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Channel 5 - “My Alcohol Addiction”

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In the interest of Alcohol awareness and Dry January, I wonder how many people managed to watch the Channel 5 program called in the “Me and My”? Last night’s episode, was episode 3 in the series and was entitled, “My Alcohol Addiction”. This program is still available for those to watch on catch-up and can be watched online at:

This morning’s edition of the "Sun" has also reported on this program and this article is well worth reading, this can also be read online at:

For those of you who maybe interested, this program is well be worth watching, and even those of you who don’t drink it may offer some insight into the world of alcohol addiction and those who suffer with alcohol-related issues.

42 Replies

Hi Hidden

Thank you for sharing, we were all just discussing this in the ofiice. One of my colleagues said it was very well reported.

I will try to watch it on catch up.

Best wishes


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I didn't watch it but to be honest there is enough information about alcohol and it's effects what they do need is a programme about the 120 odd conditions which effect the liver I am sick to death of having to say to people I have had a transplant and they have this look on there face of pure judgement and then end it with it wasn't through alcohol!!!

I have no judgement myself on why someone needs a transplant but can you put yourself in our shoes when we have to say everytime it wasn't through alcohol and people are actually surprised ....

We need promotion of that not more alcohol information everyone knows you drink you are highly likely to be ruining your liver

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I cant say I disagree on how it is amazing to see the bewilderment people have on their face when they find out that not only is alcohol not the only reason for cirrhosis but that there are over a hundred different causes.

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Hey up Phoenix

Is “can’t say I disagree” = I agree?

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Yes. Lol you made me have to think of that for a second though.

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jojokarak in reply to

I know hunni that's what I said in my post about 120 causes ... I am not having a go at any one god I used to love a drink myself, but I just think the other conditions need highlighting everyone knows on this planet that alcohol hurts the liver, the problem is no one thinks it's ever going to happen to them x

It's harder for me because I don't know one other person who has had a transplant through pcos and even some doctors don't believe it!!

It was a few years before my own mother believed it and that's all because of alcohol

So I think if the other conditions were promoted then some of us with the rarer conditions wouldn't have such a hard time convincing people, I would feel this way even if I had through alcohol

Some of my closest friends have had through alcohol and they live with some life long guilt and I tell them they should be proud they have turned their lives around they don't owe anyone anything

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I believe it. The risk factors in women with PCOS for NAFLD are more than doubled. Some would never think it visually as its one of those causes of fatty infiltrations that dont come from being obese. Skinny NASH I believe they are coining it. There was a member on another forum with the same situation who had liver cirrhosis with PCOS underlying and they just couldn't manage to put the two together in time unfortunately ☹

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Awww that's such a shame I just wish the doctors would learn from me but as in everything there is ignorance x

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Good one jojo

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Hi Richard,

Thank you for the infor.


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Thanks Richard, I shall watch that!

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I really enjoyed the programme, it was actually my husbands choice to watch it which I was a bit surprised about but now he is recovering he wanted to see it. They talked about their addiction and the consequences from the heart and what it did do was to start a conversation about he had been through and I could ask him questions which he would never have answered in the past. Very close to home and a bit emotional to watch but it was a a great programme.

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This is great news, having to confront ones demons is the first positive and often painful step. Being able to talk them through with someone who genuinely cares is fantastic and will tie you both even stronger together. Now that your husband has opened up I'm sure he will feel as if a great weight has been lifted from him. I am so glad.

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I sat up and watched it. Shows how easy alchol can ruin lives. It was well presented, drinking when your young is so fashionable these days, heaven help these people when they get older.if tv was to view a lot more about the possible outcome and illness, it just might make some folks stop and think!

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Apart from making me read the Sun - Thanks Richard.


The programme was good, very informative and gave an insight as to how an alcoholic and their family feel but I also agree with JoJo as I have Nash. I really feel for people who have had problems with drink , I know it's an illness in itself but I do think all the other things that can affect the liver should also be highlighted. Love and hugs to you all Lynne xxxx

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Oh Lynne l totally agree with you, and will be out there at everytime l get to warn people of this very thing.

Only this week l have been talking to people about the various causes of Liver disease. But the alcohol aspect is still the biggest cause of liver disease in most of the western world. Anything that helps raise awareness is therefore welcoming. I wanted to also highlight that this particular programme coincided with it being Dry January and therefore should have been given more credence.

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Your wrong alcohol isn't the biggest cause of liver problems your just obsessed with it

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I guess that there's a fine line between being obsessed and being passionate. I make no apologies for being passionate about alcohol-related liver disease, and for talking about all aspects of liver disease and wanting to make a difference.

