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Thank you

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Thank you all for you kind words and prayers. There's no words to express how I feel at this time. People keep telling me time will heal. And I'm hoping it will. I miss my gary every day when something happens my first thoughts are to text him thinking he's still in hospital. Then it hits me he's gone and I have to wait until I will see his handsome face and hear his voice again.

Your words mean so much and again I thank you all. Love

Dawn xxxx

11 Replies
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Hi Dawn. I'm so sorry for your loss. Speaking from experience of losing a husband and both parents over the past few years, l can only say l don't believe this cliche' " time's a great healer". I find it harder as time goes by as so much happens especially as my children have grown and experienced some wonderful things which l've wished their Father could have seen and would have been so proud of.

When my own Father died 11 months ago, the 1st thing l wanted to do was tell my Mum, but l couldn't, l lost her 4 years ago. All l can say is time allows you accomodate your grief.... eventually you realise they aren't going to phone you, you can't tell them that something wonderful happened today and they can't wipe away your tears anymore. You will eventually find you will get through a day without crying, then a week maybe a month, then out of the blue for no reason you will hit a wall, get a punch in the gut which will floor you again. But as quick as it happens it will pass. Don't put yourself or let anyone else pressure you into believing you should 'be over it by now', there is no time limit, just go with your feelings a day at a time. Treasure the memories of the special times you spent together .... cry when you need to, laugh when you can and remember the love you shared forever.

I bought a rose with appropriate names for my 3 losses. I also had beautiful glass paperweights made with a swirl of colour and a sprinkling of their ashes running through them so l feel they are still with me which brings a lot of comfort every day.

Love Laura 💕

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sunnysmile in reply to Laura009

Absolutely spot on xxxx

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Hello Dawn.

I am at a loss to find the right words to say to try to comfort you when you are hurting so very much.

One day I hope that you will be able to think of Gary and smile and just remember the good times but I know that will take a lot of time.

I feel your pain and just want to say that I am thinking of you.


Hi Dawn

I'm so sorry that you have had such a terrible loss, it must be so so hard for you. I would just like to say you are in my thoughts and prayers . I'm here if you need me day or night . You can pm me if you need to. With all my love Lynne xxxx

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Oh my poor lovely. I can't begin to imagine what you are enduring.

Try to remember that there are people who love you. I feel that Gary wouldn't want you to feel this way.

I hope you find strength to keep going.

Many good wishes 🤗🤗

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Hi Dawn

I can’t add to the others’ comments except to also sincerely hope you are coping OK. Best wishes.


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Hi Dawn,

I, like Miles can only repeat what others have said about the loss of Gary.

All I can say is that it will get easier with time.

My thoughts and prayers are with you and your friends and family, at this sad time.

Take Care,

David xx

Thinking of you Dawn and hoping you find support from our lovely forum members.

Take care


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Aw Dawn, my heart breaks for you. I hope time makes things easier for you & your memories will make you smile rather than cause you pain xx

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Oh Dawn, I am so terribly sorry. Your lovely Gary now rests in no pain. Yes you will see his handsome face again and until then, he will watch over you. Watch for butterflies. Always around for a chat.

Love Gwen xxxxx

"Let us remember

All those who rejoice with us

but upon another shore and

in a greater light,

with whom, and forevermore

we are one."

These lines were said at King's College Cambridge Christmas carols service one year. I hope they can comfort you some xx

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