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Good morning! - scan and bloods results.

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(Please note - i do have a doctors app on Monday, and shall clarify my results with him, post is just for general information -Thanks)

Good morning.

I now have my scan results and bloods (pre camera and 1st since cirrhosis diagnosis) they are as follows...

LFT satisfactory inc liver synthetic function.

AFP minimally elevated 8.

Ultrasound in keeping with a degree of fibrosis, no evidence of ascities.

On a whole, would you think this was good or bad? I dont really know what this means?

They also want to stop diuretics now (im nervous about that one!)

Again personal interpretation/thoughts only please, medical advice will be sought)

Thanks guys 😊

S x

20 Replies

Just a couple of things please Samqdj, are you still managing to drink non-alcoholic soft drinks? And have you recently had a CT scan with contrast?

Hi. Yes no alcohol since last summer. Ct with contrast was sept, ultasound jan and bloods, camera in a couple of weeks πŸ™ƒ

Many thanks. Just wanted to make sure your not drinking alcohol-free wines, beers and spirits. Also CT scans with contrast should be carried out ever six months or so, just to check for possible tumours developing on the liver.

But the signs so far are looking good. please keep up with the healthy life style and your liver will thank you for it.

Good luck.


Hi - sorry to butt in on your chat but is there some reason, we shouldn't drink alcohol free wine / beers etc ??

Thank you

Please see my answer below.

Hi. My husband was told by his specialist when diagnosed with alcoholic cirrhosis that he had to give up drinking or he would die and under no circumstances should he drink the non-alcoholic alternatives either in case he needed a liver transplant in the future. The reason is, you have to show total commitment to breaking the drinking cycle and if all you are doing is replacing the alcohol for a drink which resembles the "real thing" you are not showing significant commitment to long term sobriety. You need change your entire mindset from drinking by taking up new activities to fill those times when you would have been thinking about having drinks. Stick to drinking fruit juices (with no added sugar) milk, tea, coffee and best of all ... water. There are plenty of nice things to drink on offer in the supermarkets.Laura

I must be honest I do still eat food that is cooked with alcohol,, white wine sauces as an example. I'e never felt the urge to drink alcohol after? Its a weird one don't you you think?. Perhaps I shouldn't? Hope that you are all well xx

Ooo Martha no you really shouldn't, not all the alcohol gets cooked off. Use herbs for flavourings instead? We are all well thanks for asking. xx

Done! Thank you. I know alcohol burns off when cooking but I want to be 101% compliant. Thanks Laura, herbs and spices it is from now on πŸ™‚

Good girl xx

Thanks richard. Can i ask why with the alcohol free wines and spirits? Would that affect the results?

Trying my best to keep it up - more a way of life now amd its actually great 😁


I ask this just because if at a later date you were to developing tumours on the liver, and it was decided that you needed a liver transplant in the future, then this request may well be rejected.

It would be deemed that a person who is still drinking alcohol-free wines, beers. and spirits etc, still had a mental issue with regards to the taste of alcohol drinks.

The liver transplant assessment team would decide that this would be too much of a risk and reject the transplant option at this time. This decision may be reviewed again in a further six months.

So, the drinking of alcohol-free drinks should be avoided as it’s just not worth risking it. I should also point out that this would most likely only apply of the need for a liver transplant was Alcohol-related.

Good Luck,


Oh ok, so it looks like that route is likely to arise given this letter? πŸ™ƒ Sam

Is this advice medically and or professionally led and or documented?

It's not given out, but during the pre-transplant assessment a person well be interviewed by a psychiatric doctor or nurse. They well be given a questionnaire to take home and fill out. Leeds and the QE used to use the same set of questions. There used to be around 38 - 40 of these questions.

The questions are multiple choice type, so you'll tick either A,B,C or D. These aren't trick questions. But give some sort of feedback to the panel.

One of these questions might be, "You've been invited to meet up with some friends up at the local pub to celebrate your best friends birthday. As you are no longer drinking alcohol, what will you drink as an alternative?" A. Fruit juice. B. Coke/Pepsi. C. Alcohol free wines, beers or spirits. D. Tea/Coffee.

So, if someone was to select "C", this could lead the panel to question about a persons life style and whether that person still had a problem with alcohol flavoured drinks.

Also it should be noted that if a person with an alcohol history, who has previously attempted suicide or had a history of self-harm, they too would be excluded by the panel.

There are always exceptions, and each case is judged on its own merits.

Good luck Martha

I never never.ever asked to complete any 'form' like this?

As there is no alcohol in zero alcohol beer or wine, it doesn’t have the taste of alcoholic drinks, so I can’t see why that’s considered an issue. The sugar content in juice and coke is so high.

It's not so much about the alcohol content but more about the alcohol mindset. A person who is drinking alcohol-free beers wines and spirits is more likely to relapse and start drinking. They also often have to enter in to a contract and sign and agreement to say that they will no longer consume alcohol in the future.

The transplant assessment team have to be sure that this chance of life isn't going to wasted and abused:

Hey there!! They stopped my water tablets because I starting growing tits,thankfully no return of fluid!! All the best!!😊

Samqdj4 in reply to deanw41

Thanks - i think πŸ˜† πŸ‘

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