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Hi Lynne,

How about this for a conundrum. I was diagnosed with NASH despite years of alcohol abuse/addiction. When they told me alcohol was not a contributing factor, I couldn’t stop laughing.

Now when I’m asked about how I got Cirrhosis I just smile and say, yes I haven’t had a drink for a long time, they tell me alcohol played no part but I can’t quite square that circle. I’m an alcoholic because one drink was never enough. Yes I’m well into recovery but there is a lot of education required as to how you can get Cirrhosis without drinking.

Yes, I agree with you Richard. Anything that helps people know that they aren't alone. Take care Lynne

I know I am going to be in the minority here but I didn’t watch the program and have absolutely no desire to do so! Selfish me, yes probably true, in this case.

I also have a dislike for these, in my opinion, ridiculous gimmicks like dry January (I mean if you are serious don’t give up just for January, give up for good), women’s hairy underarm month, men’s don’t shave your beard month etc. What a ridiculous world we live in. There you go I’ve said it....

Miles (being a boring old f*rt)

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jojokarak in reply to

An honest one 😂😂

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Jojo you rascal

When I first read that I thought uou were complimenting my open comments but that was a mistake! I can now see you were agreeing with me about

Being boring

Being old


Being a f*rt

Hahaha nicely disguised but not well enough for this boring old f*rt jojo



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😂😂😂😂 and slow 😘😘

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Indeed - very much these days 😁

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It's Januhairy every month for me so it's only fair women get at least a month a year to let their hair loose (literally) 😁

Since we're on the subject, I noticed a lady at the pool today rocking the hairy armpits 😏

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Ah but is that not shaving or not drinking or not both 😁


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I agree with JoJo, when I tell people I have cirrhosis, even friends and church people, the look on their faces is one of embarrassment and awkwardness, and they can't look me in the face. I also agree with Miles, this dry January thing is just meaningless if not carried on for the rest of the year, and beyond.


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Hey Richard, I wasn’t aware it was on? Hey m gonna try and see ivf it’s available on catch up? I’m 15 months in recovery and 6 months post liver transplant so it’ll be interesting to watch. Thanks for posting 👌🏼

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While I agree regards alcohol and it’s demons am with Jojo here isn’t it about time a programme explained other reasons for liver conditions I also find myself saying it not through alcohol


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Hi Richard,

Keeping on track with your original post, i watched the programme and thought it was very well presented, as alcohol is my issue so it was an interesting watch. It wasn't meant to be a programme on liver disease and cirrhosis (???), just the struggle of the addiction and how it can affect ANYONE. In fact, the episodes of this series i watched so far (two of them) are really quite eye opening and definitely worth a watch.


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Alcohol is no longer the no one cause of liver disease, obesity is. Here and in the USA even children are being seen with cirrhosis, due to the diet of fast foods ! It is becoming epidemic proportions, but not once is it mentioned in any promotions for healthy eating. Cirrhosis is incurable as we all know, so why is it being hidden? On my recent visit to a Liver centre I felt at last Im getting seen by someone who knows his stuff. I got a copy of his letter to my GP. I was angry that he has stated Denies drinking alcohol for past 10/15 years!He probably sees that the majority of patients do have alcohol related problems, If one half sip at a wedding toast counts, or a dish of sherry trifle ok guilty! I didn't make a conscious decision to stop. My body/ taste-buds and sense of smell made the choice. I contracted EB virus at the end of a drug trial. I didnt drink during the 3 months previous as this was criteria for the trial. I found the taste of alcohol, including expensive red wine, was awful. Just the smell sickened me. my then husband's wine glass was over a metre away! I imagine people think oh diabetes is treatable, no problem. We are catching the USA up, even children are being diagnosed with fatty liver and some cirrhosis. My Dad came from a large family. He didnt drink, but many of his siblings were alcohol dependent. Hopefully as my brother and I dont drink, my daughter doesn't now,she just went off it too,Has a tendency for migraines and alcohol made it far worse. fingers crossed the propensity has gone. Methotrexate has done the damage, 7 years of almost clear skin and greatly reduced arthritic pain. Yes its rare, but . I was told in Dec my liver was now at cirrhosis. Now I have seen the blood results, every single one normal? each one has the norm at the side, so not being a smart ****. So is it or is it not? I have been eating low carb since 13/12. Still got L plates on, as it isnt as straightforward as calorie counting. I will be asking a lot more questions on 23/1.

