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Follow up Endoscopy for Cirrhosis

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My husband has his first follow up endoscopy next week after having Decompensated Cirrhosis almost 2 years ago (was meant to be sooner but had to chase up). He had 2 varices which they put bands on initially (one burst after food poisoning, they were surprised they didn’t find more).

He is really anxious about the appointment, so was wondering what to expect. He is currently doing well, and has abstained from alcohol since, and takes cardevilol twice a day.

If they find anything do they band it there and then, or will they book another appointment?

Also he wants the sedation, but doesn’t know if it can be given?

Thank you for any advice you can give!

17 Replies

I have had the same treatment it’s something you have to get done hopefully you will get him better I no it’s not good but keep going remember you are his rock . And hopefully you can get some rest your self soon because you need it w

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Hello there.I fully understand your husband being anxious,its not a pleasant procedure, I've had a fair few, and I still get worked up about it!!!!. In fact I'm awaiting another endoscopy appointment for myself....oh dear!!.

I've had sedation when I was an inpatient, but I couldn't have it when I was just going in for a same day appointment, as you aren't allowed to drive yourself after,and I had to drive myself there and home, but he can have sedation if there is someone to pick your husband up after the procedure .

Yes they banded mine there and then,during the endoscopy, and have done so since, so its usually done all in 1 appointment, well it was for myself.

Well done to him for the abstaining, thats good he is doing well.

I'm also on the carvedilol, but unfortunately at my last endoscopy varices were seen,but didn't want to band at the time.

I wish him well.

My best .Chris

They band mine right then and there. If I have them. They always knock me out.. I think they do that to everyone.. I get the colonoscopy and the endoscopy at the same time. Saves me from having to do that stupid fast twice and crap my brains out each time...

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pushthrough in reply to

😂 have to love an honest post. The prep is brutal.

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Dear Squirrel77,

If you [are in the UK and] would find it useful to talk things over, our nurse-led helpline is open Monday to Friday from 9am to 3pm on 0800 652 7330 (excluding bank holidays)

Best wishes

British Liver Trust

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Your partner can request both throat spray and sedation BUT he will need someone to drive him home and be with him overnight to make sure there is someone there in case of complications.

Sedation doesn't necessarily fully knock you out but should make the experience more comfortable and hopefully not rememberable.

My hubby has had about 30 endoscopies since 2012 including 42 varices banded. He's always very nervous/terrified of the procedure but it is over within minutes (less than 10 with the procedure taking less than 5).

He needs to ask for sedation and remain as calm as he can so sedation takes a proper effect. Tell him to tell staff to allow him to hold his breath whilst they do the throat spray so as not to trigger his gag reflex.


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I explained to my doctor that either he knocks me out or if I panic I knock him out!I got plenty of sedation🤣🤣🤣.

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they always give me spray and sedation. One minute I'm in there and the next I'm coming round in the recovery room. I'm fortunate as my sister always picks me up after so I don't really find it too unpleasant. Just very sleepy afterwards x

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I have had a number of these, for the first few i had no sedation, then i had a bad gag reflex one where i felt like i was going to be sick the whole time, since then ive gad sedation. The last few i have had no issues with, in fact i dont recal gagging once or even being uncomgotable. Ive one booked in for next week, and because i know how good the sedation is i have no nerves at all, ibvioulsy as others have ssid he will need to be picked up but it makes the whole procedure a breeze

Chris x

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I've had many endoscopy due to varicies, had 2 massive bleeds, have to be heavily sedated as I hate them, after the bleeds had to have them every month, I told consultant they would have to sedate me in the car park to get me in. Yes if they see varicies they will band them there and then. At my local hospital there is only 4 consultant that can do banding, once I got there and none of them were there so they didn't do endoscopy at all I had to go back.Good luck


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I know exactly how he feels. My consultant has been pushing me to have my initial endoscopy and I keep pushing back. I obviously understand the need for it, but can't square it off in my mind. Having reached nearly 60 years of age with nothing more than a seasonal cold, I have a hard time getting to grips with all these problems that I can's see or feel but are being told I have.

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Dear Squirrel, sorry to hear you are so anxious about up and coming endoscopy.

When i got my last endoscopy i was terrified, i explained this to the consultant doing procedure.

He sprayed my throat loads of times before administering the sedation. I don’t remember much about it and everything went fine.

i have compensated cirrhosis with no varices or portal hypertension, but a touch of gastritis.

Hope this helps ease your anxiety a little, try to be brave, you can do this. Best wishes Dandy 👍

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I have had it done both without and without sedation and I wouldn’t ever do it without again. They will offer him sedation and throat spray if there is someone with him to drive and keep an eye on him. It’s all over pretty quickly and as much as it’s comfortable it’s not awful if that makes sense.

I hope he is ok xx

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thank you so much everyone, I have passed your messages on, and my husband is feeling better about it now. I can stay with him for 24 hours after, and we have a good friend who is giving us a lift home, so he should be able to have the sedation.

It’s one of those things that isn’t pleasant, but needs doing! Thank you again for your support, we are both very grateful.

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Yes he can definitely have mild sedation and yes providing he gives consent then they will do any necessary banding.....remember to stay on a very soft diet for a couple of days afterwards...Good luck

I was mildly hesitant before my first endoscopy.. It was a piece of cake. The only weird part is when they put that "open gag ball" in your mouth.. I thought it was only so they could get the camera down but they said it also prevents people from biting down on the tongue.. Regardless the whole thing was a cake walk.. The only difference from a colonoscopy is that it isn't in your ass..

I had no sore throat or anything.. And I have had like like 4 or 5 of them at this point. I always wear my cereal themed underwear. The nurses seem to dig it. The Frosted Mini Wheats seem to be their favorite..

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Hey squirrel I get nervous every time. Here’s a tale that I hope remains true. I had an esophageal varice, that’s when my gastro doc new my liver was worse than they thought. I was referred to a hepatologist and fast forward a year and I went back to that gastro for an endoscopy. The varice disappeared, a miracle in my book. The gastro doc didn’t have any explanation.

I’m a firm believer in remaining as positive as possible. I say that knowing I have had an anxiety disorder for a long time. As I continue to follow my specialists orders and live with this disease my anxiety has actually decreased ironically. Best wishes to you and your husband!


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