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Can i take Creatine with compensated Cirrhosis?


Hi everybody, Happy New year. I was just wondering if anybody could advise me on the use of Creatine for someone with compensated Cirrhosis. I've been teetotal for almost 4 years since diagnosis and in the last year and a half have been exercising and building muscle. My recent liver scan showed everything is ticking along well and I currently feel extremely healthy (touch wood!) I eat lots of protein on a daily basis, along with a healthy diet but now that my muscle capacity is increasing I've been thinking about adding Creatine powder to my daily intake as well. If anyone has any advice or warning please contact me.

Kind regards

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Hi Rich - I was specifically advised not to take creatine by my consultant. Everyone's situation will be different, but unless your doctor or consultant gives you the go ahead then I would avoid any supplement.Everyone raves about creatine, but in my experience (before my diagnosis) it made very little difference to my training, and so long as you are eating a good diet with sufficient macronutrients you will progress just fine. There's also the slippery slope risk ... creatine doesn't really make a difference, so you add BCAAs, then you add in Beta Alanine etc ... before you know it you're flushing lots of ££ down the loo every morning. Basic nutrition, training and sleep/recovery are far more important!

All the best


Thanks Paul, that's much appreciated advice, about the effectiveness aspect too 🙂 well I've gone 33 years without taking supplemental Creatine so for the moment I'll continue to stay away until I speak to my gastroenterologist. I still appear to be gaining pretty good natural muscle anyway, if the mirror and my wife aren't lying to me!!

If you are consuming sufficient proteins in your day to day diet to be rebuilding and gaining muscle tone and strength, any protein suppliments are not required. Further more suppliments of any kind should not be consumed with liver disease unless prescribed by your specialist as they can cause further damage to your liver as it has to work so hard to process it.Laura

Thanks Laura :) I understand that. Currently I am only taking Milk Thistle and Vitamin D every day which both seem to be going down well.

DON'T milk thistle causes damage to the liver please lay off introducing this sort of crap to your body. It's a rip off, unregulated and your struggling liver can't cope with it.

I was under the impression Milk thistle was one of the best supplements for overall liver health...I've been taking it for over 3 years. Has recent data been found that says it is damaging to the liver??

Trust1Administrator in reply to richoanajess


Here is our webpage on Complementary & Alternative Medicines (CAM) which also includes general info on milk thistle;

We would suggest to discuss your use of milk thistle with your own liver specialist.

See what the trust has to say about it. It is certainly very much frowned upon. It has no benefitial properties can cause more damage to the liver and hits you hard in the pocket. Curing fatty liver and preventing further damage to the liver is all about taking away the things that cause the damage such as highly calorific foods containing high fats and sugars and of course alcohol. Replacing those foods with such suppliments only causes your liver to have to work harder to process it as l said. Please stop punishing it just allow it to rest and time to heal.

Well I do appreciate your advice thank you, I'll stop taking it now and check out the trust advice.

Good man. Take care look after yourself..... and your liver x

I would be very careful about taking anything without discussing it with your doctor 1st.

Hi Rich, I do weight training and attend the gym (when they are open anyway) and iv used creatine monohydrate and Ethyl Esther in the past. To be honest iv not noticed a big difference in performance or size with either. I think it gives top end athletes a bit of an edge but it didn't do much for me.So i just simply wouldn't use if I were you, nutrition is much more important. Keep your money :)

I read your bio and you say you're feeling great and healthier than you ever have, I'm curious to find out how you got your cirrhosis diagnosed?

If you dont mind me asking?

Thanks for the advice, like I said I'm making good gains naturally so i think I'll follow all your advices and stay away from the creatine (and milk thistle!)

No I don't mind...So I was drinking on average 6 bottles of wine for at least 2 years and very high amounts in general for 10 years or so before that; I went to hospital in April 2017 aged 30 for 9 days. I was massively bloated, had been vomiting some nasty stuff every day which had blood like aspects, I was tinged with jaundice and was weak as a baby. I understand at that time my liver was decompensated. I went through the detox there and then was released to follow up with my gastro consultant.

I had an endoscopy which luckily showed no sign of varices, a fibroscan which did show scarring, ultrasound and bloods and they told me I had Cirrhosis soon afterwards. As I recovered my blood levels gradually came down and the fat around my liver reduced, it became compensated and seems to be working well.

Since then, I haven't touched a drop and over the last year and a half I've been exercising every day. Now I'm the fittest I've ever been with stamina, muscle mass, flexibility, cardio and energy all at very high levels with no sign of Cirrhosis complications yet. It does feel odd to feel this good having Cirrhosis though.

*Meant to say 6 bottles of wine a day for 2 years!

That is a vast amount to be consuming each day so hats off to you for managing to give up and maintain it. You are now doing the best you possibly can to look after your liver. Hopefully it will last.Well done 👍

Thank you, i never thought I'd have the willpower to be honest with you. So what's your liver story Laura, if you don't mind me asking?

Thankfully l am completely fit and healthy but my previous husband died over 10 years ago now from liver and kidney failure caused by alcohol abuse.

Ah ok I'm sorry to hear that. It's good that you are still taking an interest in others who are going through similar journeys, I'm sure you have a lot of knowledge on the subject through what must have been tragic hard times x

Thankyou. There are sadly many partners watching their family members slowly kill themselves with this poison, while, as l was, bringing up children, at their wits end and struggling to cope, who need support and a bit of guidance on how to get through. If l can offer a bit of my experience to help them , then the loss of my husband has gone to good use. At the same time discouraging others from drinking...... because this is what could happen to you! x

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