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My cirrhosis is due to autoimmune hepatitis. It is relatively rare and much more common in women. When I last saw my hepatologist he said that probably had it for over ten years. What really annoys me now is the fact that every blood test I've ever had taken has shown high levels of inflammation but it's always been fobbed off as "you must have some mild infection somewhere". I think that as I'm virtually tea total liver disease never crossed their minds. It frustrates me that alcoholic liver disease is more easily treated than AIH and other liver disease. I'm going to have to take steroids and immunosupprants for the rest of my life. This means I'll be vulnerable to catching any infectious diseases...I have two young grandsons who are walking germ factories. I will be vulnerable to developing skin cancer and brain tumors!!! We lived abroad a few years ago so it's fortunate that we came back to the UK.

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I find this thread a bit uncomfortable. My hubby had bleeding varices totally out of the blue & found out it was cirhhosis. He had been drinking daily in the evenings for a long time - due to some problems we were having with our daughter (suspected autism), he used it to try and stop anxiety. When his mum found out she obviously found it embarassing telling close relatives it was due to alcohol, even though he was very unlucky in my view and prob over 80% of people drinking in this way would not have developed cirhosis. It seems like some people on this thread share this view, that it's shameful to have got this through alcohol. My hubby gave up straight away and hasn't looked back. If he'd tried Dry January he might have broken the habit, I think its a great thing. And there definitely does need to be more awareness that alcohol is not the only way to get cirrhosis but it is one way and Richard is only trying to help those that are struggling with alcohol addition by posting this link.

in reply to Supportinghubby

Thank you for your comments, l thought about responding to some of the posts, but then thought better of it. Some people can be over sensitive and l didn't want to put any potential newbies off, or appear unsympathetic to their problems.

I most certainly support the Dry January, and totally understand the reasoning behind it. Most people tend to over indulge with both food and drink over the festive period. The idea behind Dry January, is to encourage people to give their livers a rest and a chance to recuperate. I am just amazed that this message has become lost, and been written off as just being a gimmick.

Thank you for your comments, I sincerely hope that hubby's health continues to improve. Good luck to you both,

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jojokarak in reply to

You post something you have to take the good and what you class as the bad comments!!

I find you are over sensitive when someone criticises you, but that's your perogative ...

I was just making you aware that not everyone on here has alcohol issues and doesn't need to be constantly hounded by it everywhere, when you're ill and people ask what's wrong and you inform them it's cirrhosis and they give you the look as like oh well that's your fault you haven't got any inclination or energy to inform them that cirrhosis is not entirely down to alcohol how is that fair!!

Only the people with Nash will understand, no friends, family, carers will ever know how it feels to be judged by one word ... As you are making people aware of alcohol issues I am just raising more awareness of Nash and the effects it has on us .. and if that makes me over sensitive in your eyes oh well .....

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Warrior1 in reply to jojokarak

Personally i can see your point about NASH and the alcohol link. I always find Richard to be inspiring and with alcoholism, passion for sobriety is a lifesaver for many of us. One simple solution maybe is to have separate forums for each, ARLD and NALD. Just a thought, yet ultimately, we all have in common the link of lives affected by liver disease :)

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jojokarak in reply to Warrior1

I don't think separate forums are necessary and I wasn't having a go at Richard I mean generally in every day life there isn't enough awareness of Nash

As I said previously a lot of my good friends have had transplants through alcohol and they carry a life long guilt which isn't necessary, they all should be proud of turning their lives around 😊

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Supportinghubby in reply to jojokarak

It was probably me being oversensitive! All I could see was Richard posting a link about a useful programme about alcohol addiction. People not wanting him to post it or thinking there's something wrong with a programme about alcohol being shown because there's too much awareness already comes across like there's a 'them and us' - those who deserve it and those who don't (I'm sure people don't mean it that way, it's just how I perceived it). My husband is the kindest most loveliest person who got into a bad habit like thousands of others (wine o' clock etc) but was unlucky enough to develop cirhossis & I don't think that's fair either so maybe that makes me defensive. If Richard can try and help people stop bad drinking habits by posting things like this then good on him. There's plenty of room for everyone's posts about anything that helps people effected or trying to avoid liver disease. Sorry if I've offended anyone with being oversensitive.

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jojokarak in reply to Supportinghubby

Not offended me in anyway you and your husband should be proud of him turning things around it's hard breaking an addiction and to do day after day I can only imagine is hard ..

I wasn't putting down his post it's the ignorance of a lot of people that it's not just alcohol which causes cirrhosis and people just need educating x

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