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Night out

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Well last night I went out for a meal the first time I’ve been out in that sort of environment since being sober (4 months ) nerves were kicking in pre meal but I stuck to it and drank lime and soda and had a coffee after and you know what I really enjoyed myself , I’m really pleased with what I have achieved it may not be a big thing to most but it was a massive deal to me anyway just thought I’d let you all know x

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It definately IS a big deal and inspiring to many I'm sure! Fantastic well done. You should be very proud of yourself and may you enjoy many more meals like it !Laura x

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Foxdud in reply to laura53923

Thanks Laura x

That’s amazing well done

It is a big deal. Well done! People who don’t depend on alcohol would never understand this. I always used to get anxious before I went out so would have a drink to settle my nerves and then just carry on. I used alcohol to deal with stress and anxiety all the while it was just making me worse. I’m 6 months sober and enjoy my nights out so much better now and definitely don’t miss hangovers or feeling awful and anxious.

I could have pretty much wrote those words and yeah the Alchohol only makes the anxiety worse which I knew but it’s ok while you drink so I found I was drinking more often like as soon as I woke up on a weekend ,never touched a drop before work in the week but as soon as I’d finished work I’d drink till I slept then back to work, did that for years and obviously the volume of the Alchohol went up and I stopped looking after myself and then the hospital, which brought me to where I am now sober with less anxiety…. Well done on your abstinence by the way x

I would just like to say well done on your first 6 months keep going 💕👍.Stay Safe All

Dogbot 🐶🌈

Well done, that's a huge step, glad you enjoyed yourself x

Amazing!! Well done!!

Glad you had a good evening. Here's to many more alcohol free nights out to come👍

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Congratulations and well done!!!

Sharing positive stories can be very motivating and inspiring to others.

Keep up the good work - and share these milestones here as much as you can !!


It is a big deal well done!


Yay! It’s so nice to realize you can still have a good time. Actually a better time :)

Well done, it's really nice going out and surprising yourself when you have really enjoyed it minus any alcohol, I've done it and even shocked myself, it really is a big deal with all that temptation there, absolutely credit where due 👍xx

Well done!! I think that’s amazing.I was only told yesterday I have got to stop drinking! got to see a liver specialist and I’m in bits god only knows how I’m going to stop but your message has made me feel it can be done.! Maria x

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Foxdud in reply to serenitygirl

Maria it can be done it’s tough but well worth it. I’m obviously still early into my recovery but can already feel the benefits…… you can do this 👍🏻x

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serenitygirl in reply to Foxdud

Thank you so much and I hope you are right 🤞🤞I’m just in shock at the moment ! I don’t think anyone loved a glass of wine more than me lol x

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serenitygirl in reply to Foxdud

Thank you and I’m so pleased for you! I hope I can do as good as you are 👍x

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Dogbot in reply to serenitygirl

I won’t lie it’s a tough bumpy road but you can do it , I didn’t think anyone liked vodka the way I did that is nearly 18 years ago keep up the good work 💕👍.Stay Safe All

Dogbot 🐶🌈

Hi Maria, you can do it, it will be hard initially but worth it. Can I just offer some advice from my experience of stopping. If you are quite dependant on drink don’t just stop cold turkey, or you will get horrible withdrawals. Decrease the amount you’re drinking over a week or so or under the supervision of the local alcohol and drugs service. Also it takes a while to feel good so please don’t give up. It probably took me about 2/3 months to feel like my old self and start feeling really positive. Now I can honestly say it’s the best I have felt in years. Someone else on here commented it’s liberating and it really is. It will change your life for the better. Good Luck

Lin xx

Thank you!!! It’s quite sad when I think I’m 66 and have drunk wine most nights! I was scared when doc said I needed to see a liver specialist but not surprised really,thank you again for your tips and I’m so pleased for you that you have managed to stop.WELL DONE ong I so hope that’s me in a few months 🤞🤞.Maria xx

Well done, I did it as well, the word that came to mind, liberating! Awesome job!

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Foxdud in reply to Ajayq

Thankyou Ajayq and well done 👏 to you x

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serenitygirl in reply to Ajayq

Thank you it’s all the unknown but I’ve just got to pack the booze up once and for all,being on here and reading all the positives about being sober is really helping so thank you again!!

