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Scan results


Had scan, liver looks fine. She says no cirrhosis. So bloods and scan clear, hope I can relax a bit now, might have Fibroscan at a later date, but she would have seen shape of liver today wouldn’t she?

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I’ve got high bilirubin. My US scan was fine and was told my liver looked normal, but I was referred to the liver clinic where they sent me for an MRCP for a more detailed look. Just waiting on results now.

Good luck, sure you’ll be fine!

You should be very happy with that! What scan was it? X

Just over the tummy, just a bit of fatty liver. Relieved !

You can fix that within a few weeks if you eat healthy 👍🏻..

Will do my b st!

That's good news, hopefully it will give you peace of mind, so happy for you xx

Worriesalot in reply to Tia2021

Mmmm, hope so Tia. Hope you’ve had a good day, thank you for your kindness. Xxxxxx

Tia2021 in reply to Worriesalot

You are very welcome, having a better day today thank you xx

Great news 👏 👍! Relax now xxx

Worriesalot in reply to Millie09

Thank you Millie, hope you’ve had hood day and cats are being good. 😸

Millie09 in reply to Worriesalot

Your most welcome!! Yes they are good so far 🤭he he xxx

Great. No surprise there. So no need for any more unnecessary worrying just enjoy living a happy healthy life now 🌞

Felt relieved until people on here say cirrhosis can’t be detected on US. Then fear starts again.

TT-2018 in reply to Worriesalot

I would have loved to hear what you had been told. Post transplant my blood results are good but not perfect and I am delighted because I have a good chance of a long term survival.

Stress and anxiety is detrimental to your health, in your case, it will most likely cause you major problems, long before you have any liver issues.

I seriously suggest that you seek advice on how to deal with stress and anxiety, instead of taking up valuable resources.

Worriesalot in reply to TT-2018

Thank you, I am in an anxiety state. I have a terrible taste in my mouth and bowel habit has changed. Wish that would resolve itself then I could move on. Feel a bit shaky when I wake up. Did you before TP? By the way we’ll done on getting your own life back.

TT-2018 in reply to Worriesalot

If I went through all my symptoms of dealing with end stage, decompensated, cirrhosis, it would be a lengthy essay. I am however a carer for someone who is bipolar and suffers greatly with anxiety. She has all the symptoms that you are describing.

Ewife in reply to Worriesalot

Morning! I get this nearly every morning when I wake up too. This is because I have too much adrenaline due to my stress/anxiety levels. I do not have liver disease, but my husband is critically ill with it. If he had scan/blood results like yours i would be dancing for joy. Please try the forum for anxiety and depression, I've been on there and had a look round - it seems quite good. I hope this helps put things in perspective for you. I honestly don't think this forum is doing you any good, its fuelling your anxious state.Wish you luck xx

Worriesalot in reply to Ewife

My family would agree with you but somehow this last few weeks I have clung to forum like a life raft. Hope all improves for you and your husband.

This exactly where I’m at, I came away from my ultrasound feeling like a weight was lifted then looked on here and saw a ultrasound doesn’t stand for much and bang I’m back to square one with worry 😔😔

Dogmadpam in reply to Hayleigh79

Ultrasound stands for a lot. I was quite happy that my results were ok. The person scanning and the team that review scans know what they are doing and how to interpret results. The are very thorough. Staying off the drink and eating healthy is the key to reduction of worry about liver issues x

AyrshireK in reply to Hayleigh79

Ultrasound is an excellent tool, it will pick up changes in tissue density (echo texture) can define the shape of the liver and in any sort of serious liver disease both the shape and the texture of the liver are markedly different. Sometimes searching these forums just fuels your anxiety and leads to more symptoms.My hubby has had probably 20 ultrasounds since 2012 to monitor his conditon and every single one has picked up his cirrhotic tissue.

If doctors have ok'd your scan you have to go with that - scans are reviewed by very highly qualifed doctors then the liver doctor too. If none of us were to trust the results of tests we'd never be out of the doctors surgery.

It was the scanner who said she saw no cirrhosis or lumps and bumps. Don’t know whether doc will contact me.

Report will be sent to whichever doctor ordered your scan and you should be told officially of the findings.

Do they see what portal vein is like? She said she wasn’t looking at that.

There was obviously no reason to

Suppose not. Thanks Laura.

I know. You can have too much knowledge. I really think you are ok. They can see a lot I’ve just been told by the US. Someone in the know too.

Lindc in reply to Worriesalot

Stop worrying right now! Just eat healthily, do not drink alcohol and enjoy coming out of lockdown and you'll live a long and happy life!

Worriesalot in reply to Lindc

Thank you.

Honestly.... your irrational anxiety is going to put you in an early grave not cirrhosis. Are you on the anxiety forum? I really do urge you to get some help for it. It's a very unhealthy way to live. Good luck

Thank you.

Mind map image of physical symptoms of anxiety.

Anxiety and physical symptoms.

Body map showing physical symptoms associated with anxiety.

I think this graphic highlights where lots of symptoms that people are experiencing and assuming are liver related (even with all clear scans, bloods etc) are actually more likely to be anxiety related. HEALTH ANXIETY is a real condition, the stress from it DOES cause physical symptoms but in light of all liver tests being clear their cause doesn't relate to the liver.

This is not just to you worriesalot but to several current posters who have got the most wonderful all clear results (that all the liver patients here would be delighted with and rejoice in) and are yet still convincing themselves they have something related to the liver. Many of the physical symptoms being described can be caused by the constant anxiety and questioning of perfectly good results.

Infographic showing how anxiety can manifest in physical symptoms.
laura53923 in reply to AyrshireK



That's great news about your scan. Like the other members have suggested, maybe now is the time to get some support with your anxiety?

Take care.

Warm wishes.

Thank you.

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