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Fibroscan results interpetation please. Thanks

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Fibroscan results are 7.7 and CAP of 325. Doctor wasnt to concerned? Well im concerned! He says oh just drink in moderation and lose weight, when i tried to explain that i have drank to much my entire life! Ive lost 30lbs but conditions gotten worse because of alcohol. How can a hepatologist not know about alcoholisim? You cant tell an alcoholic to drink in moderation. That blows my mind and is just backs up my question marks about our health system. I dont know if he really cares if i get chirrhosis or didnt seem to. Hes more like we will deal with it if it happens? Its good for business right? Same thing with cancer these doctors dont want a cure and any doc will be run out if you they talk about any homeopathic treatments or supplements. Cant make any money on them, only drugs. My girlfriend died from brain cancer and those chemo and radiation doctors will be held accountable some day for poisening her!

Anyone have any advice or similar problems? Im gonna get a second opinion for sure. Going back to AA with sponser or to rehab if need be. Thanks for reading my rant.

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The questions you have asked and the results if your fibroscan can only be given to you by your doctor. As pointed out many times, no one on this forum is qualified to do so. Call your surgery and book an appointment with your doc to obtain all the information you require.

Good luck

Hi there! As laura009 pointed out, your doctor needs to interpret those results.

We all have different bodies, genetic makeups , lifestyles, gender, past medical issues etc. that contribute to any tests and their results.

Often newer folks don’t realize that although this is a large group, and many of us are well versed in our illnesses and the things that go along with that, we cannot advise on tests numbers etc. we are not medical professionals. Even the wonderful nurses that monitor this group do not advise in those matters.

Often you can find pamphlets here that can help you understand things better. Wish you luck, and health!


At a guess your Dr already knows that you are aware that alcohol is your main problem.

They cant add much advice other than to moderate or quit and it's up to you how your going to do it!

I screwed my liver with alcohol.

Your CAP score would worry me and my understanding is it can be improved by lifestyle changes but I wish I had a 7.7 fibroscan!

My consultant has advised me to go VERY low carbohydrate, high protine, highfat diet to reduce my CAP score and check it in 12 months.

You should check with your Dr before trying that though.

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The results indicate that you have a fatty liver

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It is fact that chemotherapy and radiotherapy is the most effective way to cure cancers. The doctors did everything in their power to cure your girlfriend, sadly in her case it didn't work and I'm sorry for your loss.

You owe it to her to look at your own lifestyle and look after yourself. You seem angry at the world and maybe you need some professional help with that as well your alcohol intake

Take care and good luck.

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Chemo and radiation are effective against some cancers but not a Glioblastomia which is a form of brain cancer. If you believe that chemo and radiation are the best for all cancers then you are mistaken. There are many natural cures, immunotherapies and protocols that are far better. That dont make you sick or fry your brain. They do not want a natural cure because there is no money in it. The radioligist that treated amber told us shes never sucessfully treated a Glioblastoma. And nobody has been cured from a glioblastoma by chemotherapy. It makes you sick and your last days are miserable. Do some research because there are many more cancers these barbaric treatments do not help. And i dont even want to get into all the unecessary surguries people endure trying to remove cancer. And people are left mamed for life when there are better options they dont want you to know about. Im not mad at the world im upset that innocent people are dying because the system we are taught to trust is a lie. Im very thankful for doctors and healthcare as they do many things exceptionally well but cancer by in large is not one.

I have an example and proof this is happening. In your search engine type in- Dr. Burzynski police officer daughter.

And watch the youtube video. Its only 3 minutes

After you watch that tell me what you think.

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I can only go by the many people who I know who have been affected by cancer and have been treated by our NHS.

If it wasn't for the surgery my Grandmother received to cure her of bowel cancer when she was 74, she would never have survived to 96.

My mother had a malignant tumour removed from her femur when she was 54. It was followed by 6 months of intense chemo and radiotherapy. Yes it was gruelling, she lost her hair and was sick but she was cured and very well cared for and survived for another 26 years cancer free ..... I could go on, there are many more.Yes we would all love there to be much simpler, non invasive treatments which scientists are working on all the time and new drugs are becoming available. My Father (89) has leukaemia but is kept under control by a "pill a day" costing the NHS £50 per pill. We are very fortunate in the UK to have these sorts of proven treatments available at no extra cost other than our taxes, thanks also to cancer charities, fund raisers and our donations.

Sadly more people are being diagnosed with cancers and some are too aggressive to treat & no reason found for it being there, but thankfully more and more of us will survive with on going research and experiments. We owe it to ourselves too to take care of our own health and well being by adopting healthier lifestyles and attending regular free screening programs offered to us which to help reduce our chances of contracting life threatening diseases.

Thats right you can only go by the people you know. And if those treatments helped them good. But when you say its proven that chemo and radiation is best cure for all cancers i strongly disagree. I dont want to argue I want to people to know the truth. So if confronted with cancer they know that chemo and radiation isnt always best. There are other options if you do your due diligence.

The only thing they are testing is new drugs that are usually very exspensive. Have countless side effects. Then they have to give you another drug to treat that side effect and on and on. Then they got you for life and thats what they want.They want to treat you NOT CURE!

