ANOTHER endoscopy :-(

So Thursday is looming when I go back in for another endoscopy, fingers crossed for no banding, I haven't experienced any bleeding for a while so I don't see why they should....

I have to say though, its a tough call between endoscopies and bone marrow biopsies as to which is the worst...I wouldn't with either of them on anyone.

Please tell me the endoscopies stop after transplant....

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  • Oh, I always go for sedation. Its the oxygen up my nose I find that makes me feel sick - I wish I could have it without oxygen. The teams that have completed them are pretty good at making you feel comfortable, this will be number 17 in 3 year and 4 far 28 varicies banded...

    I hope you don't need anymore x

  • Best of luck hun xxx

  • I can confirm no endoscopies after transplant. Before transplant I probably had 6 over a 15 year period, never needed banding and I think a number of them were for coeliac disease. 17 is crazy, no wonder you're sick of them.

    I was taking some drug usually used for blood pressure, name began with a p, but now forgotten. I did have varices but never needed banding.

  • Propranolol....yep got a tick on that one. Oh you made me happy that I can be left alone for a but! I'm hooding that have controlled it now and that this is just precautionary....I'm sure I'll let you all know how wicked 😉 they are xx

  • Hi Chelle_ . Good luck with your endo today ! I too can't stand them . I have to be sedated or I reuse as I have done twice before to have the procedure done .luckily so far no Banding in 8 years . Hope the outcome is good ! Best wishes . Linda 😊X

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