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GP blood tests cancelled

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Hi everyone,

Just seen a message about our GP practice cancelling none urgent blood tests. Does anyone know what will be classed as none urgent. My husband on consultant at kings advice needs tacky levels, Lft, and U n E , plus Fbc. We had appointment at GP surgery for the 7th Sept. Just worrying now over weekend . Just wondered if anyone know what was classed as none urgent. These things always come to light on a weekend lol. Take care .

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If requested by kings will need 2 be done.My hubby tplanted at kings and on taccy. Gets done at gp's 6 monthly.

But recently seen in person at kings last week. Should be urgent.

Keep pushing.

Good luck

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Thanks Freddie, we unfortunately live quite a long way from the marvellous liver transplant hospital do telephone appointments only at mom, however I will push and contact them if no avail at GP.Take care

Hi, my consultant is away so her colleague called from Kings to advise me to get full bloods to rule out anything urgent. I didn’t get past the GP receptionist due to a national shortage of blood bottles.

They will do it if they have a request from Kings or one of Kings subsidiary hospitals will do it if the request is on the system. Mine isn’t so I’m stuck!

You could ring 111 for advice but I would think it is urgent if your consultant has asked for it.

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So sorry calm sea, maybe they kings could e mail your GP and request bloods. We have actually got it as a request in the appointment review letter from kings that bloods need to be repeated so fingers crossed . Hope you get sorted too.Thanks for reply

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Thank you. If you’ve got a Kings request you should be fine! I don’t think anyone would dare cancel a Kings request for a liver patient as they are the world class experts!!!

I was in the position of a consultant picking up my email and calling straight away when he looked at it with my scans. He thought asking the GP to do it would be fine and the quickest way as it was urgent. I didn’t catch his name and he didn’t put the request on the system there. I’ve e mailed my consultants secretary but she’s on annual leave too! I have called and another secretary who said there’s nothing she can do unless I know the name of the person who called as there is nothing in the notes.

I’m sure I’ll be fine! I’m tough!

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Calm sea have you nit contacted the transplant co-ordinators they probably be able to sort it

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Sorry I haven’t had a transplant or listed for one.

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Oh sorry . Hopefully you get sorted soon

Yes a shortage of tubes apparently. If you could get your hands on a tube for yourself maybe you could jump the queue ! 🤫😉

Haha Laura I can do alot of things but taking blood isn't one. Take care

😂😂 you might find taking blood is easier than getting a tube 😂

There is a current shortage of collection tubes, including those for LFT and U&E, it seems, so GPs are being instructed to limit their use. If the GP cannot authorise particular tests, it is likely that a hospital or consultant needs to be contacted. Hope you are successful.

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I wonder how long the shortage will continue, I guess it’s due to the sheer numbers of employees isolating along the supply chain, including manufacturing

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Here is a news story that explains the problem:-

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Thanks so much for that!

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Worldwide, apparently, so may be quite some time.🙁 Hope you can get yours sorted out.

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Wow, it’s amazing isn’t it. Who’d have thought a couple of years ago that all this would be happening! Thanks for the info

My GP refuses to do hospital instigated blood tests (not a short term test tube issue but much longer - I don’t know why they take this stance but I would rather not force the issue with the awkward GP Practice as it only provides opportunity for them to demonstrate unwillingness / incompetence ). I actually choose to go to Leeds (my transplant hospital) but I could opt for a more local Sheffield hospital even though Leeds want the results for my cyclosporine levels. I am sure you can get Kings to ask any hospital to do the tests if your GP will not do it.

Hi Thanks for reply , to be honest our GP prac is quite good they always usually do the blood test at the request of our King consultant by review app letter and they e mail them to him.

Will prob find out more tues.

Take care

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