more difficult. I hope this helps. And actually, coffee, has been found to be good for the liver without the sweetener and sweet creamers. The important thing is that you are addressing this now before it's too late.

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