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Anxious about liver fibroscan results!

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I have had fatty liver disease and now NASH (presumably). I have had 3 fibroscans 6 months apart and I'm now Stage 3 Fibrosis. kPa was 5.4, then 7.5 and now 11.4. CAP was 328, 306, and now 216. I am scared out of my mind. I just retired, and I feel like I'm going to drop dead in a year now. I'm not ready to leave my 3 little dogs. So far, my bilirubin, albumin etc are normal. I won't be a candidate for a liver transplant, I don't think as I'm on a blood thinner for A Fib, and I'm a carrier of hemachromatosis. Of course, I have googled all of this, and the prognosis is very poor. I have cut out sugar which is why my CAP is dropping, but the fibrosis increased which is NOT good. I'm not ready to check out yet. Help!!! I have been trying to reach Kurtymac who is on this sight as well. Is he still around. He was very helpful in the past. Any reassuring and helpful topics for me will be welcomed. thanks in advance.

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Hello Ruthie!! I bet your 3 little ones give you lots of kisses! 🙂 I have one that stays close by me when she knows I am going through a hard time! Believe it or not she has helped me to strengthen both my mental and physical health. Since she needs a daily walk I choose a busy walking path where she can meet new friends and I have lots of opportunities to chat! Fresh air, chats and a happy puppy makes me happy! For a bit health concerns are in the background each time a good experience comes along! Sometimes I need to work hard to create those experiences but it is always worthwhile even if it's pouring outside my "inside" feels better!

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Thanks squiggly. I need to be reminded of that. The problem is that I just had an AV ablation with pacemaker insertion and all this crap seems to have hit me at once. Plus, I'm a retired nurse, so I know just enough to scare the bejesus out of myself:)))

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Ruthie, are you sure your kpa is down to fibrosis and not risen due to inflammation (fatty liver? ). You don,t mention ultrasound scans which Would show fibrosis / cirhosis. In my case Dr Google had me convinced I may as well give up the ghost after my first kpa of 75 plus. The nurses chart only goes to 75kpa!. After loosing weight ( by default, I was so stressed I cauldn,t eat) stopping drinking, starting exercise and healthier eating my inflammation levels began to fall, 75kpa, 40kpa, 20kpa and the panic began to ease. The numbers are still high but I hope through diet ( one day we women should colaberate on a book entitled " I will start tomorrow " 😂😂😉" ) I can reduce that further. I intend to have many more years and eventually to die with my cirhosis/fibrosis and not because of it. A word to the wise.....take anything Dr Google and nurse Rosie say with a generous pinch of salt, and stay away from negative people, the latter has done wonders for me. 😉x x x

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Good stuff moonbeam! 👏😘

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Hello Moonbeam4, Thanks so much!! Yes, I had an ultrasound and all of this started with fatty liver (NASH). Every 6 months my liver fibroscan goes up a stage. worries me to no end. Like I said, I am just not ready to leave my little dogs yet!! I have lost weight over the year as I have NO appetite which I attribute to the liver disease. I have a feeling the Doc will want to do a liver biopsy, but why?? I won't be a candidate for a liver TP as I'll be too old, and i have too many other issues, cardiac, hemachromatosis, etc. The fatty values of my fibroscan have dropped remarkably since I have lost weight (still abnormal) and the doc is concerned that the fat dropped, but the scarring got worse in 6 months time. I don't know Moombeam, I just don't have a good feeling about this, especially the way I feel. I feel like crap! You do give me hope however!!! I'm scared and it's a bite in the butte that I just retire, and I may not make it!! But hey, I can walk, breathe, and get around for now, right?? Thanks Moonbeam4, keep me posted re: your progress. I'm so happy for you!! Please stay in touch!!! Sorry I'm just getting back to you. Insomnia is another issue I have and I try to sleep when I can!! This aging process stinks in general:)))) Ruth

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I have Nash and am terrified of cirrhosis -- I had Biopsy 3 months ago as it gives a much truer picture of what is going on ---I too cannot have a transplant as too old --- takes away hope but at 73 I suppose something will get me

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Well written Moonbeam!

Good luck Ruthie ! The healthy life style and exercise has worked for me too !'

Dont give up and less of these negative feelings! Give it ago, start eating healthy and keep focused on living and start smiling too!,

Love Trish x

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Thanks Trish, I'll sure try that's for sure. Hope you are doing well!!! Hugs ruth

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