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Thank You


Hi Everybody,

I joined this forum a couple of weeks ago, and have learned so much from you all.

I’d like to thank the Liver Trust and the roadshow for the wake up call. I’ve drunk a lot of wine for many years, but otherwise have a healthy lifestyle. I take a couple months off every year to “rest “ my liver, which was really just my excuse to continue drinking the rest of the year.

Anyway, I heard about the roadshow and thought I’d ust check that all was well. Fibroscan was 7.6kpa and was told I needed follow up. GP was helpful and did all bloods, which were all normal. ELF was 8.88. What a relief that I hadn’t done more damage.

I am currently not drinking and plan on staying that way. I am so grateful for the chance to finally take care of my liver. It has been eye opening to read about what so many of you are going through, or have been. You are all so courageous and supportive of one another. I wish you all the best.

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Excellent and well done ! X

This group of people who become friends have been a lifeline to me. You can ask any questions no matter how trivial or important and someone will always reply. You don't always want to talk about your condition or how scared you might be to your nearest and dearest but someone on here will have gone through it and can usually help in some way. Good luck with your sobriety, you can do it. Deb


Really pleased things are good for you. Now is the time to keep things that way and I'm sure you will, especially after reading some of the posts on here.

In the best way possible, I truly hope that we don't see you on this forum as a patient ever again.

Rita x


Hi dustybobs

Thank you for sharing this post. We are so pleased that you attended our LYL event and it helped raise awareness.

If you would like to discuss sharing this experience with us so that we could help more people understand the impact of liver disease then please message me.

Warm wishes


dustybobs in reply to Trust1

Happy to help if I can.

Trust1Administrator in reply to dustybobs

Thats great! Thank you. I will PM you.


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