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Ajayq in reply to serenitygirl

Keep pushing, it really hard at times to watch everyone else drink.well done serenitygirl

You are so right it’s a massive step WELL DONE, to all the people that haven’t had the disease of alcoholism on this site they will be very supportive but to understand what that means you have to go through it ,once again well done keep it going. I hope the food was good 😂👍.Stay Safe All

Dogbot 🐶🌈

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Foxdud in reply to Dogbot

Thanks Dogbot yeah the struggle is real ,everyday I think about drink but then think about the negatives and they far outweigh the positives . The food was fantastic and enjoyed it more because I wasn’t drunk plus the food restrictions I’ve put on myself went out the window for one night !! 12oz steak 🥩 oh man I could eat it now !! Once again Thankyou and stay safe x

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laura53923 in reply to Foxdud

😋 xx

Oh you have my mouth watering sounds fabulous, I can tell you it gets easier but it does stay with you in small amount. Stay Safe All Dogbot 🐶🌈

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Foxdud in reply to Dogbot

How long have you been sober if you don’t mind me asking ??

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Dogbot in reply to Foxdud

On September 28th it will be 18 years and I still feel the little tug when the sunshine is out and everyone is in the pub garden, that’s my worst time but you can just say no and as I say it gets so much easier. Good luck on that road 👍. If I can do it anyone can two bottles of vodka a day and 10/15 pints of watch ever the strongest larger or beer a day , special brews were my favourite 😢. Stay Safe All Dogbot 🐶🌈

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Foxdud in reply to Dogbot

Well done mate 👍🏻👊🏻👏

Well done I’d love to go out , but without been crude the mixture of medication I’m on give me wind so much it’s embarrassing

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Foxdud in reply to Pitmaster1

Thankyou Pitmaster and sod it go out if you want just make sure it’s noisy 👍🏻

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laura53923 in reply to Foxdud

Another new pic ? 🧐


Well done .1st year or so I struggled with it but gets easier

Great job mate!! For myself…I found out that I have a better time sober. More energy, focused, more fun, witty…and best of all…feel great in the morning! Well done. Cheers.

Well done you that’s fantastic 🤩I can remember the first time myself going out not drinking alcohol . In my first year of being sober I had a hen night, a holiday to Spain and 2 weddings one of which I was best lady so had to do a speech and Xmas and new year . I have say it’s gets easier and I enjoyed myself so much more than when drinking , the great feeling that I could just leave in my car whenever I wished and not feeling like poop 💩 the next day was brilliant. I love and you will to that you can enjoy yourself and be extremely happy without alcohol . I’m now 5 years in and before you know it you will to.onwards and upwards and your liver will love you for it . Well done again you are doing brilliantly and it is a big deal 😁

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Foxdud in reply to Lilliebell

Thankyou what lovely words not sure I could cope with 2 weddings a speech and a holiday and I doubt I’d be invited on the hen night 🤣😂🤣 the meal was enough for me but out for another meal in 2 weeks with my family and then a long weekend in York in September with family again so if I can manage those I’ll be happy 😃

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Lilliebell in reply to Foxdud

Yes it was a full on year 😂 like a baptism of fire lol 🤣 just to go out and not drink is such an achievement in fact just everyday you don’t drink in or out is an achievement and I can tell you now if you stick to it I promise your life will be so much better . I stopped drinking after ending up in hospital with decompensated liver and was so poorly and within months of no alcohol my liver was compensated and that dreaded anxiety that i used to drink to subside has gone as the drink as you know well makes it so much worse . Anyway enjoy you odd night out and your trip to York and the good thing about it will be not constantly thinking where or when you can have your next drink . In my case I used to hide it 😔 addiction is a terrible thing . Ttfn 👋 😁😁

Keep it up,I now use my past weakness as my strength, had a great couple of hours out tonight with my daughters,glad they see that I'm doing OK,they still think I'm pretty bonkers !! But we have a great time out, minus drink, I Dont know what's happened but I have immense confidence now, Told them about my Dream drinking with their mum and woke up with a massive panic attack,had a roar of laughter when I said the panic was because I was out with ya mum not the drink,! Don't wish her any harm,she was my Wife.still keeping up with my excersise,doing great,keep well all.

Well done. It's nice to hear about your progress!

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