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My journey..,

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Yesterday marked 15 months Alcohol Free and what a journey it’s been. Yesterday I completed my diploma in Addiction therapy which it’s my first step in helping other people find their best life after active addiction. My life had improved beyond measure ,my health is good and I feel very lucky. I want to inspire others that whatever you want to achieve you can. My perspective on life has changed, always coming from a place of compassion and empathy, letting go of resentments and anger. Accepting life on life’s terms and enjoying every moment. Thank you to everyone on here, the nurses, the support has been invaluable. Thank you. 😊

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Well done! You should be so proud, I am proud of you and so will loads of others on here be too! 👏

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deanw41 in reply to Worrysome

Thank you.😊👍

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laura53923 in reply to deanw41

Brilliant Dean ! Very inspirational for others who may be struggling with addiction. Well done ! 🤩

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BlueAster in reply to deanw41

What a wonderful but intensely difficult and personal goal you have achieved. You will go on to help others to live better and more peaceful lives. Not everyone has enough empathy and compassion to want to help others so it’s fantastic and you are an amazing person. Well done x

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What an inspiration you are. Many,many congratulations on your achievement from all of us at the British Liver Trust.


Congratulations!!! What a wonderful achievement 👏, continue your wonderful work, I'm sure you'll help many other people along the way ,the journey of alcohol is fought on many fronts,and you'll be able to guide those people who are struggling to enjoy a better life, once again a brilliant achievement 😀

Inspiration itself. Not sure where you are but follow this up by offering to talk to teenagers who are at College. As a lecturer we were always looking for people. Well done.

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deanw41 in reply to sezzey

Thank you. I’m in England. That’s a good idea!!

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sezzey in reply to deanw41

I have worked in Further education for 30 years, i now work in a semi secure unit for teens. We are always looking for individuals to come and talk to our guys. They value the input from those who have been through the struggle so much more more than those who have not we cannot possibly know the struggles. I was recently given the news I have PBC. My Liver is not happy. I believe that we have these struggles so that we can support others. Give it a go working with kids is FUN and it keeps you grounded. 🤣🤣

This has actually made me emotional, well done and you should be so proud of yourself.I’ve read your journey and you have come such a long way and tackled your illness with such bravery and positivity.

Giving back in this way is really inspiring.

Massive Well Done Dean.

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deanw41 in reply to Sammyjoe2

Thank you 😊😊

🎊Congratulations Dean, such an achievement and so inspirational. Really am so pleased for you, well done 👍😀 xx

Wells done Dean 👏👏thays great news. What an achievement 😊

Well done to you, what a positive outcome to go onto help others, you should be so proud of yourself, you have accomplished so much, 😊xx

Thank you 😊


Great news Dean. You deserve that big tap on the back! ☀️

Congratulations Dean. Amazing achievement and to help others can only be a great thing. You should rightly be so very proud of yourself and getting through a difficult time in your life so well. X

Well done Dean not only in the hardest thing to do, quitting alcohol but then putting one of the next hardest things to do by getting a Diploma in your life. You are an inspiration for anyone, keep up the good work 👍.Stay Safe All

Dogbot 🐶🌈

Your post brought a lump to my throat and I cannot thank you enough for what you intend to do for others who may be in the same situation as your were. I use the past tense as your future will be amazing and as the old saying goes "There is always light at the end of the tunnel" and yours will be exceptionally bright. I am confident those you help will have that brightness in their lives too. My heart goes out to you and my sincere wishes to you. What a remarkable guy you are Dean.


What an amazing achievement, well done 👍

You are a Phoenix rising! Look at you living your best life and gaining the knowledge and tools for others to find hope, health, success and confidence. So proud of you! Keep on keeping on!

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deanw41 in reply to TN-Nurse

Thank you so much.😊😊

A fantastic achievement!

Beautiful 😍

Congratulations Dean & Well Done 🎉

How inspirational and such an achievement 😊😊

Sobriety stories are my favorite. Not many days go by that I don’t hear/listen/read about one. They are all beautiful. Awesome job, dean. ❤️

Well done!

Yay well done Dean! That's fab news xxxx

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