2014 Roche pharmaceutical saw a profit of $50,000 BILLION DOLLARS in just their cancer products alone.

And you are correct about organic healthy eating and proper supplementation goes a long way. Some screenings are good. Screening like colonoscopy for example is not best option. Many people die from colonoscopies every year. There are much better alternatives and non invasive ways to detect same things. I will find name of test I cant remember offhand. Colonoscopies are big business and they dont want to lose that money. So lets convince people they could die if they dont have this test. They have all the leverage to achieve there agenda and thats get your money. It all goes together and the rabbit hole is far deeper than you can imagine.

Many of cures have been covered up, people disappear after sucessful cancer treatments are found and documented. Look up Stanly Rife for one example using electromedicine. Look up Otto warburg and the truth about cancer. Dr. Burzynski had a cure and ran him out. Look up Max Gerson and Gerson therapy. And if you watched that video along with looking up these names and reading a little about there stories you will quickly see the truth. And please do this little resesrch so you have a better perspective of whats really going on. Its not a conspiracy theory its the truth. Thanks and have a nice day.

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You can't blame doctors for you possibly having cirrhosis when you've just said you've been drinking too much all your life. If you don't like the way you are treated by the U.S medical system, don't abuse your body with alcohol which will damage your liver to such a degree it will fail, kidneys, lungs and brain and then tell us its the treatments that will kill us ... that's crazy. Maybe if you'd taken your own advice and eaten healthy foods and taken the supplements you're recommending instead of poisoning your body with alcohol, you wouldn't be worried about having cirrhosis now. I hope you find the cure. Good luck

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I take full responsibility for my actions and dont blame anybody but myself. I was upset at the time after just getting results. Excuse me!

Alcoholism is a serious illness that many of us suffer from and dont we wish it was just that dam easy to not drink because its bad for us. And thats why the world is full of acoholic treatment centers because its so easy to say no im not drinking anymore because its bad for you. Being alcoholic has nothing to do with me telling you how screwed up our system is and certainly dosent make me crazy.

And I do not have chirrhosis. My condition is reversible and i am doing just fine sober. You should be happy you learned something today.

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I'm glad you're on the mend. I totally agree with you that the US is corrupt in so many ways. I'm only happy I live in England albeit over crowded these days! We do have a far better medical system in the UK be it private or NHS though it still has flaws and there's always room for improvement.

I did watch the video. I'd say whoever administered the radio and chemo to the little girl, misjudged the amounts required and was given in massive doses which was way beyond what her little body could cope with. I dare say the parents will have sued?

Thank you for watching video. This is important to me. Amber just wanted to live her life and watch our children grow up. And she could not but I know shes in a better place and pain free. And thats comforting because she suffered greatly in her last years.

I agree your system is better from what ive read. Thanks for understanding in the end. I wish you good health and happiness.

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You too xx

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Are you by chance in the USA golfpro?

I ask this in response to your initial thread. All hepatologist's are fully aware of the effects of alcohol-related liver disease. Your particular Fibroscan score, would certainly warrant further investigation. In some cases, if a person is so addicted to alcohol, it can be dangerous to just stop and go cold turkey. in this case a detox program would be a better option where you can be weaned off the stuff slowly and your body can adjust slowly.

I can understand a hepatologist becoming frustrated if a person is doing damage to their liver, and expects it to be made better without making an effort to stop taking the poison. Hepatologists have seen it all before. When I had my alcohol induced variceal bleed 4-years ago, I ask my then consultant why there wasn't more information out there in the public domain of alcohol-related medical conditions like Varices, Ascites and Hepatic Encephalopathy, liver tumours, etc. His reply was, "What would be the point? They wouldn't take any notices anyway". While this may well be a personal response by the consultant it is a very unprofessional all the same. (I believe that knowledge is power, and power can make things happen).

I think there is a danger of complacency being allowed to creep in these days. Because the liver is capable of repairing it's self at both the fatty liver and in some cases the Fibrosis stage, then there is a danger of some healthcare professionals not taking this stage of liver disease serious enough. Fatty Liver disease can be fatal and should never be underestimated. If you are putting a poison into your body you can't be surprised when it begins to do damage. If you then know that it's doing you harm and damage, and then continue to take it, then there's very little anyone can do. You fate, to a certain degree is totally in your hands.

Having said all this, in your particular case, something just isn't working. The cause of your drinking isn't being confronted. If you've been going to AA and keep on relapsing, then the cause of your drinking hasn't been properly dealt with. Have you tried to look back on your life to find out where it all started? There are so many people out there who develop a drink problem, and then discover that the reason as to why they drink has become lost. All they know is that they have to have a drink. Understand the reason why is a mental process thing. Both the mental and physical issues need to be addressed together if your ever going to break this cycle.

I lived in the US for three years. The health service you get over there seemed to me to be more of a customer service approach rather than a patient. As a customer, you could insist upon a second opinion. Lay it on the line, and try and find away with the consultant as to what you both are going to do to make your condition better. They will help you, but you need to want to help yourself as well.

Good Luck.

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Thank you Richard for your comments and being conerned. Im a week sober today! I know i have to get more involved with recovery. I simply know i cannot drink and will not. But you are correct saying that i need to find out how to live sober every second, min, day at a time. I need indepth step work with sponser. Im still entertaing going to rehab again. I was never a daily drinker. I would drink every 3 or 4 days. And last year less and less but still couldnt stop longer than 3.5 weeks which was my longest sobriety. I need to get to the root. And that is gonna take work i know. I pray i will get the help i need and stay dedicated with support from AA groups, friends and family.

And yes i live in Minnesota.

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