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Thank you

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To every one for the messages of support you have sent me. I for one will not give up fighting this setback, from the bottom of my heart I thank you all so much. Love to you all..

16 Replies
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You have to stick around ....who else am I going to eat pretend chocolates with? 😁

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Brummi in reply to 4pjx__

Hi , how are you keeping. Well I hope and safe from all those storms..

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4pjx__ in reply to Brummi

I'm doing really good, thanks. My ultra sound came back lesions! I don't have to go back until Feb. Now I can exhale!

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Brummi in reply to 4pjx__

I got my liver clinic appointment on 27th of September, be interesting how it turns out now they found the tumour.

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4pjx__ in reply to Brummi

It's enough to make a person crazy. I'm thinking you'll be okay. Especially if you had no symptoms that you noticed. In any case, I'm sending up a prayer for you every day.

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It's a great website isn't it Brummi. Having council with people who are or have been in same or similar situations is priceless.

Wish you all the best pal. Hope you get those results through and obviously that they're a false alarm or that you can get to work on getting fixed up again. I always found the worst part was the waiting.

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Love this forum , I don't post many things on here , but it's a good way to get lots of support . I am hoping all turns out positive for you my fellow brummie 😊

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Brummi in reply to Millie09

Hi Millie09, it's people like you Millie that makes this forum. One day we will meet at the QE and the coffees on me.... lol

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Millie09 in reply to Brummi

Aww .. That's so kind of you . I don't make the forum any better lol , but I always try to help if I can

Oh definatley ! We must meet at the QE and catch up with a coffee or two 😉. Stay positive 😊

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I go the queen Elizabeth for check ups how long as your transplant been.

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Brummi in reply to Helenatonge

Hi, I had my transplant in June 2013. My next appointment is on the 25th of Sept.

in reply to Brummi

Good luck with your appointment. You have coped so well. Xxxx

Sorry I haven't been very supportive after your kind words to me.

I'm so sorry to hear your scan didn'tgo as planned.I don't know you very well but have no doubt you will kick it's butt.

Love Antonia (Dude)

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Brummi in reply to Dudewheresmyliver1

Hey!, no need to be sorry. In the long run we are all supportive to each other. xx

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Wishing you lots of love, Julie xxx

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The very best of wishes to you...keep fighting!

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