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Had endoscopy but no diagnosis

I had my endoscopy today but they found nothing. No reflux, inflammation or anything. It really annoys me how they put it down to 'anxiety'. I do not even have anxiety. Surely I cannot be dreaming of my symptoms. It usually happens when I eat. I was nauseated and sick all day yesterday. I have this burning sensation in my throat.

They said it may have been gastritis but has settled. This quickly?

I have no follow ups or anything. I got this done privately via Bupa. The only thing I could think of which a friend mentioned is Gallbladder removal problems. She said something about fat not being digested properly and the fat building up and causing problems?

Anyway had any problems after their liver transplant with their missing gall bladder too?

I just hope when I go to see my consultant they will help me a bit otherwise I am stuck with it all on my own again!


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i'v had my gallbladder removed that the pain is in the urq and between the shoulders and especiall the right shoulder and also the tip of the right shoulder. its sounds like gastroesophageal reflux. is there a sour taste there. mind you the symptoms of gallstones very and the longer one has it the more symptoms there seems to be. its usually after eating and its best to eat a low fat diet. have you heard of GERD i think what you have sounds like that. love grace xoxoxo

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I've had an endoscopy and they saw no signs of GERD or gastritis or anything. I Dont have a pain but just heart burn and nausea. Also I'm already on lanzaprazole incase Aspirin causes any problems which it has not.

I Dont have no acid taste in my mouth either. It is a bit of a mystery.

Thank you!


Have had any bloods done


My god jahida , go to your docs tell him you need another endoscopy and concentrate on esophacus area , my symtems were the same please go soon ! Good luck


May I ask if your first endo showed everything? There was no inflammation and everything looked good including stomach, oesophagus, deodenum.


If that is the case then fine , I went with pain in my right side ! They found a growth in my osephagus , nothing to do with my liver , but I've read that we should have checks for this after transplant ? I think the pain was muscle , just in case . I would get a second a pinion


I will be seeing the consultant next Friday so will bring it up. They said aspirin can cause indigestion and perhaps I did have gastritis but by the time I had the endoscopy it had gone. How is everything with you? What are they doing about the growth?


Since then I've been admitted to princess Royal , got phumonia stayed in for 2- days given antibiotics and sent home , they are going to start kemo next Friday 8-30 am for 8 weeks but only 4 lots , week on week off , then major sergery again , then more kemo another big hurdle ahead of me ! What time are you there on Friday ?


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