nutritional drinks???

Advice needed again! Are you having any nutritional drinks/meal substitutes? My partner (with advanced cirrhosis) is sometimes drinking ensure plus,but it often makes him sick.And I've checked the ingredients and found out it has some cheap oil in it -canola...And I know he doesn't tolerate oils.So I am looking for something else instead,just to have at hand when he doesn't feel like eating a proper meal or he is hungry when we are outside.

Thanks in advance to everybody!

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  • Hi. My partner Terry was prescribed Fresubin or Fortijuice drinks by his consultant. You should ask about these.

    Regards Mal.xx

  • Yes,I saw Fortijuice in the hospital.Thanks! I think I am going to try it.And Fersubin as well,just looked it up.

  • Hi Mal,I forgot to ask: was it prescribed by GP,or nutritionist? I want to try to get a prescription as well.Thanks a lot.xx

  • Originally the consultant but then it was put on repeat prescription at the GP's.xx

  • thanks a lot!

  • I'm currently on fortijuice/Ensure plus and a pudding type thing called Nutilis complete, all are very odd, basically. When I'm at work I tend to eat a lot of cereal/toast/porridge, and make sure I eat every 2-3 hours.

    I have no appetite and crave no food, so I literally have to find something that is convenient (I tried eating cereal on the train once, it wasn't easy!).

    I will mix it up and try lots of different things, sometimes a small pot of whole nuts/sometimes a cereal bar even just a murray mint sometimes is enough. It is difficult when you are out and about.

    Yep watch those ingredients, I find I'm okay with un-processed oils, eg I can still cope with butter on bread, but would avoid margarine, I think my digestive system can cope with simple products as it were.

    I would avoid thinking of any nutri type drink as a meal replacer, your body needs a balance of proteins/carbs and other stuff, these are better coming from whole foods. I would say the nutri things I take are the worst in terms of ingredients, but I need that extra boost as I'm malnourished.

    Happy snacking!

  • Thanks very much.My partner also has very little appetite,but he will eat (if you will push him) some buckwheat,or rice with fish,sometimes yoghurt or some cheese.So he also needs some extra boost (I wish I would be able to give him some of my wolfish appetite:))

  • Unfortunately as I know from experience it's a long climb back up putting on weight or even just maintaining it, through illness you have to stay as fit as possible, body and mind fitness are the two most critical things, i can't stress this enough.

    You've got to eat to live, as simple as that!

  • Absolutely true.Mind fitness,and body of course,helps you to resist the illness,and to stay yourself.Wish you all the good luck on this road!

  • Hi there. It is true about the meal replacement, but my dietician at the heptologist clinic says they can be meal replacements when things are bad. Before my transplant last year they certainly were for me!

    Just a thought!



  • Ensure is only one type.nthere are other brands. Ensure is American. I myself can't stand the brands they have here in the UK. I think that it's taste and yes tolerance.

    Canola is an oil that is used a lot in the US. We like it! Lol. Mostly it's used for sautéing etc. it has a high burning point, so it's great for frying etc.

    The juices are popular. But there is another heavy creame type thing you can get here also. It's very creamy.

    It's it's possible to freeze and he likes ice cream,my you might try that or freezing the other band yoghurt drinks.

    Speaking of which! I'm off to get my strawberry swirl this morning! Yummmmm!

    Ps you know they have the powdered stuff too, right? They have one with little to no flavor that can be mixed into regular yoghurt, soups,etc.

    Good luck! I know how hard it is to get nutrition!

    Cheering you on!


  • Thanks Kimberly! What is the brand of this creamy stuff that you can freeze like ice cream?xx

  • Hi there!

    Instead if a yoghurt drink, it's more like a real yoghurt, it's very thick and creamy. I just put it in a glass bowl, like a small dish of ice cream. Cover it with clear wrap and pop it in the freezer. One of them did not freeze all the way, but it was still like an icy smooth double cream ice cream.if that makes any sense! Lol

    Hey, whatever works, I say!

    I think they have a couple of flavors, banana, and I like plain vanilla. I cut fresh strawberries on's nice!

    Cheering you on!



  • Cheers,Kimberly! I will try that,see if my nudnik will like it.Do you drink yourself Ensure at all? I have about 20 spare bottles,I can send them to you.Raspberry,strawberry and some chocolate.

  • as a present ofcourse:)))

  • Aww that's so nice, but let me cover the postage? I'm in Essex.

    I do drink them. I love them, lol. In fact, I have tried everything else, but truly, for my day to day, and they are my faves!

    I've never seen the THEY might be good as ice cream! Lol

    I'll message you.

    Hugs and cheers!



  • ok,that's great! Message me the address please.Unfortunately there are only a couple of chocolates,because he drunk them all.But he doesn't want it

  • Aldi sell smallish bottles of a delicious thick lassi-type smoothy yogurt drink - mango, or strawberry, vanilla, coconut - 65 p each. my husband enjoys these, they are light yet filling !

  • Thanks very much,unfortunately we don't have aldi near by...We only have a dreadful coop!

  • Ensure makes me sick too!! Not all the time but enough.. I noticed if u get ensure for diabetics its alot easier on the stomach, less sugar ;)

  • Thank you! I think it's because of the fat as well...

  • Hi I have similar problems with appetite and on the days that I can't tolerate anything except fluids and smoothies I have one of these ;

    If your husband likes fruit, he could try this --- 250mls semi skimmed milk handful of raspberries and handful of strawberries couple of ice cubes and a sachet of " ultra slim " ( l like the raspberry flavour but there are different ones !) from a well known supermarket T----) Put them in a blender and then enjoy 😊 You can have any flavours that you like

    Also I have a cup of warm water with lemon and honey first thing when my stomach is empty then the smoothie ! Just an idea --wish you both well

  • Thank you so much! We will try the smoothie with extra slim.Thanks for the water with honey and lemon advice as well!

  • I use Fortisip Extra. They do come in a variety of flavours but I tend to stick to the Vanilla. I don't use them every day but when I don't have an appetite and know that I still need the nutrients I'll take them.

    They're useful to have around. You can get them on prescription and for me at least they do give a boost of energy when you need it. Not a replacement for the real thing but they are better than nothing.

  • Thanks.We ordered some Fortisip juice.

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